Mr Squeaks Tea Company is not your average brew

Tea for me is the perfect aromatic beverage be it this thing in the morning or at night. I love your old fashioned classic English Breakfast tea but I am also partial to herbal teas, chai and black tea. Tea is such a popular hot drink with us Brits and thus there is a vast range on the market but some tea producers have begun to get a little more inventive with their teas, as to not just to give a great tasting cuppa but giving their tea leaves the wow factor which Mr Squeaks certainly hits the X factor.

Courtesy of Mr Squeaks I was kindly gifted a few PR samples to review at home and I was wowed.

Mr Squeaks

Mr Squeaks Tea Company is a new specialist tea company based in the Leigh-on-sea area of Essex. They are a family run business, managed and owned by Kim Dawson and Dave Dawson.

​As tea lovers, they are dedicated in creating and sourcing the very best loose-leaf tea and tea service products but Mr Squeaks Tea Company is a far cry from the average brew. Not only are their teas great in taste, they smell and look beautiful too.

​Their aim is to keep their tea loving guests happy and satisfied with their four different ranges of loose-leaf tea. They offer a number of beautiful tasting teas from their Black Label (black teas), Green Label (green teas), Red Label (fruit teas) and Blue Label (herbal and speciality teas).

As with most things though their teas will vary season to season due to the availability of fruits, herbs etc. They want to supply the best premium quality tea using the freshest picked ingredients to give a superb taste. All of their teas are ethically produced and only use the finest natural ingredients supplied by experienced growers and then blended together by top class tea masters to create the very finest of tea flavours. 

As well as selling loose leaf teas, they also provide tea service products that you can purchased online directly.

Squeakingly good tea

Tea is Brits favourite drink but did you know that tea back in the day was used as a medicinal drink by various ethnic groups in the region. From the 17th century tea became fashionable among us Brits but not for medical reasons but for a good hot cuppa to enjoy. Over the centuries tea has grown giving all of us tea lovers a variety of tea from herbal tea, green tea, black tea, white tea, chai and so much more.

However I have never ever come across any tea as unique as Mr Squeaks tea who produce great tasting tea but with that wow factor as their tea flavours are unique and some even have mixed within their tea leaves pumpkins, bats, Christmas trees, etc all of which are made from sugar, rice flour, cocoa butter, tragacanth and natural colours.

Mr Squeaks

Mr Squeaks Witches Brew is a luxury black tea has a blend of high grown Ceylon tea, a twist of orange, ginger and warming spices plus pumpkins, black bats and ghosts giving a spookily haunting cuppa for Autumn.

I loved the pumpkins, ghosts and bats within. It was fun watching the sugar shapes disappear when hot water was added to the brew, like all Halloween ghosts, they disappear into thin air!

This cuppa provided subtle orange notes with hits of spice and fiery ginger.

Mr Squeaks Wake Me Up

Mr Squeaks Wake Me Up is their take on an English Breakfast Tea. It is blended with Assam and Kenyan black teas which are mixed with a sprinkle of calming Safflower petals to produce a rich, full bodied tasting tea.

The Safflower petals look beautiful amongst the tea leaves. It provided a refreshing taste of black tea.

Mr Squeaks Wake Me Up
Mr Squeaks Christmas Cracker

Mr Squeaks Christmas Cracker is a Christmassy cuppa of cinnamon and cloves. This black tea is blended with cinnamon, cloves and jasmine buds.

I love the Christmas confetti from within the Christmas trees to the snowflakes which adds that festive cheer to it.

The taste of this festive brew will get you jingling all the way with it’s cinnamon and spicy notes.

Mr Squeaks Christmas Cracker

Mr Squeaks Minty Cocoa is an indulgent Rooibos tea which has an explosion of peppermint, cacao and calendula petals.

A refreshing, cleansing and indulgent minty, chocolately, and fruity tea great as an after-dinner treat.

Mr Squeaks Bursting Berry is a herbal tea which has a combination of hibiscus, elderberries and dried black currants resulting in a fruity tea. Great drank hot or as an iced tea.

I love the dried berries within the freshest, brightest and biggest I have ever seen in any herbal berry packet of tea.

A wonderfully very red fruity tea with a slight tartness, sweetness and mellow smoothness.

Mr Squeaks Berry

Mr Squeaks Amazing Greys is simply Earl Grey which is simply black tea and cornflower petals mixed together to make their blend.

I love the blue cornflower pieces which are really visible amongst the tea leaves.

The smell of this cuppa is a perfumery delight and the taste is floral with bergamot flavours and a touch of mild astringency.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

All of Mr Squeaks teas are so unique, fresh and high in quality and therefore they have become one of my favourite tea producers.

I particularly loved Mr Squeaks Witches Brew and Mr Squeaks Christmas Cracker tea as they are so different to any tea I have ever had as its packed with festive sugar made shapes making them a seasonal treat.

So if you are looking for a cuppa with a difference or a unique gift idea for someone you know who loves tea then I highly recommend Mr Squeaks tea.

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Thank you Mr Squeaks for the tea. All views are my own honest opinion.

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