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We all love being a little bit rebellious every now and again and have a cheeky sip of wine during the day don’t we? but have you ever had a wine which has CBD within? Rebel Wine is both, wine and CBD, all of which has been naturally infused together and comes within cans, so it can easily be taken with you no matter where you adventure for that naughty tipple when you need it!

Courtesy of Rebel Wine I was gifted a PR sample of their Merlot, Rose, and Sauvignon wine to taste at home I was gifted.

Rebel Wine

Launched late 2020 Rebel Wine hit the UK with a wine which is naturally infused with CBD. There are some wines with CBD in the USA, but Rebel Wine is the first produced in the UK. Rebel Wine is infused with 10mg of naturally occurring CBD, and is the first of its kind, and available in three delicious wine options of an award-winning Rosé, a Sauvignon Blanc and a Merlot. 

“We are delighted to bring Rebel to the market. We  first developed the concept of wine with an infusion of CBD back in 2017 and we are very  excited to launch the first CBD infused wine in the UK. Following many years of tests and  trials to ensure the best quality product is available for the consumer, we have been  working with the highest quality provider of Hemp, organically grown in Colorado.”

Rupert St Aubyn from Rebel Wine

Rebel Wine wines are high quality South African wine and consists of 13% alcohol. The wine is carefully infused with hemp, and contains naturally occurring CBD and then canned. The natural infusion of CBD will enhance the enjoyment and drinking experience and is a natural way to make CBD more enjoyable. All of their wines contain less than 0.2% THC (the active ingredient in cannabis) in line with the EU Regulations. They advise no more than 70mg CBD per day and no more than 3-4 units of wine daily, so no more than 2 cans per day. 

What is CBD? CBD is a natural compound found in hemp, a variety of the species Cannabis Sativa. It has long been prized across the world for its calming properties. Marijuana is a different variety of the same species. The difference between the two is that marijuana typically contains 15% Tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the psychoactive element which gets you high and is illegal in UK. Hemp on the other hand has less than 1%. It is illegal to sell hemp in the UK with more than 0.2% THC, which is why they have removed it before infusion to an even lower level.

Rebel Wine is an easy drinking wine and all come within cans making it perfect to take along on an autumn picnic, or to crack open at home or to take on your travels, when you are in need of that pick me up or when you are feeling that little rebellious as from time to time we all have that sneaky wine craving don’t we?   

Rebel Wine is available to purchase for consumers online at and from various stockists across the UK.

A rebellious tipple

Rebel Wine comes in pretty designed cans and there is a wine suitable for all from Rose, Sauvignon and Merlot each which has been infused with CBD making their wine that little bit more rebellious from other wines. Fear not though as even though their wine contains hemp it won’t get you high as the hemp only contains a tiny amount of THC which is removed before infusion into their wines, so it won’t get you high, make you lose control, affect your memory, make you feel paranoid or increase your appetite.

Cracking open the cans and pouring each into glasses each had a lovely colour with a little cloudiness due to the hemp I assume but fear not as it had no effect on the taste (well perhaps slightly) or smell of the wine. Upon drinking Rebel Wine instead of feeling tired and drowsy like I do when drinking most wine this one left me feeling more chilled and calm I assume because of the small amount of CBD within.

This South African Merlot consists of 100% Merlot with 10mg CBD derived from hemp that comes from Colorado. The colour is a hazy red and upon drinking gave a real smooth and fruity flavour. This wine within the Platter’s Wine Guide 2020 got 3.5 stars.

The South African Rosé consists of 85% Merlot and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon with 10mg CBD. The colour is a lovely pale smoky pink upon drinking it was a refreshing fruity and crisp wine. A very summery wine. This year 2020 it won Gold Award at the Rose Rocks and I can see why.

Finally their South African Sauvignon Blanc which is made with 100% Sauvignon Blanc and has that added 10mg CBD. The colour is a lovely cloudy white and has notes of citrus, and gooseberry making it a sharp and refreshing wine. Very clean on the palette.

My favourite was the Rose.
Which wine takes your fancy?


Rating: 4 out of 5.

All of their wines are top quality South African wines which comes beautifully stored within handy mini size cans that can easily fit in any bag so you can be cheeky and have a wine wherever you are.

The wine itself once pouring into glasses looked pretty with the hazy colour and tasted refreshing and giving me that calmness feeling after due to the hemp used within, I assume. The only one criticism is that I could taste the hemp slightly but my husband couldn’t so it depends on how sensitive your taste buds are but nerveless the wine did have a nice taste.

I highly recommend this wine if you are a wine lover and looking for that something different or a wine to easily travel with. Rebel Wine is also a great gift idea for this Christmas or for a birthday present as its a wine that your friends or family would never expect. Maybe even take a few cans along to the next party you go along to, instead of a bottle of wine, go on be rebellious and get the party talking with your choice of wine.

Rebel Wine order now

Rebel Wine
71 Vernham Row
Vernham Dean
SP11 0LH

Tel: 01264 737770

Rebel Wine vegan wine with CBD for that extra rebellious drinkie.

Order from either:
Merlot – 200ml can of Merlot
Rosé – 200ml can of Rosé
Sauvignon Blanc – 200ml can of White

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Discover more about their environmental procedures click here.
Learn more about the CBD within Rebel Wine click here.

NOTE: It is not recommended to drink this wine if you are on certain medication, pregnant or breast feeding.

Thank you to Rebel Wine for the wines. All views are my own honest opinion.

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