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Have you ever adventured out and had difficulty fitting a bottle of water in your bag, and potentially end up busting the zip? Then fear not anymore as H2osqd Ltd sell water storage bottles that are square and flat making it easy to fit in your bag, be it a handbag or rucksack and easy to store your other items around and even next to it.

Courtesy of H2osqd Ltd I was kindly given a water bottle with my initials personalised on it to take on my travels to work and staycation adventures.

H2osqd Ltd

Founder Cheski Kennedy Wallbank of H2osqd comes from Surrey and are passionate about vegan brands and carbon safe products.

Whilst travelling the world on her adventures working for celebrities on their yachts she loves to stay hydrated on the go but always struggled fitting the cylinder water bottles into her handbag or bag meaning she had to compromise most times by either carrying the water bottle in hand or switching her bag to a much larger one. So with this problem whilst during lockdown and not being able to travel the world she came up with her own design of an easy reusable water bottle which was flat, easily fits in most bags and easy to travel with on walks or travels.

“When travelling I only wanted to carry the bare minimum: my phone, earphones and some water. My bulky water bottles didn’t fit into my small bags or coat pockets meaning I had to compromise: either not carry water (which was never an option) or swap to a much larger bag. My current bottles were also very heavy or held too much water. That’s when I went on a hunt to find a water bottle that was flat and square. I soon realised there was very little choice and of what was available, I could do better. That’s why I started  H₂O² , to give everyone the opportunity to stay hydrated and sustainable on all trips out!”

says founder Cheski Kennedy Wallbank

H₂O² water bottles are reusable, BPA-free, and all fit where others can’t so you can stay hydrated on the go. The bottles are made from vegan friendly material using recycled material making them carbon free and environmentally friendly. They come in three colours of black, white or pink and can hold 380ml water.

You can even have a monogram, full name or logo personalised on your bottle making it even more special.

Did you know? that by using reusable water bottles, you can help to reduce the 7.7-billion single-use plastic water bottles used every year in the UK.

Being environmentally friendly for every sale of their water bottles they will plant a tree to offset the carbon footprint. Plus a small logo label made from seeds is contained within each parcel which can be planted to grow wild flowers in your garden.

Water on the go

Thanks to H₂O² handy flat water bottle I never have to struggle again trying to fit a water bottle within my bag as thanks to their square, flat shape it is easy, and handy to fit in most bags.

It came delivered wrapped in brown recyclable paper and can fit through a post box so no need to worry if you are out and not around to accept the delivery.

The bottles come in three different colours, black, white or pink so I opted for black as black is goes with anything plus it made the bottle look stylish and sleek. I also opted for my water bottle to have my initials etched stuck onto it JM, but you can have your full name or even logo if you like.

The bottle is small, and comes neatly wrapped in a soft durable grippable sleeve (there are three colours available) and has a leak proof seal top resulting in style and easy to travel with. It even has a vegan leather strap making it even easier to hold.

It can easily be filled and can store 380ml slightly less than a cylinder bottle of water which holds 500ml but at least with this bottle it is reusable, made from recyclable material, vegan friendly and fits neatly in my bags.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

The H₂O² is a great size, handy, sleek, environmentally friendly and very easy to take on your travels. Plus looks very stylish.

The bottle is great for yourself but also great as a gift for your family, friend or colleague who loves keeping hydrated on their travels.

H2osqd order now

H2Osqd Ltd

Email H2OSQD@gmail.com 

Stylish, flat water bottles designed to fit in bags so there’s every excuse to stay hydrated on the go. Perfect for small cross-over bags, bumbags and rucksacks. This ultra-chic reusable travel bottle is a must for work, play or travel.

Choose from black, white or pink, non personalised or personalised.

Full Name Personalised Flat Vegan Water Bottle £22.00
Monogram Personalised Flat Vegan Water Bottle £20.00
Set of three Flat Vegan Water Bottle (Buy two get third half price) £49.99

Thank you to H2osqd for the water bottle I love it. All views are my own honest opinion.

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