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Tea-Pop is gourmet tea on a stick. Get magical and stir the wand of tea into your cuppa and watch how your hot water magically becomes tea. Fun on a stick.

I was gifted some PR samples courtesy of Tea Pop and got magical creating tea with my tea-pop wand, sorry I mean stick.


Tea-Pop are a family owned tea company who are passionate about tea, and their mission is to introduce new tea experiences for modern consumers.

They have had a long collaboration with Chester University to develop the ultimate tea experience giving both traditional and herbal tea lovers easy, fun and fuss free experience.  

Tea-Pop tea is all about bringing gourmet tea to your home but with that extra magical moment. Their tea is made from the natural extraction of all the goodness of quality tea leaves, fresh fruits, plants and herbs minerals. Tea-Pops are then moulded into novel shapes, crystallised for longevity and for fast dissolving in hot or cold water.  

Enjoy an easy, fun and fuss free experience whilst making a brew. Pop in the stick, stir and bang your water will have turned into tea.

Magic me up a cup of tea

Tea Pop

I was gifted a variety of their tea to enjoy at home from their herbal and fruit tea to classic teas.

The Herbal & Fruit Tea came in a cannister of six which consisted of three different fruity tea blends on a stick. All the tea within this cannister are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and all made with natural goodness of tea.

All of the teas can be drunk hot or cold. To make any of the teas just pop into a cup of 220ml cup of 90C hot water and stir until dissolved.

The Lemon Ginger is a Chinese Chunmee green tea provided a lush zesty lemon with a hit of punchy ginger.

The Passion Fruit Punch is a green tea gave a lovely aroma of sweet fruit and a zesty taste of fruit from pineapple to orange.

The Crispy Caramel is a Sri Lankan black tea which smells sweet and gives a lush caramel flavour with hints of liquorice.

A herbal collection which not just look amazing and tasted amazing but was super fun.

The Classic Tea came in a cannister of six which consisted of three different classic teas all of which are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and all made with 100% natural goodness.

Again just pop, pour and stir in 90C hot water to create the perfect magical cup of tea.

The English Breakfast is a Sir Lankan black tea which gave off a strong aroma.

The Earl Grey is a Sri Lankan black tea also had a lovely refreshing tea aroma and gave a taste of lovely floral notes with every sip.

The Jasmine Green Tea is a Chinese green tea and gave aroma of jasmine and tasted refreshing and floral.

A classic collection for those who love your normal every day simple cuppas.

Apart from the cannisters you can buy single sticks of tea which comes in a cardboard packet.

The Peppermint Tea is made using natural extraction of tea of leaves, and plants all of which have been combined making the crystal pop. Again has all the goodness of tea, rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Provided a lush aroma of peppermint and tasted of peppermint.

The WildBerry Punch Tea is made using natural extraction of tea leaves, hibiscus, fruits, and flowers. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and all the natural goodness of tea. Refreshingly fruity with notes of berries.

I felt like a tea magician whilst making all of the teas with my tea on a stick. I though see it more as wand of tea as I felt like I was a magician performing magic, turning water into tea with a pop, pour and stir.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Tea-Pop provides fun time with tea. Forget those days of boiling a kettle and just pouring over a tea bag or into a teapot with loose tea leaves. Tea-Pops brings an element of fun to the tea world with their magical tea sticks. Just pop, pour and stir and watch how your crystallised tea magically turns your water into tea.

Tea-Pop certainly is fun and great fun way to introduce people to the world of tea.

However the best thing about Tea-Pop herbal tea is knowing that all their crystallised gourmet tea on a stick is 100% natural, rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

Which type of tea do you love the most classic teas or herbal?

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Thank you to Tea-Pop for the tea providing me a magical moment with every cuppa. All views are my own honest opinion.

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