Japes deep, thick, fluffy, crunchy pizza!

Love thin crust pizza, but not deep pan? Japes will change your mind as their pizzas even though they are thick, they are golden, fluffy, crunchy, flavoursome and has the most stringiest cheese.

I was gifted on a PR basis a complimentary pizza to try, in order to get me to change my mind about deep pan pizza, as I am a lover of thin and wow Japes really has changed my mind.


Japes founded by Aleksandar and Jovana, met when competing in the Canoe Sprint at the 2012 Olympic Games and since that meeting they came up with the idea of selling deep pan pizza. They wanted to bring to London big, bold upbeat dining space full of energy.

The food they sell is all homemade and simple, from deep pan pizzas, burgers, homemade brownies and salads. They also sell signature cocktails on site from alcoholic drinks to hard shakes.

Japes ready to convert me

Heading into London Dean Street Stepping into Japes I felt immediately welcomed. The place is chic with funky lights and a large neon sign making it very retro. However as it was a nice day I decided to eat outside.

Gazing over the menu it was hard to decide which pizza to have, plus they had an amazing selection of burgers to opt from as well but I was here for a pizza to see if I could be converted into loving a deep pan style pizza.


I opted for the Buffalla Vegetarian pizza which comes with buffalo mozzarella, sun-dried tomato, mozzarella, tomato sauce, and rocket. When it arrived I was impressed with it’s deepness (5cm high), golden colour, crunchy looking crust, and stringy Italian mozzarella. The taste was epic, full of flavour. The outer edge was crunchy but not overly crunchy maintaining a fluffiness, fresh tasting, juicy, hit of sweetness from the tomato sauce and the most stringiest cheese I have ever had.


Just look at it!

My husband had a Carbonara which was topped with pancetta, mozzarella, garlic, carbonara sauce, and parmesan. Again thick, golden, crunchy, juicy and packed with flavour. A hammy and creamy explosion.


How do they get their pizzas to maintain the juiciness and freshness? Well they cover their pizza with their own homemade tomato sauce after adding all the other ingredients on it, which helps them cook slowly and keep them full of flavour, juicy, cheesy, overall delicious taste, mamma mia!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Japes pizzas did it and converted me!. I love deep pan pizza! However only Japes as their pizza’s are different to any other deep pan pizza from it’s crust to it’s mozzarella and the way they cook it to retain that extra juiciness.

I would certainly visit Japes again if in town for one of their pizzas for dinner or even lunch, but if lunch I would share my pizza as it is quite filling.

Highly recommend dining there when you are next in town as by the end of experience you will be shouting MAMMA MIA!

Japes visit now

22-25 Dean Street

Discover the deepest, golden, juiciest and cheesiest pizza ever.

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Thank you Japes for the most tastiest experience ever you have converted me. All views are my own honest opinion.

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