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With so many masks on the market to help prevent Covid 19 from spreading and us catching it, it has become increasingly hard to know which mask to buy. So when I heard about Livinguard Mask Now who sell anti-microbial masks which not only protects against Covid 19 but also other viruses and can be washed and reworn with the knowledge it will protect me at least after 120 wears I knew this mask was the right choice.

I was given two masks on a PR basis to not just keep me safe on my travels but for my view.

Livinguard Mask Now

MaskNow are UK distributors for Livinguard products. They want to get the UK responsible by wearing masks. Their masks are reuseable with a Swiss patented antimicrobial coating that is scientifically proven to destroy Covid 19, other viruses and bacteria. 

Protect yourself and others with Mask Now masks which are:

  • Anti microbial – Livinguard technology destroys bacteria, fungi and viruses preventing them from spreading.
  • Sustainable – Replaces 210 conventional masks and can be washed up to 30 times.
  • Protective – Has a high performance filtration and free of toxic metals.
  • Comfortable – Made from silky smooth fabric which is odourless and has adjustable ear straps for a custom fit.
  • Reusable – The fabric continuously destroys microbes upon contact.
  • Extra safety – The 3 layers work in continuous combination, protecting both the wearer and others.

Mask Now are all about helping being responsible for the health of yourself plus others around you but you will also be helping the environment as well as their masks replaces the use of disposable masks, reducing the impact of medical waste on the environment.

Mask Now protect yourself, protect others, and protect the environment!

Be safe protect yourself & others

Upon receiving my Livinguard masks via Mask Now I knew instantly that these masks were different to other masks I have had in the past from the quality of the material, how it has been made and the handy adjustable side straps.

With the Livinguard technology used with these masks I learnt that it has the ability to inactivate microorganisms.

How as they bind a range of cationic compounds to textiles and other surfaces which inactivate bacteria, viruses and fungus, without using traditional metal-based antimicrobial agents like silver, copper, zinc, etc.

Learn more click here.

Masked up

Mask Now at present sell two different masks one with a valve and one without.


The Pro Mask without valve is a Medical class I.

The medical mask is made with 100% Livinguard Technology protecting you from bacteria & viruses.

Their ProMask is non woven giving 5 levels of protection against Corona virus. The mask has adjustable ear straps to give an easy fit, can be rewashed in cold water up to 30 times and can be reworn for around 210 times.


The Super Mask with valve is a Medical class II.

The medical mask is made with 100% Livinguard Technology has a bacteria & virus filtration.

Their Super Mask with valve at present only comes in large. Also has 5 levels of protection against bacteria and viruses, has adjustable ear straps, can be washed and reworn around 210 times.

If you want to deactivate the valve a valve deactivator can be bought which is a self adhesive valve cover that will shut the valve from inside. It comes also with an additional informational sticker to notify others that the valve has been sealed and deactivated, so they feel safer.

The larger self- adhesive moisture-proof seal will shut the valve to prevent any chance of contaminants being expelled. The smaller sticker shows to onlookers that the valve is deactivated.

Masks GoBoat
Travelling down the canals in a GoBoat masked up

I felt protected and safe from the coronas virus and other germs whilst wearing these masks out. Both very comfy but for me personally I found the one with the valve easier to wear as I suffer with asthma and am a heavy breathier so felt easier. When I breathed in the Pro Mask the one without the valve even though fitted better than the Super Mask with valve the material kept slapping back on my face and mouth. The Super Mask with valve just seemed much easier to breathe in. I just wished though that it came in a smaller size, as at present only comes in large.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Livinguard Mask Now masks are very comfortable, sustainable and reusable which makes these masks very safe and environmentally friendly.

As much as I loved the masks as mentioned before I just wish that the valve mask came in other sizes plus I wish that they came in different colours.

However Livinguard Mask Now masks are certainly the better ones I have come across and with the safety of knowing that it has 100% Livinguard technology I made me feel safer walking around with it.

Highly recommend.

How do you get on with masks?

Livinguard Mask Now order yours

Mask up be safe.

Livinguard PRO Mask has 3 layers of protection and comes in navy blue in medium & large with adjustable side straps. Priced at £24.99.

Livinguard SUPER Mask has 3 layers of protection, built in valve and comes in navy blue in large with adjustable side straps. Priced at £24.99.

Valve Deactivator cover and self adhesive sticker. Priced at £1.99.

Thank you to Mask Now for the masks and keeping me safe. All views are my own honest opinion.

NOTE: Please note, that the above review is only based on my personal experience and testing of these masks and the scientific information within the above information is care of Livinguard Mask Now research.

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