Mucca Cambridge luxury beef wellingtons to enjoy at home

Upon venturing out and about beef wellington is always a luxurious dish that many couples opt for when on a special date as it can be shared and is a luxury treat making any date night special. However with the fear of Covid 19 many people are tending to stay in but that does not mean date nights and celebrations need to come to a halt. Make your night special with your loved ones and order one of Mucca luxury beef wellingtons. You will be impressed and not miss going out at all after eating this luxurious beef wellington.

Courtesy of Mucca I was gifted a beef wellington which serves 2 to enjoy at home.

Mucca Cambridge

Mucca is all about delivering the ultimate perfect luxurious beef wellington to enjoy at home.

They produce fresh beef wellingtons which come in 3 different sizes making them a perfect dinner option for all occasions but ideal for date night or a special celebration.

Executive Chef William Hart is passionate chef and has worked in some of the UK’s most highly respected Michelin star restaurants. It was on his travel in Norfolk that he fell in love with all things classically British. Working at some of the UK’s most loved restaurants it has taught William the importance of sourcing quality ingredients, along with techniques and skills to perfect cooking. With that he now produces for Mucca deluxe beef wellingtons to enjoy at home.

Their handmade beef wellingtons are made using only the finest extra mature Aberdeen Angus beef fillet. Wrapped in their signature mushroom duxelle within includes high quality chicken mousse that is not commonly found in the mass produced wellingtons sold in supermarkets making their wellingtons royalty.

Mucca believe the best way to serve their beef wellingtons is medium, where the beef is perfectly pink in the middle.

Date night in love with a beef wellington

Not being able to cruise and being a little hesitant in venturing out lately due to the fear of catching Covid 19 I decided to have a date night in at home with my husband. We both love beef wellingtons and miss eating them whilst on our holidays on board a cruise and even at a restaurant.

We have tried some at home from supermarkets but none have ever lived up to expectations until now as Mucca is the most delicious high quality beef wellington we have ever eaten.

We was gifted a beef wellington which served 2 giving us each a good generous portion size. All their beef wellingtons are handmade using only the finest Aberdeen Angus beef fillet, filled with a signature mushroom duxelle which uses locally grown mushrooms, thyme and flavoured with a 6 year old Madeira. Then finished off with a double lattice puff pastry which is carefully topped off with fresh thyme sprigs which are freshly picked from their kitchen garden.

It came with easy instructions and all that was required was heating up the oven then popping into the oven for approx. 26 minutes.

It came out looking gorgeous and tasted absolutely delicious.

Upon cutting into the beef wellington it was like cutting through butter. It had a perfect flaky buttery pastry and packed with Mucca signature mushroom duxelle giving every bite an explosion of flavour. The beef fillet was cooked to perfection, soft and tender, literally melted in the mouth.

Mucca certainly made the night that extra special as their beef wellingtons are beautifully made and it was the perfect size for the 2 of us.

Mucca to me is the royalty of all beef wellingtons served on a plate.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Mucca beef wellingtons are the most luxurious handmade freshest beef wellingtons I have ever had from the pastry to the beef. The only disappointing thing for me was that my beef wellington did not come out as golden as I would have liked but maybe I should have egg washed it before popping into the oven, but I did not as it did not mention to do so in the instructions. Apart from that it did not affect the lovely crunch and flavour of the beef wellington at all. With every bite I felt like I had gone to heaven and back as it was extremely delicious and unlike any other wellington I have ever had with it’s signature duxelle.

I highly recommend Mucca beef wellington be it for a date night, or celebration of a family treat. Maybe order one for Christmas as an alternative to turkey.

Mucca order yours

Mucca Cambridge

Producers of handmade fresh beef wellingtons.

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Delivery – Cut off for delivery for the weekend is Wednesday 3pm

Once received – Keep chilled and consume within 2 days or freeze for use within 1 month. If freezing, always defrost thoroughly before cooking.

Cooking – Remove the beef wellington from the fridge an hour before cooking, allowing it to reach room temperature. Pre-heat the oven to 240°C / 220°C fan / Gas Mark 9, heat up a baking tray, unwrap the beef wellington and trim the grease proof paper to fit within the tray. Place onto the pre-heated tray, and bake for 20 minutes.  Reduce the temperature to 200°C / 180°C Fan / Gas Mark 6 and rotate the baking tray. Continue cooking for a further 6-8 minutes. Remove from the oven and discard the grease proof paper. Place on a cooling rack and let it rest for 10 minutes.

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Note: their beef wellingtons are ever so popular and get sold out quickly so pre ordering weeks ahead of time is highly recommended.

Thank you to Mucca for the most delicious and luxurious beef wellington I have ever tasted. All views our my own honest opinion.

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