A look back at September 2020

This month I have enjoyed numerous products to enjoy at home and even managed to pop into London this month to dine and enjoy an experience a chilled self drive along the canals of London. All opportunities given to me and community members are all on a complimentary PR basis.

GoBoat London

GoBoat London is situated in Paddington and Kingston and provides self-drive boat down the canals. The boats are powered by electric engines so no rowing required. Each GoBoat can carry up to eight people. All boats have a long table so you can enjoy a picnic on-board whilst sailing down the canals of London creating a very fun and sociable atmosphere. There boats serve as a breathing space in the city away from the hustle and bustle of busy London.  GoBoat is certainly the perfect experience for any social occasion.


“No boating experience is necessary as training will be given upon arrival and you’ll be given a route map.”
September 2020

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London Instagram post.

Gifted courtesy of GoBoat I went along with another community member of Love Pop Ups London and sailed down the canal of Paddington taking in the lovely views.

Six by Nico

Nico Simeone is the founder of Six by Nico venues. Six by Nico concept is simple, a new six course tasting menu every six weeks giving diners fine dining experience with a twist. This month he bought to London Childhood theme giving diners the opportunity to relive childhood food memories but with a twist.

Six by Nico Childhood

“Every dish was exceptional and it is very hard for me to say which was my favourite but I must admit I was very fond of the very grown up salmon fish and fingers.”
September 2020

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post & Instagram post.

I was gifted the next chapter of Six by Nico to enjoy and relive my memories of childhood food but with a twist.


BRUU are creators of high quality loose tea bringing consumers unique blends to the table from their Cheeky Digestive tea to Pina Colada tea. They offer the world of fresh teas, that are unavailable anywhere else.

Bruu Tea

“BRUU are very different and unique as they produce high quality loose tea and subscription boxes giving you a surprise to the nose and awakening you taste-buds every month with different cuppas of tea.”
September 2020

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post & Instagram post.

I was given PR samples of tea courtesy of Bruu Hilton to enjoy at home on a complimentary basis all which were equally as delicious and unique.

Island Chocolate

Islands chocolate bring great quality chocolate from producers of finest cacao from the Caribbean which brings flavour and diversity. Made from high quality cocoa from a single origin family cocoa farm in the Caribbean they carefully select cocoa seeds and manage everything until the very end creating the perfect chocolate bar giving a unique and smooth depth.

Islands Chocolate

“Island Chocolate bars are just not all full of taste and flavour but all are eco friendly and vegan friendly.”
August 2020

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post & Instagram post.

I was gifted a few PR samples of bars of chocolate courtesy of Island Chocolate to enjoy at home each which were equally as tasty.

ZO Tea

ZO Tea is a UK based independent company that specialises in premium, organic blended loose leaf tea. Their aim is to promote organic tea rituals, which are carefully designed blends to help support health with every sip as they are all about helping encourage wellness. They provide blends that promote general wellbeing, with the benefits of a cleanse that is 100% laxative free and kind to all our bodies in the long term.

Zo Tea

“So whether you’re looking to detox your body, calm your mind or just cleanse your soul, ZO harnesses the natural powers to help you feel on top.”
September 2020

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post & Instagram post.

I was given a few PR samples of ZO Tea to see learn and discover the benefits of healthy tea.

Soho Soaps

Soho Soaps Company are an environmentally friendly, cruelty free and vegan friendly bath producers. Their goal is simple all about helping the planet and providing a nutrient rich pampering experience.

Soho Soap

“Soho Soho are great products and after using the shampoo, conditioner and bath bomb I am happy to say that yes I would use them again as each of their products looked fab, smelt great, gave clean results and knowing that they are environmentally conscious is a massive plus.”
September 2020

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post & Instagram post.

I was given a few PR samples of Soho Soap to help rinse every day grime from my hair making it look shiny and lush.


MaskNow are UK distributors for Livinguard products helping people be safe whilst travelling through this pandemic. They want to get the UK responsible by wearing masks. Their masks are re-useable with a Swiss patented antimicrobial coating that is scientifically proven to destroy Covid 19, other viruses and bacteria. 


“Livinguard MaskNow masks are very comfortable, sustainable and reusable which makes these masks very safe and environmentally friendly.”
September 2020

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post & Instagram post.

Courtesy of Mask I was gifted two masks one with a filter and one without to wear on my travels out and about keeping me safe from Covid and other viruses.

Williams Kerr Gin

Kerr’s Gin is a Scottish Gin which is wholly distilled from barley and is grown only 20 miles of the distillery. Unlike regular gin stills, they steam theirs via a Carterhead which gently steams the botanicals rather than boiling them, capturing more of the subtle aromas and complex flavours. Together with the barley base, this creates a gin of distinctive depth and character.

Kerrs Gin Steam their botanticals

“Kerr’s Gin is a very refreshing clean gin which works beautifully with tonics and great used in cocktails.”
September 2020

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post & Instagram post.

I was on a courtesy basis a PR gifting of William Kerrs bottle of gin to enjoy at home.

Sam’s Sparkly Gifts

Sam is the founder of Sam’s Sparkly Gifts and designs boxes full of sparkle for everyone in mind, be it for a treat for yourself or to gift to someone special giving them a little sparkle to their life. Her goal is to provide a range of boxes that are fun but yet affordable so you can keep gifting and brightening up the days of those you love.  

“I love wearing a little sparkle, but I love sparkling up my drinks so You’re Wonderful! gift box was the perfect box for me.”
September 2020

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post & Instagram post.

Courtesy of Sam’s Sparkles I was gifted a box of sparkles to enjoy at home blinging up my drinks and myself.

Shuro Shirin

Shuro Shirin provide frozen Persian ready meals to cook at home very handy for the upcoming winter months.

Shuro Shirin

“The beauty for me about Shuro Shirin is that all their food was easy to cook, just grab from the freezer and pop into the oven. No matter what meal or meals you grab all can be cooked for 40-45 minutes from frozen. So no need for defrosting the night before or getting pots and pans out.”
September 2020

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post & Instagram post.

I was given a PR sample courtesy of Shuro Shirin to enjoy at home and what a Persian treat.

Port Royal

Port Royal sell Jamaican authentic patties. Their patties are developed using traditional recipes using aromatic herbs and spices from Jamaica. Port Royal patties all once cooked gives a golden, flaky pastry crust that crumbles in your mouth. Each patty with each bite will transport you to the markets of Jamaica. 

Me with my Port Royal patties

“A great fresh yet spicy buttery patty which can easily be cooked at home or at work. Perfect for a snack, lunch or dinner.”
September 2020

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post & Instagram post.

I was given some Port Royal patties courtesy of my friends Dip and Sip all of which tasted of Jamaica full of spice.


Sellers of deluxe liqueur Liqueurs. Serravinci liqueurs are perfect served on their own, served chilled, on the rocks or even as a mixer to create cocktails.

“Both the Toffee Cream Vodka and Wild Strawberry liqueur both did not just look stunning and luxurious but tasted outstanding. Each full of flavour and worked well on their own, in drinks and within food.”
September 2020

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post & Instagram post.

I was gifted a PR sample of Serravinci Toffee and Wild Strawberry liqueurs to enjoy at home each which tasted equally as good.


Tea-Pop tea is all about bringing gourmet tea to your home but with that extra magical moment as their tea is made on a stick. All their tea is made from the natural extraction of all the goodness of quality tea leaves, fresh fruits, plants and herbs minerals. Tea-Pops are then moulded into novel shapes, crystallised for longevity and for fast dissolving in hot or cold water. 

“Tea-Pops brings an element of fun to the tea world with their magical tea sticks. Just pop, pour and stir and watch how your crystallised tea magically turns your water into tea.”
September 2020

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post & Instagram post.

I was gifted some PR samples of Tea Pops tea to enjoy at home on a complimentary basis with each tea pop providing a magical moment and a refreshing cup of tea.


Chosan are producers jams and spreads with a difference as they are made using baobab and hibiscus.

“I tasted their jams and spreads and all not only tasted amazing but it was nice to know that they all provided health benefits due to the baobab, and that all the other ingredients are 100% natural. Plus that they are helping farmers and communities of Africa.”
September 2020

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post & Instagram post.

I was gifted some jars of Chosan jams and spreads to enjoy at home courtesy of my friends Dip and Sip all of which tasted delicious.

The Little Coffee Company

The Little Coffee Company is all about tackling big problems providing a better price for farmers. By purchasing coffee from them you will be helping support farmers and local communities. Presently they sell two different coffees one from a producer in Tanzania and one from producers in Jamaica.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the look, smell and taste. Provided a smooth clean coffee with hints of tartness and fruit notes. Perfect for anytime of day.”
September 2020

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post & Instagram post.

I was given a packet of coffee by The Little Coffee Company courtesy of my friends Dip and Sip to enjoy in the comfort of my home.

Cellar Door Cooking by Ian 

Ian Pecoraro chef and founder of Cellar Door Cooking has been working professionally in many of the best restaurant kitchens in and around Seattle for 13 years, and is extremely passionate about teaching amateur and professionals cooks tips and tricks that the top restaurants use to make their food delicious, plus time saving, and money smart advice.

Cellar Door Cooking

“I loved this virtual class as Ian taught me many tips and tricks which I never knew when it came to cutting up a chicken, making stock and stuffing.”
September 2020

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post.

Courtesy of Ian of Cellar Door I was treated to a tutorial on how to cut up a whole chicken via Zoom who knew buying the right knife is a very important element.

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