Patty & Bun NEW Smash! burgers at Kingly Street

I love burgers! but noting has never ever come close to Patty & Bun as their burgers truly are the best as they are big, juicy and full of flavour. Now for those who are not that keen on thick patty’s they have launched a new range called Smash! which a thinner patty, cheaper but still giving that great awesome taste. They can be enjoyed within their restaurant in Kingly Street which is just off Carnaby Street.

Courtesy of Patty & Bun I was invited down to enjoy one of their newest thinner Smash! burgers which was SMASHING!

Patty & Bun

Patty & Bun originally began as a pop up selling burgers before opening in November 2012 with it’s very first Patty & Bun restaurant in James Street in Marylebone. Today, they have a number of restaurants within the UK.

Everyday they strive in creating the best juiciest burgers using the freshest and best ingredients. Their aim is to create the most epic experience with great vibes at the heart of everything they do.

Now new to 2020 this October they have launched a newer burger called Smash! which is patty which is much thinner than their usual big fat patty’s, cheaper but still retains full on flavour.

Plus Patty & Bun have teamed up with butchers H.G. Walter who provides the meat for their burgers to deliver D.I.Y. Burger Kits so you can still enjoy the great taste of Patty & Bun within the comfort of your own home.

Smashing patty

Patty & Bun Smash

Arriving at Patty & Bun in Kingly Street, I was immediately excited about trying out their new Smash! thinner type burgers as it clearly displayed on their windows the types of burgers which could be enjoyed such as the Ari Gold just thinner.

Patty & Bun Smashed style burgers even though thinner, they still are juicy, full of flavour, and served in delicious golden fresh brioche buns. Expect still your patty classics like the Ari Gold & Smokey Robinson but Smash! style, as well as some new exclusive Smash! patty burgers Ronald & Randy Watson. The only difference is the depth and cost, as their Smash! burgers are value burgers which cost between £5.50 – £6.50, bargain!

Smash! burgers are ONLY available exclusively within Patty & Bun Kingly Street restaurant.

Gnashing down on my P&B

Ordering the Ari Gold when it arrived I was super excited and impressed as it still smelt, looked and tasted like their classic Ari Gold, just a thinner patty within.

Patty & Burger Smash

I mean just look at it!

If you have not had an Ari Gold before it consists of a beef patty, American cheese, smoky mayo, pickled red onion, iceberg lettuce, ketchup all packed in a brioche bun. Loaded with flavour.

Single Smash! Ari Gold costs £5.50 and a double £7.95.

Plus Patty & Bun sell D.I.Y. Burger Kits which has all the ingredients to make your very own Ari Gold burger in the comfort of your own home.

If Ari Gold does not appeal they also do many other burgers from Smash! Smokey Robinson (beef), Smash! Jose Jose (beef), Ronald (beef), Randy Watson (beef), Buffalo (chicken), Pamela (vegan).


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Forget your usual fast food burger joint as Patty & Bun Smash! burgers are so much better, full of flavour, juicy and comes in a brioche bun. I highly recommend.

Patty & Bun Smash

When in the Carnaby Street area again I will certainly be heading back to Patty & Bun for a Smash! burger to fix my appetite as they are affordable as well as smashingly tasty.

Smash! on down to Patty & Bun and get your fix, you will be saying SMASHING afterwards.

Patty & Bun Kingly Street head on down and order your Smash! burger

Patty & Bun
26 Kingly Street

Telephone: 0207 287 9632

Check out their full menu click here.

Thank you Patty & Bun for the smash! burger it was smashing. All views are my own honest opinion.

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