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Watching TV programmes such as The Great British Bake Off with talented bakers creating fabulous imaginative creations into something beautiful always makes me a little jealous and wish that I had the skills. Thanks to award winning Craft & Crumb I can now do just that as they sell a range of amazing bake kits for you to be able to produce some wonderful unique creations at home. With an easy step by step guide, with all the ingredients supplied, all that is required is a stir, shape, bake and pipe and you’ll soon have your very own masterpiece.

I was gifted on a courtesy basis thanks to Craft & Crumb their Pizza Biscuit kit as well as their Movie Popcorn Night In.

Craft & Crumb

As mums and lovers of baking founders Kate & Louise wanted to bring to the market easy baking kits which all the family would easily able to use and have fun with.

After much design, sourcing and taste testing Craft & Crumb was launched from their kitchens in 2016. A few years on they we are now a very proud team of six with a fair few products under their aprons!  Their experience as mums has always been at the heart of what they create and with their children’s help advice!

Baking made easy

Living in a fast paced modern world convenience is very important so the idea of just opening up a baking kit with everything needed for any bake to create something fabulous is a joy, and thanks to Craft & Crumb they have made this possible.

Upon receiving my baking kits through the post it was time for me to start to get crafty with my niece and make some pizza biscuits, and later settle down for the night with some gooey popcorn. I just knew I was in for a real treat and fun.

Each kit comes with a step by step guide, templates, colours, decorations and the basic dry ingredients needed to be able to make the perfect bake be it biscuits or a cake.  The only thing you’ll need to do is add fresh ingredients like eggs and butter, to the bake.

Baking at the ready

Pizza Biscuit Baking Kit
Craft & Crumb

As a lover of pizza and biscuits I knew this kit was going to be fun.

Within the beautifully kitted pack it came with step by step instructions, template, food colouring, piping bags, decorations, biscuit mix and icing sugar. All that needed to be added was butter, egg and milk.

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Leaving it up to my niece Lottie she got straight into it with no help required from me to get the dough ready. With a pour there and beat here she soon had our biscuit dough ready for the fridge. After an hours wait it was then time to roll it out and cut around the pizza template, then on into the oven for approximately 10 minutes or until lightly golden.

It was then onto the fun part decorating. Making the icing, dividing into separate bowls, colouring each with a different colour, then placing into the provided piping bags it was onto covering our pizza biscuits. After icing a biscuit and moving onto the next we decorated them with sweet decorations from sprinkles to marshmallows.

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Creating pizzas with my niece was super fun, plus they looked great placed back in kit boxes making it look like pizza had been delivered. As you can imagine though the pizza slices did not last long, NomNomNom!

Craft & Crumb

Regular price £18.99
(pizza kit can be personalised)

Movie Night Popcorn Kit

I miss going to the cinema during this pandemic so thanks to Craft & Crumb popcorn kit I could pretend I was in the cinema, with lights off, whilst munching on my popcorn out of a striped popcorn box, classic.

This kit contained two different style popcorn boxes, chocolate drops, marshmallows and popcorn.

Craft & Crumbs

Adding the popcorn in a pan with a little oil within minutes of shaking and listening to the popcorn going pop pop pop I soon had fresh popped popcorn. It was then onto melting the marshmallows with butter in a small pan, then drizzling over my fresh popcorn. Dividing into the boxes provided it was then time to sit back, relax and watch a classic movie. As it is nearly Christmas I decided to put on my favourite classic Christmas movie Santa Clause.

Craft & Crumbs

Fav film, roaring fire, and popcorn in one hand what’s not to love.

Regular price £7.95
(each box can be personalised)


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Craft & Crumb home kits each were easy, super fun and provided great results.

The pizza kit for me was my favourite as me and my niece could each decorate our own pizza slices how we liked.

The popcorn movie kit was also fun to make fresh popcorn, which I must admit tasted amazing but I felt there was not enough marshmallows to make a sufficient amount of gooey goodness to drizzle over the popcorn. Plus when I took the melted marshmallow melted with the butter off the heat it practically set straight away. However I did love the popcorn as it was so fresh and a high quality corn plus the chocolate drops were delicious, so creamy and rich in chocolate taste which was surprising considering how small the pieces were.

All in all I would highly recommend Craft & Crumb kits as it was super fun from start to finish.

Fun for all the family no matter what day or time of the year. Particular fun and ideal for birthday parties.

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Baking made easy from everything you need to bake from biscuits to cake.

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Thanks to Craft & Crumb for the fun baking time. All views are my own honest opinion.

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