NOVELTEA a cheeky tipple, leave a cuppa out for Santa this Christmas Eve

I love tea, but I also love a drink so when I discovered NOVELTEA my eyes lit up as it is tea and alcohol blended together. There’s a variety of reasons why I and others choose to drink tea or alcohol and that is a way to relax after a hard day’s work, socialise with friends or to relieve anxiety issues. Thanks to NOVELTEA I can now enjoy my favourite drinks perfectly blended together.

Courtesy of NOVELTEA I was gifted a bottle of their festive ‘Celebration’ tea with spiced Whiskey.


Founded in 2016 Lukas and Vincent brought to the world NOVELTEA blended with alcohol. Their success was so immediate, and the feedback very positive, that they knew they needed to get their alcoholic teas in front of as many tea lovers as possible as quickly as possible. So they pitched it to BBC’s Dragons Den and launched in China.

Since winning Dragons Den they have been bringing out new flavours, growing worldwide, and getting recognition winning many awards.

NOVELTEA how it’s crafted

NOVELTEA is made from high grade loose tea leaves from around the world. It is then distilled with one of these spirits gin from Great Britain, whisky from the Scottish Highlands or White Rum from the Caribbean. After that their tea is then cold brewed with botanicals and fruits for up to 8 hours to extract a fuller, more rounded flavour. Once the colour, smell, body, flavour and most importantly the balance of tea and spirit met their high expectations, small batches of NOVELTEA are then produced. Each batch which is produced is unique due to the tea itself and natural botanicals used within. Then it is shipped from their warehouses all over the world!

A tea tipple

I love a drink or two during the week but I crave tea more when I come home so when I discovered about NOVELTEA unique blend of tea and alcohol my eyes lit up. As now instead of thinking shall I have an alcoholic beverage or shall I have a cup of tea, now I can have both in one!

Tea and alcohol might seem like an unlikely combination, but when it’s done right, it is really tasty. Did you know that the Irish have been putting whiskey in their coffees for more than half a century? so it’s great to discover tea which comes blended with alcohol.

As we are heading into colder months with Christmas around the corner their Celebrate drink is perfect as it is packed with festive spices making it perfect for those colder nights and as a festive tipple.

Celebrate is NOVELTEA very first limited edition blend which is blended with the finest Scotch Whisky with a full bodied loose leaf black tea and then it is infused with winter spices of cloves, cardamom and cinnamon with a vanilla undertone.

NOVELTEA alcoholic tea

Their bottle of Celebrate to me is like Christmas in a glass with it’s festive spices. I enjoyed both ways over ice and warmed up and each tasted as equally as good, but warmed up was my favourite as it really brought out the smells of the spices and warmed up my cockles.

Check out all their serving suggestions for Celebrate and their other acholic teas via clicking here.

In fact Celebrate is the perfect tipple for Santa as he does love a tipple himself and loves his tea so here’s one for you Santa.

Dear Santa,
It is less than a month till Christmas and I hope you and your reindeers when you travel this Christmas Eve that you will be safe, wear a mask and gloves as I would hate for you to go down ill and miss my treat platter. There will be a glass of award winning NOVELTEA waiting for you, gingerbread biscuits and a carrot for Rudolph.
Merry Christmas.

Celebrate a great alternate to Mulled Wine.

NOVELTEA also has a range of other tea blends from Gin to Rum.

Which tea blend appeals to you the most one with Whisky, Gin or Rum drinker?


Rating: 5 out of 5.

NOVELTEA is a dream come true, tea and alcohol which has perfectly being blended together what’s not to love.

Celebrate is the perfect blend of tea, alcohol and spices making it a very warming cuppa of adult tea. It not only looked lovely and golden, but had lovely aromas making me think of festive celebrations that are upon us and the taste to me was Christmas in a cup.

So if you are searching for a Christmas tipple or gift then search no further as Celebrate by NOVELTEA is the perfect warming alcoholic tea to enjoy this winter. It is a very heart warming whisky full of spices. Say goodbye to Mulled Wine and English Tea and hello to Celebrate as it is the time of year to be jolly and celebrate after all.

NOVELTEA order yours

Contact NOVELTEA click here.

Purchase via NOVELTEA website

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The Tale of Moroccan Mint
The Tale of oolong
Trio Gift Set

OR buy from selected stores across the globe. Click here to discover a store locally near you who sell NOVELTEA.

Thank you to NOVELTEA for the very adult tea which was festive and delicious. All views are my own honest opinion.

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