Aloha 65 spirit up your Christmas

This Christmas add Aloha 65 to your 65 festive tipples, ok maybe not 65 but if you are looking for a spirit which is sweet but yet fiery then this spirit is for you. Aloha 65 is made with pineapples but gives a punch of spice, ginger and scotch bonnet chilli’s.

On a courtesy basis thanks to Aloha 65 I was gifted another bottle, this time their special limited edition bottle which features a young lady skiing. This time I got a little more festive and made some of Aloha 65 wintery tipples as well as coming up with my own special Christmas creation, Rudolph’s Kiss.

Aloha 65

Stephen Thorp is the founder of Aloha 65. Aloha 65 is a complex infused spirit that is beautifully, naturally and carefully made over a month using six fresh, raw ingredients including fresh pineapple, lemon, ginger, scotch bonnet chilli and two other carefully selected herbs and spices. No colourants, flavourings or refined sugar are used in the production process. The fresh ingredients are macerated and then simply steeped lazily in a neutral grain spirit in separate containers and slowly infuse the alcohol until the flavours are just so. After a month or so, when nature has done her work, the six distillates are blended together to create the beautifully balanced finished product. Aloha 65 is all-natural, vegan and 27% ABV.

Aloha 65 is so different and bold making it perfect as a shot, a refreshing long-drink, or within cocktails, unforgettable.

Bring a taste of the Caribbean to your Christmas festivities

Aloha 65 this winter have produced a limited edition bottle which comes in a striking blue and has an image of a young lady skiing down snowy mountains, very 1960’s style.

The spirit within is the same packed with a full on flavour of pineapple and hits of ginger, spices and Scotch bonnet chilli’s.

This time around as with Christmas coming I got a little festive with my Aloha 65 and made some of their suggested festive and wintery cocktails of The Alohan, Alohoa Mulled Wine, Apple Velvet and Autumn Punch. Plus I created my very own unique festive cocktail of a Rudolph’s Kiss.

The Alohan is an explosion of ginger resulting in a real fiery festive tipple. Warming even though not heated up.

Add Aloha 65, ginger ale, ice, lemon and mint to garnish
Pour 1 part Aloha 65 and 2 parts ginger ale into a jug or pitcher. Add lots of ice, lemon slices, mint and stir gently. Fiery.

Alohoa Mulled Wine a great twist to your average mulled wine. Great tipple to warm up your cockles packed with sweetness and spice. Spice up Christmas.

Add 200ml Aloha 65, 1 bottle red wine, 4 cinnamon sticks, 1 orange sliced up, 4 star anise and 6 cloves
Add all ingredients to the pan and heat up until hot then serve, perfect to watch the fireworks with or cosy on up whilst watching Christmas movies at home.

Apple Velvet one for those who don’t like mulled wine as this drink is made from apple juice as well as Aloha 65. Just warm it up and enjoy, one to keep the doctor away.

Add 200ml Aloha 65, 1 cinnamon stick, and 1 litre of cloudy apple juice
Add all ingredients to the pan and heat up until hot then serve. An apple delight with a kick of spice.

Autumn Punch a brandy lovers delight, mixed with apple and orange juice. Punching and packed with fruitiness with that hint of fieriness from the Scotch bonnet chillis.

Add 500ml Aloha 65, 500ml brandy, 1.5 litre apple juice, 100ml orange juice, 2 cinnamon sticks, 1 apple sliced, and 1 orange sliced
Combine together Aloha 65, brandy and apple juice in a jug and fill with ice, cinnamon sticks and sliced apple and orange. A punch which has a real punch to it!

Check out all their recipes online click here.

Plus my creation of Rudolph’s Kiss I made using grenadine and orange juice giving it a tart and sweet kick, or in this case a kiss. Sweetness on the lips.

Add Aloha 65, grenadine, and orange juice
Pour 1 part grenadine in glass, followed by 1 part Aloha 65 then 4 parts orange juice. Orange delight with a kiss of sweetness and fieriness.

So if you are looking for a slightly different tipple this Christmas with a real kick then I highly recommend Aloha 65.

Read about the other cocktails I created back in Summer along with some Aloha 65 type desserts click here.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Aloha 65 is la fiery powerful spirit packed with fruitness of the pineapple and fieriness from the ginger and Scotch bonnet chillis used within. Perfect by itself, in Summery drinks and Winter drinks.

Spice up your winter and Christmas with Aloha 65 or buy as a gift for someone you know who loves a smack of chillis.

Aloha 65 order now

Aloha 65 HQ
15-19 Great Titchfield Street

Aloha 65 doesn’t fit neatly into boxes marked gin or vodka. It’s a spirit drink infused with fresh pineapple, lemon, ginger, scotch-bonnet chillies and carefully selected herbs and spices. A delicious shot, a refreshing long-drink, or a unique heart of a great cocktail, Aloha 65 is all-natural, vegan, and lower in alcohol than many of the usual suspects.

Buy yours now at Aloha 65

Thank you Aloha 65 once again for your fiery spirit which will see me through this winter. All views are my own honest opinion.

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