Wyland Tondelier art is life

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time and Wyland colouring books does just that.

I was kindly gifted courtesy of Wyland a few of his colouring books as well as a necklace designed and made by him made out of milk, yes milk!

Wyland Tondelier

Wyland Tondelier is an artist, sculpture, fashion designer and performer who comes from France but lives in East London.

As an artist he truly is inspired by idols who rock us everyday with their music or their acting. Thus he likes to work and sculpt the line by drawing, painting, using fabric and mixed media bringing us all idols in a way we have never seen them. Curving and interlacing the lines between them to create drawings and installations with a difference.

Home destress

With their being another lockdown due to the world wide pandemic I got a little arty thanks to Wyland colouring books which helped take things of my mind.

Releasing the artist within me

Wyland colouring books let me become a little arty by helping me release my inner creativity.

He sells a variety of colouring books all of which are based on idols. I was gifted courtesy of Wyland his Color November & Keep It Immortal book plus Draw Me I’m Famous each which got my creative juices flowing.

The Color November & Keep It Immortal book included 31 iconic and interactive celebrity portraits which were born during November from living and dead musicians, singers, actors, artists, sculptors, illustrators and so on.

It was fascinating opening up my colouring book and discovering each day who was celebrating their birthday. However before putting pencil to paper what I most enjoyed about the colouring book was discovering how Wyland drew the idols portraits by scanning the QR code making this book a very interactive one.

Wyland styles

Grabbing my pens and pencils I then started to colour in using Wyland’s many styles and techniques from lines to squiggle, colouring in a way that I have never thought of doing before.

I just loved colouring in such idols such as Puff Daddy, Anthony Kiedis & Tilda Swinton. With Tilda I got a little more creative and added a few patterns from movie posters which she has acted in plus I added a Scottish flag over her eye as she is Scottish.

Art is very therapeutic and certainly is a great way to entertain yourself and reduce any stresses within your life. I just let my mind explore, and flow with colour and creativity.

The colouring book is such a great way to celebrate your own birthday by colouring in an idols portrait whom is also celebrating their birthday also or a great gift for someone you know.

The Draw Me I’m Famous colouring in book hasn’t a QR code but consisted of 24 very well known idols such as Beyonce, David Bowie, Elvis, Madonna, and John Lennon. Each which can be coloured in, easily cut out, framed and ready to hang on your wall if desired.

So release yourself and get creative with @artistwyland with his colouring books. He has a variety of colouring books with each illustrating a well known idol.

Colouring in is very therapeutic, provides entertainment and reduce stress.

Wearing Wyland art

Whilst colouring in I also wore a pendant designed and made by Wyland which is made from milk, yes MILK!

The pendant comes on a waxed black cotton string. The pendant is made from milk and cubic zirconia. The colours set against a black background, makes for a striking and very different piece of fashion to wear around the neck. Beautiful worn with a low cut blouse or a dress.

All his pendants come in various sizes, shapes, and colours with each being unique. Plus he also sells pendants made from wood.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Wyland colouring in books are different to other colouring books and helped me learn new skills as colouring in does not always have to be about solid in colouring. The books were all were very interesting, but I particularly loved the Color November one as I loved discovering new styles in how to colour, watching how Wyland created each portrait from start to finish via the QR code and discovering which celebrity was celebrating their birthday within the Color November book. He has a book for each month.

Plus I loved the fashionable and very unique pendant he gave me which was certainly different to any I have owned before as it was all organic as made from milk, plus the colours are striking.

Wyland artistic books and pendants are worth checking out if you are looking for something arty but that little different. Release your inner artist.

Perfect as an alternative arty gift for a friend or loved one.

Wyland Tondelier order yours


Colouring in books discover more click here.

COLOR DECEMBER AND KEEP IT IMMORTAL: 31 Iconic and Interactive Portraits
COLOR NOVEMBER AND KEEP IT IMMORTAL: 30 Iconic and Interactive Portraits

Discover more about Wyland Tondelier click here.


Thank you to Wyland for the lovely arty gifts it really did help destress me. All views are my own honest opinion.

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