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Six by Nico London in Charlotte Street from 19 October to 29 November will be delighting and transporting city lovers and food fanatics for six weeks through a six course tasting menu full of big tastes of New York. So hop on the subway and have your taste buds be transported to New York’s Central Park to Little Italy. You’ll get to enjoy New Yorker favourites from Buffalo Chicken Wing to Smoked Flat Iron, and be tantalised at the end with a bite of The Big Apple.

Third time around I have had the pleasure of attending and taking a bite of their newest six course tasting menu which is all based on food of New York.

Their first themed menu when they opened back in July was The Chippie which was all about Fish and Chips but with a twist and the second theme was on Childhood which took food we all grew up and loved as a child to our plates with a fun twist.

Six by Nico London

Nico Simeone whom is a Scottish chef learned his trade at Michelin-starred Number One at Balmoral before opening the much vaunted 111 in Glasgow before moving into the bistro game himself in March 2017 with his first restaurant Six by Nico in Glasgow his home town. Within a year, he launched a sister restaurant in Edinburgh. 2019 Nico added four more Six by Nico restaurants to his portfolio one in Belfast, Manchester, another in Glasgow and one in Liverpool. Now he brings Six by Nico to London with further plans of popping up with potentially one in Dublin, and a second in London.

Six by Nico’s concept is simple, a new six course tasting menu every six weeks giving diners a food experience with a twist.

All of Nico’s past and upcoming themed menus are food which is based on his memories growing up from childhood to his visits to New York and beyond all with a twist.

New York – a bite of the Big Apple

Six by Nico New York

His latest third themed six course tasting menu in London is Cooking New York for six weeks from 19 October to 29 November.

New York streets are lined with street food trucks to late-night hot dog stands, family-run pizzerias and fine-dining food experiences, making New York City food scene one of the best in the world.

Chef Nico Simeone this October and November will offer guests a bite of the Big Apple in London, with his new and playful six course tasting menu New York. Guests will enjoy the best of modern dining in Downtown to the food truck mayhem of Midtown through Simeone’s contemporary take on New York classics, highlighting the city’s ever-changing palate and plethora of mouth-watering flavours and cuisines. Indulge on a Buffalo Chicken Wing, Eggs Benedict, Little Italy, Clam Chowder, Smoked Flatiron and end with The Big Apple.

“Encapsulating various elements of the city’s enchanting charm, from its glistening skylines to the decadence of Broadway, our upcoming menu aims to transport guest’s taste buds to the city that never sleeps. Our team has created a tasting menu in London that will see our guests munch through Manhattan, one bite at a time.”

Chef Nico Simeone

Cooking New York (19 October to 29 November) six course tasting menu costs £35 with optional wine pairing available at a further £33 per head.

The big taste of New York

Heading back into Six by Nico with my husband for the third time there was a slight difference as this time around all staff from the waiters to the chefs were all wearing face masks due to the new government requirements. Plus there was more hand sanitisers at hand keeping everyone safe.

As mentioned before in my last post on Six by Nico it is decked out in modern furnishings, with lovely drop lighting giving a moody tone.

We were greeted at the reception desk and were taken to our table which this time around was near the door. Even though this time around we were not directly opposite the working kitchen station which I have enjoyed on my past visits I still could easily see the chefs at work. Plus as much as I loved sitting in the other places on my past visits being directly opposite the kitchen station with Covid 19 becoming an issue again in London and beyond I felt safer near the door with the air flow.

The glamour of it all

Glancing over the regular menu not all dishes took my fancy due to my allergies or likes so some of the dishes I swapped with the vegetarian alternative. So if you can’t eat meat or fish you can ask for the vegetarian menu or even mix and match both menus so you say you don’t like Eggs Benedict you can swap it for the Central Park in Autumn Mushroom dish instead from the vegetarian menu.

Regular menu
Vegetarian menu

Before tucking into the culinary delights of New York courtesy of the management we started off with a glass prosecco which was delicious, tangy and sweet. After that, it was all things food and wine as we had the wine pairing menu.

Course 1 Buffalo Chicken
Wing Blue Cheese Royale & Picked Celery

This was a succulent piece of chicken which was matched beautifully with Blue Cheese Royale and the celery giving different textures and a very unique flavour. Chicken licking good.

Course 2 – Egg Benedict
Ham Hough Sandwich, Brown Butter Hollandaise & Quail Egg

This smoked ham hough sandwich with a drizzle of brown butter hollandaise and served with quails eggs and fresh greens was a delight. My husband had this dish and he loved the saltiness of the ham hough which he said was offset beautifully with the buttery flavours of the hollandaise and the rich egg which gave it that mild and savoury flavour cutting down the smokiness. Eggcellent!

As I can’t eat egg instead of the Egg Benedict I had Course 2 from the Vegetarian menu.

Course 2 – Central Park in Autumn
King Oyster Mushroom, Chestnut Veloute, Mushroom Ketchup, Black Garlic Emulsion & Roasted Hispi

Mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms was what this dish was all about. As each mushroom had been done differently from a mushroom mousse to a beautifully cooked fried mushroom. Earthy and mushroomy, a real foragers delight.

The wine paired with course 2 was a bottle of The Big Top Chardonnay California. The colour is golden, and gives off lovely aromas. This Chardonnay is packed with citrus notes from tropical fruits of mango, pineapple, green apple and lemon. A fruit explosion.

Course 3 – Little Italy
Cacio E Pepe Agnolotti, Crown Prince Pumpkin & Parsley Emulsion

As a love of pasta I was delighted when I saw the plump parcels of pasta. They were stuffed with pecorino and ricotta and all served along with cubes of pumpkin. It looked beautiful, a work of art and was packed with flavour. The filling burst out upon cutting the pasta parcels and the pumpkin was soft and sweet giving every mouthful along with the pasta that extra edge of flavour and texture. Fantastico!

The wine paired with course 3 was a bottle of Cinsault Mourvedre False Bay. A lovely pale rose, hints of spice and summer fruits. Gives a clean, savoury, and dry finish. Summer in a bottle.

Course 4 – Clam Chowder
Roasted Cod, Clam Chowder Veloute, Potato Terrine & Roasted Corn

Clam and Cod chowder came with barbecued leeks, grilled corn and the lemon gel brought out the flavours of the fish. The fish was so fresh, white and succulent, it literally flaked apart when cutting into it. The lemon gel gave the fresh cod that extra hit of zesty tanginess. A truly magnificent dish and most certainly one of my favourites but then I do love fish.

The wine paired with course 4 was a bottle of Villa Raiano Falanghina Beneventano IGT. This wine is delicate and lightly fragrant with aromas of blossom and wild herbs. It has a crisp taste with fruity notes of apricot, grapefruit and bitter lemon. Savoury tang perfect for pasta.

Course 5 – Smoked Flat Iron
Smoked Flat iron Smoked Brisket Croquette, Jerusalem Artichoke, Lovage Emulsion & Bone Marrow Sauce

This dish was bought to the table under a cloche filled with smoke. Upon lifting the lid the smell of the steak combined with the smoke made me think I was in New York. Instantly you can see that the flatiron steak was beautifully cooked being pink. As I don’t like smoky food my husband had this dish and he said it was lovely. He said each element on the dish was smoky and rich in taste. The flat iron steak a rich cut of beautifully cooked steak followed by soft smoky artichoke and a delicious rich crunchy brisket croquette. Smoky explosion.

For me I had the Course 5 from the vegetarian menu of the Broadwhey.

Course 5 – Broadwhey
Celeriac Risotto, Goats Milk Ricotta, Barbecue Baby Leeks & Whey Emulsion

I love risotto and this dish certainly did not disappoint. It was ever so creamy, very indulgent and I loved the goats milk ricotta within. The leeks gave it that extra sweet flavour and texture. Risotto cheese dream.

The wine paired with course 5 was a bottle of Cline Old Vine Zinfandel has aromas of raspberry and wildflower. Full of dark cherry and strawberry notes of flavour in addition to spice notes with a finish of vanilla from the oak aging. Really works well with smoky dishes. Delicious! 

Course 6 – Big Apple
Apple Curd, Oat & Pecan Granola

Bright glossy red the Big Apple for me was a showstopper as it looked stunning. A little like a mousse this dessert was light, fluffy and certainly provided an explosion of tanginess, zestiness and sourness. I loved the pieces of apple within. The granola also worked beautifully giving the whole Big Apple dish that extra crunch and nuttiness.

The dessert wine paired with course 6 was a bottle of Alasia Moscato D’Asti which worked beautifully with The Big Apple desserts. The dessert wine provided a fresh clean taste. Sweet and gently sparkling with delicate aromas and notes of honey, flowers and grape. Refreshing and cleansing.

Having worked our way through the six course tasting menu and the five wine pairings, each dish was created to perfection from look to taste, all so drool worthy. For me personally the dish that stood out to me was the Clam Chowder as I love fish and my husbands was Little Italy as he loves pasta.

Which dish appeals to you the most?


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Everything at Six by Nico from the service to the food did not disappoint again. The staff are a delight, always happy and helpful. The atmosphere of the restaurant is fab and the dimmed lighting makes eating in the restaurant a comfortable experience easy on the eyes and gives that romantic feel. Always a pleasure seeing the chefs at work. However obviously the thing that makes Six by Nico so special is the food, from the theatrics to the taste which is always outstanding.

Six by Nico is my favourite restaurant in London and one that Covid 19 will never deter me from visiting as it is that special!

So if you are looking for a culinary journey like no other take your taste buds on a journey of sheer pleasure at Six by Nico you won’t be disappointed.

If however you love the sound of Six by Nico but the New York menu does not appeal to you then never fear as their menu changes every six weeks so keep an eye out on their website or Instagram for notifications of their next upcoming menu or even sign up to their newsletter to get first hand information. Past themes have included The Chippie, Child Hood, Vietnamese Street Food, Forest, Mexico, Sicily, Route 66, and Picnic by Nico.

Six by Nico book now

Six by Nico
41 Charlotte Street

Telephone: 020 7580 8143

Enjoy a six course unique tasting menu by Chef Nico and his team in London or one of his other many restaurants. Menu changes every sis weeks.

Six course tasting menu costs £35 with optional wine pairing available at a further £33 per head.

Bookings are now live click here to make a reservation or to find out more.

If like me you are a little nervous about social distancing procedures etc. you can learn more about all the well-being elements which Six by Nico has put in place by clicking here

Plus any other questions in regards to dress code, table sizes etc can be found by clicking here   

Thank you to Six by Nico for this unique experience. Who needs to travel to New York when you can enjoy Big Taste at Six by Nico of New York. All views are my own honest opinion.

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