Mac & Wild a marriage of beef and venison

I love burgers! but never had one quite like Mac & Wild’s flavoursome game burger which is a marriage of beef and venison. It is big, powerful, juicy and ever so tasty.

Courtesy of Mac & Wild I was kindly gifted their DIY Venimoo Burger kit to try at home and wow what a burger, nothing to grunt about as this burger was moolicious.

Mac & Wild

Brother Calum & Andy are Scottish and come from a family of butchers. Food loving and passionate about Scottish food they wanted to bring a piece of Scotland to everyone’s plate at their restaurants and to peoples homes.

Their journey started back in 2006 when Calum opened up his first bar and Andy in 2011 with his street food providing Londoners a taste of game from Scotland. Within a year Andy won food trader and young British foodie street trader of the year.

2014 the brothers united over their passion of their homeland Scotland and popped up with Wild Game Co. within Charlotte Street in London. With the success of their pop up restaurant doing well Mac & Wild was born 2015 opening their first restaurant on Great Titchfield Street, then a year later another in Devonshire Square which is a much larger site, bringing game and whisky galore to the city of London.

All their meat is sourced from the Highlands, which traditional farming practices have been preserved. No industrialised animal practices as the animals are reared the right way on open pastures, with natural feed and without the use of any chemical nasties. 

2016 their Venimoo burger was voted ‘The best burger in the UK’ at the national burger awards.

2018 they opened up The Mac & Wild Base Camp which is at the Falls of Shin, just 4 miles from Andy’s family butcher business, Ardgay Game where the majority of produce comes from. Wild accommodation, monthly supper clubs and restaurant / café space offer an authentic taste of Mac & Wild’s inspiration.

Now new to 2020 you can now enjoy their award winning Venimoo burger in the comfort of your own home and enjoy a range of Scottish meat from their butchery.

Venimoo burger at home

Upon receiving my Venimoo burger kit at home I was highly impressed by the packaging keeping it all securely tight together and cold. All the ingredients looked amazing and were super fresh.

It came with easy instructions, 4 x beef patties, 4 x venison patties, 4 x brioche buns, a gherkin, a lettuce, 8 slices of burger cheese, an onion, mustard, Béarnaise sauce and Red Jon sauce.

Grabbing my onion I sliced it up then added to a hot saucepan with a drizzle of oil and pinch of salt. Leaving the onions to cook for 2 minutes I then turned down to low and cooked for a further 20-40 minutes until they became brown and sticky, stirring ever so often as so they do not stick to the bottom of the pan and burn.

Then it was onto toasting the sliced burger buns. Cutting in half I placed the burger buns in a hot frying pan for around 30 seconds as it toasts quite quickly.

Next I spread the base of the bun evenly with a squeeze of the Red Jon & mustard. Then placed around 5 slices of gherkin on top followed on by sliced lettuce. Then a dollop of béarnaise.

Then it was onto cooking the burgers. Seasoning both sides of the venison and beef patty it was into a hot frying pan with a little oil. Cooking for approximately 60-90 seconds on each side I soon had a cooked patty.

I then dolloped on the caramelised onions on top of the cooked venison patty and add a slice of burger cheese on top of each patty. Then placing the venison patty on top of the beef patty and finishing with a bun lid.

At this stage you can Venimoo it (click here for video) which involves adding water to the pan and then covering with a bowl but I skipped this part out as I was a bit too scared in case it flamed up.

With my patty done complete with the onion and cheese I then placed my stacked patty onto my bun base and hey presto I had my own created Venimoo burger on my plate and soon in my mouth.

Mac & Wild Venimoo burger

It was a moolicious delight, packed with ingredients, flavour and ever so juicy.

Watch as I deconstruct to see all the amazing ingredients within.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Mac & Wild’s burger was one of the most tastiest DIY burger kits I have had delivered. All the ingredients were fresh, came with easy instructions, quick to cook and tasted great providing a great gamey taste. The only grunt I have about the burger was the stage of Venimoo with water as I felt a little too frightened to do as I feel water hitting a hot pan with fate could easily cause a fire. Other than that this burger really was moolicious and I would certainly buy it in the future when I am craving a gamey burger.

Highly recommend if you love gamey meat, delicious condiments from mustard to bearnaise and brioche buns. Plus it is fast and easy as 1, 2, 3 to make. You don’t need to be a burger master or professional chef.

A burger which certainly is not to be grunted over as it is moolicious.

Mac & Wild order yours

FITZROVIA – 65 Great Titchfield Street, London, W1W 7PS

CITY – 9A Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4YN

SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS – Falls of Shin, Achany, by Lairg, Sutherland, IV27 4EE

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Order your home delivery of a Venimoo burger click here.

Discover more about Mac & Wild click here.

Thank you Mac & Wild for the delicious easy gamey burger DIY burger kit. All views are my own honest opinion.

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