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It’s nearly Christmas and that means festive celebrations are upon us with parties with friends or family get togethers but with time being a factor thanks to Frank Dale frozen ready made prepared food you can enjoy time with your friends & family with a variety of ready made party canapes, nibbles, quiches and cakes. No need to slave over a stove just take out of the freezer, pop into the oven and serve.

Courtesy of Frank Dale I was gifted some samples of their food from quiches to canapes to taste at home.

Frank Dale

Frank Dale have been producing ready made premium British frozen food suitable for all occasions since 1994 which can be purchased from wholesalers and cash & carry’s.

Frank Dale is the King of Miniatures, who provide top quality restaurant food from frozen miniature gastronomic treats which will instantly perk up any occasion, adding that dash of celebratory pizazz. The range is based on British Classics from scrumptious quiches to gorgeous canapés but with a quirky modern twist on the UK’s traditional favourites. 

Frank Dale products are made by their skilled chefs within a modern and versatile BRC accredited factory. They use the latest technology with more traditional production methods, whilst hand finishing and using British sourced quality ingredients to give that quality unique taste.

All of Frank Dale food range is available across the UK & Europe.

Christmas celebrations early

Frank Dale makes life that little easier with their clear and easy website to their ready made prepared food. There was so much choice but what really took my fancy the most was their classic British quiches and their mini coffee cakes.

All of their food come nicely packed in plastic containers and boxes with easy clear instructions on how to cook them in the oven. It was easy as a, b, c just take out of the box, remove from plastic, place on a baking tray, pop into a preheated oven and then serve.

Being in lockdown it is a little tricky at present to have a party like normal with friends and family but I was not going to let that stop me celebrating my food from Frank Dale. So I donned on my gold glittery dress and my husband put on his tux and we were ready for a party. Popping all the food into the oven, apart from the cakes which just needed defrosting, after around just 10 minutes the food was ready.

Dishing up onto boards like how you would for a real party it was time to tuck in. Plus I gave some to my neighbours who also had their own mini party together within their own home.

Food glorious food

Frank Dale

The 12 Vegan Mini Pie Selection even before baking looked gorgeous each packed with vegetables and made with shortcrust pastry and topped with puff pastry. They came out of the oven crisp and golden and each had a lovely filling. Six were filled with a mushroom, leek and ale which was creamy and earthy and the other six packed with fresh tasting mix of vegetables of swede, carrot and butternut squash.

Frank Dale

The 12 Mini Beef And Horseradish Yorkshire Puddings again before cooking looking beautiful with the beef and horseradish stuffed in the mini yorkies. They came out golden and crisp with a creamy light filling. I loved the yorkies however the horseradish was a little too strong for my liking.

Pure Heavenly Chocolate

The 12 Vibrant Mini Quiche Selection was an array of mini quiches which are made with British free range eggs and come in two varieties, each with a beautiful colour twist.

Six were made with a beetroot shortcrust pastry and filled with cheddar cheese, onion and chives. The other six made with a spinach shortcrust pastry and filled with spinach, red pepper and Greek feta. All so crisp, colourful, tasted so fresh, creamy and packed with flavour.

Frank Dale

This Limited Edition Winter Butternut Squash, Cheddar & Sage Tart is a gorgeous savoury tart which has been made with a shortcrust pastry, filled with butternut squash, crème fraiche and a hint of sage. Then finished with a scattering of mature cheddar and red onion. After 20 minutes I soon had a lovely stone-baked quiche in front of me. It was a true delight, thin, crisp, creamy and packed with flavour.

Frank Dale

These Quiche Lorraine are filled with mature cheddar cheese, oak smoked Suffolk bacon and onion in a rich, creamy free-range egg custard. Even before cooking I was salivating over these beauts. They came out perfectly golden, crisp and the filling was creamy, so creamy it oozed out of the crust when cutting into it. The bacon and cheese really added to the wow factor as the explosion of flavour was intense.

Frank Dale

To end the night we enjoyed 12 Mini Coffee Cakes. Each coffee sponge cake is drizzled with dark chocolate and are filled with a smooth coffee cream. I was amazed after defrosting how gorgeous they were. They seriously did taste so fresh like they had just been made. The sponge was soft and and the coffee flavour was intense, smooth and creamy.

Which took your fancy?


Rating: 4 out of 5.
Frank Dale canapes

All of Frank Dale food comes delivered frozen, within easy boxes to pack into the freezer and easy cooking instructions. With so many different varieties of quiches, canapes, tarts and cakes to choose from Frank Dale saves time and makes celebrations that little easier.

I would highly recommend Frank Dale food if you are looking for food that is fresh tasting, looks great, quick to cook and easy to eat. Party time at the ready!

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Frank Dale food organic, free range, fresh, tasty, and easy.

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Thank you to Frank Dale for the scrummy celebration food. All views are my own honest opinion.

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