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Ever wondered what it might be like to manipulate time, climb a giant beanstalk and save a Princess? then your dreams have been answered as clueQuest Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time VR mission will take you on an adrenaline experience through a tomb of mystery and magic. Question is did I manage to save the Princess and are you brave enough to do the same?

I was kindly gifted the experience on a PR basis courtesy of clueQuest.


clueQuest has a variety of escape rooms to play within Caledonian Road, and even VR experiences plus they have multiple online games which can be played at home. Each of their games have a specific theme, storyline with different difficulty rating, so there is a game suitable for everyone.

Escape Rooms

  • PLAN52 – One of their secret locations has been compromised and thye need you to find out who betrayed Mr Q and swapped sides.
  • Operation BlackSheep – Infiltrate Professor BlackSheep’s command centre and destroy his mind controlling satellite.
  • Revenge of the Sheep – Stop Professor BlackSheep and his evil sidekick, Kevin, by deactivating their vicious SheepMutator.
  • cQ ORIGENES – Shrink your way into Mr Q’s original base and sabotage Professor BlackSheep’s plan to leak agents’ identities and classified information.

Virtual Reality

  • Escape the Lost Pyramid – Find your way out of the pyramid of Nebka in Ubisoft’s virtual reality escape game, taking place in the world of Assassin’s Creed Origins.
  • Beyond Medusa’s Gate – Find the ancient artefact that has been hidden somewhere in the Peloponnese peninsula in Ubisoft’s virtual reality escape game, taking place in the world of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.
  • Newest game Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time – help save Prince of Persia as you experience something impossible in real life: to slow, stop or even rewind time!

Print + Cut + Escape

  • Time Quest Kids – it’s up to children to help save the universe from time-jumping supervillains! 
  • Stolen IQ – Help find kidnapped Lisa Hammerschmidt and stop evil Professor BlackSheep in his tracks.
  • Alpha Brain System – Help Lisa and Mr Q free kidnapped scientist.
  • Humanity 2.0 – Help clueQuest end the Professor’s plan to destroy the minds of all humanity.
  • Newest game Halloween Survival – take on a Survival Training course and learn how to deal with a whole host of Halloween monsters.

Time to rescue a Princess

Summoned by Kaileena, the Empress of Time I and my husband headed on down to clueQuest and got kitted up with a VR kit and was then transported into a virtual world to stop an evil being and save a Princess within an hour.

It was then time for us to take our brave souls on a journey through a tomb full of mystery, magic and danger.

Before our adventure we were given a Dagger of Time, a very incredibly powerful artefact that contains the very essence of time itself it was time to venture deep into the mysterious tomb. As the dagger contains the Sands of Time, we were able to manipulate time by slowing it down, stopping and even rewinding it! Our mission was to Reach the Hourglass Chamber and stop the Magic and rescue the Princess!

We chose our characters, uniformed ourselves up and even chose our weapons (but they disappeared so a bit irrelevant) then we admired each other and ourselves in the mirror that surrounded us. We then headed into the mysterious tomb. Throughout the adventure there was plenty of climbing to be had from giant beanstalks to ladders, and at times we both felt a little disorientated and like we was going to actually fall over. I even felt out of breathe at times, its funny what your vision and mind can do. The puzzles throughout were intriguing and fun with wheel turning to logical thinking. Some even involved having to smash purple crystals with a magical sword that we picked up along the way that throws out light which destroyed them. With our time manipulating, climbing skills and puzzle solving we were soon out of the tomb stopping the evil one and saving the Princess with a few minutes spare.

Before leaving the tomb we got our picture with the beautiful Princess then was transported back to clueQuest headquarters in London, back to reality sadly.

The game is set for an hour with most amateur game players will last 50 minutes, but is very dependent on how well you play so thus the experience may last for just 30 minutes if you are an expert at puzzle solving. We got out just before our hour was up.

If you play this game or any of their other VR games it is recommended that glass wearers check whether their frames comply with the sizes specified here. This will help avoid discomfort and ensure a fully immersive experience. If you can wear contact lenses, it is highly recommended instead.

If you suffer with vertigo note that this game includes moments of virtual climbing which gives the illusion of being high above the ground and may make you feel disorientated.

The VR experience is designed for groups of multiples of 2 only because of this, any drop-outs should be replaced to ensure teams of either 2 or 4, as the game can only be played with an even number of players.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I am a fan of clueQuest and played many of their escape rooms and Print + Cut + Escape missions at home but this was my first time in playing one of their VR escapes which did not disappoint.

I loved how at the start of the game you can choose your character from possibly a muscly man to a slender young female and clothe yourself as you see fit before taking on an epic adventure of wonder, mystery and magic. The only thing I was a bit miffed at is the weapon selection for your character as when you get into the tomb your weapon will disappear and the only weapon you get at a later stage throughout the game is a time manipulating weapon and magical sword.

As for the actual game play I loved how you could literally open nearly everything, destroy items such as vases, climb beanstalks and how it was packed with plenty of fun puzzles from physical to logical thinking challenges. However the only thing that this game did lack was that there was no fighting involved with anything, I would have liked perhaps to have taken on an evil being or two.

All in all though easy control, graphics great, smooth playing no glitching, fun puzzles, lovely scenes, and great story.

I highly recommend playing this game with friends or your partner as a fun date outing.

Question is who will be in charge of time manipulating and who will take hold of the magical sword? Plus will you stop the evil being before the hour is out?

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Thank you to clueQuest for the adventure. All views are my own honest opinion.

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