Sam’s Sparkly Gifts sparkled up my drink

Everyone in this world loves to wear a little sparkle, some in their outfits, and some on their eyes but with Sam’s Sparkly Gifts you can now bling up your drink or even your bathtime experience.

Courtesy of Sam’s Sparkly Gifts I was given a box to bling up my drinks with sparkle as we all know how much I love a drink.

Sam’s Sparkly Gifts

Sam is the founder and has designed boxes full of sparkle designed for everyone in mind, be it for a treat for yourself or to gift to someone special giving them a little sparkle to their life, taking us out of the doom and gloom we are going through right now.

Her goal is to provide a range of boxes that are fun but yet affordable so you can keep gifting and brightening up the days of those you love.  

All the gift sets are carefully curated, and all hand wrapped in responsible, bespoke friendly gift boxes, all of which are loaded with a wonderful array of sparkly treats inside. All the products within are sourced from the UK and all have been lovingly selected to give the perfect moment.

The gift boxes are great for celebrations but also equally as good to gift to your friends or family who need a pick me up.

Sam’s Sparkly Gifts sparkly, bold & affordable.

Getting sparkly

Upon receiving my You’re Wonderful gift box courtesy of Sam’s Sparkly Gifts of You’re Wonderful! I could not wait to open up the pretty blue box.

It contained an array of lovely deluxe products to bling up my drinks.

I loved having fun with my bottle of Bottega blinging it up with an array of shimmery products by Popaball. All which equally made all my drinks look sparkly as well as tasting epic.

The lip scrub was a great way to moist my lips.

The enamel pin a lovely addition for an animal lover like me. Sam’s Sparkly Gifts has a choice to choose from to be included from a variety of birds. I chose a peacock as peacocks always are wanting to make a statement with their colourful display of feathers.

The love hearts took me back to thinking of the 80’s when I was a child swapping and having fun with my friends from the quirky love words.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

All boxes sold by Sam’s Sparkly Gifts are 100% lovingly built.

I love wearing a little sparkle, but I love sparkling up my drinks so You’re Wonderful! gift box was the perfect box for me.

There are a great variety of gift boxes for sale all of which are full of treats to make either drinking at home flirtatiously fun and full of flavour or get you sparkled up for a night on the town.

Whatever gift box you choose though one thing for sure is that it will give you a smile and a moment of fun as it did me.

Sam’s Sparkly Gifts are an ideal treat just for yourself, or to gift to your loved ones be it a wedding, hen night, birthday, anniversary or even a unique way to ask your girl friend would they like to be your bridesmaid?

Bring sparkle to your life or a loved one!  

Sam’s Sparkly Gifts order yours

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Office hours: Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm 

Buy a sparkly gift box by Sam’s Sparkly Gift now from

All gift boxes are processed the same day if your order before noon and posted via Royal Mail.

Thank you to Sam’s Sparkly Gifts for You’re Wonderful! gift box it certainly sparkled up my night. All views and opinions are my own view.

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