Project Avatar avoid Chickman

Project Avatar is a unique first person game in which you guide your way through rooms of a Magic Pawn store avoiding Chickman the owner. Become the hero of the game Avatar. Avatar is a time traveller from a parallel world. The task is simple to direct the Avatar with voice commands, explore abandoned locations, solve puzzles, and complete the mission. Only one thing stands between Avatar getting home and that is Chickman.

Courtesy of Project Avatar I was gifted to play their game along with some of my friends. Boldness and determination was required to get Avatar back to his world.

Project Avatar

Project Avatar is a unique first person game which is played online.
It is a hybrid of escape room, video game and performance rolled into one. Players become the hero of the game whilst they help Avatar in real time, in real life. Avatar is a silent traveller from another world. The task is to direct the Avatar with voice commands, explore, solve puzzles, and complete the mission. There is only a baseline scenario and the storyline depends on players’ actions.

Project Avatar escape rooms have been inspired by science fiction writer Stanislav Lema and several series such as Black Mirror, Death & Robots and Love. As a result they created a livestream escape adventure that is a revolution in the games world. There is no other game like it in the entertainment market.

Avoiding Chickman

Chickman is an enemy of Avatar and thus it was up to me and my friends to help Avatar solve puzzles and avoid Chickman.

Not an ordinary mission me and my friends helped lead Avatar through the Magic Pawn ship to grab artefacts to be able to get him home as his airduckter is broken. However seeking the artefacts was not going to be that easy with Chickman the Magic Pawn shop owner gunning for Avatar. Collecting artefacts and coins on the way we could craft more artefacts to help Avatar return home.

With 60 minutes to escape and 3 lives it was up to us to guide Avatar with crucial decisions at every corner. If you do start to run out of life’s due to wrong decisions or being caught by Chickman extra life’s can be gained by playing a shell game. Luckily we did not need to as we only ever lost 1 life. Each room throughout the game has different challenges.

  • blue (search rooms)
  • yellow (search rooms)
  • red (search rooms)
  • bronze colour (solve riddles and puzzles)
  • crafting room to craft artefacts

Within the crafting room you can craft artefacts. To craft an artefact you have to get an Avatar to place all the elements in the special matrix in the correct position. Collect as many items for crafting as possible. Each crafting of artefacts takes around 3-5 minutes but you can craft several artefacts or keys at the same time.

Just make sure to follow these simple rules

  • Rule 1 – DO NOT GET CAUGHT BY CHICKMAN vandalizing or destroying things…as this is his Magic Pawn store after all! If he catches you destroying things you will loose a point.
  • Rule 2 – for any hints Uyta Duck will advise you and provide hints along the way if you ask.

I loved the thrill and jumps throughout the game when Chickman appears but what really appealed to me was seeking coins, and making artefacts as well as Avatar’s comical moments when he starts to go rogue and play with items he finds. In our game he played the drums, and even had a go at DJing giving us plenty of wonderful tunes to party to.

When you feel you have enough coins and things to craft to make artefacts to trade for rewards and fix his ship say loudly “Avatar – go to Utya Duck” !!! You need to collect or craft at least 1000 artefact coins!

We ended getting a really good score of 2300 coins which helped Avatar get home. Project Avatar is a very fun game, not too much thinking required but plenty of puzzles and things to collect to craft artefacts.

My friends reviews

“Much better than I expected. It’s a really fun team game, with lots of artefacts to search for and puzzles to solve. It feels like a video game, but with a life avatar, who is very funny too, and gives you hints along the way. The videos are hilarious and soundtrack is very good too. Not sure if we got a high score at the end, but really enjoyed this! A very different type of video/escape room game.”


“I had a fun evening playing Project Avatar: Episode Stalker. It is a wacky combination (involving a chicken and a duck) of real and online escape room. With a video game influence, music video interludes and even a hint of Knightmare, for those old enough to remember the tv show! The game is played over zoom where give instructions to your ‘avatar’ who is running around a real building doing your bidding. You have to solves puzzles to unlock rooms and prize chests collecting objects along the way. Once you have solved all the puzzles, you make artefacts that give you points all with a 60 minute time limit. Your final points score puts you on a leaderboard. It’s a lot of fun. The building is much bigger than the confines of a normal escape room. There are also some objects that would be deemed too dangerous to leave for for punters to play with in a real escape room. Allowing some new and interesting ways to solve problems. Overall a fun night and I found this much easier to get the hang of than other online escape rooms. Tip: make sure to ‘pin’ the ‘avatar’ screen on zoom. Also view on largest screen you can”



Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you don’t like being locked in an escape room this online video game controlling Avatar around a Pawn store was so much fun and a unique way to enjoy a game with friends who live in a different house.

I have played a few other standard type escape rooms online guiding a human around saying pick up this, open the door etc but this one was so much fun in fact my BEST EVER. It is not like other escape rooms just solving puzzles but stealthing is involved to avoid Chickman and crafting artefacts to help get Avatar back home. Plus the more artefacts you craft the higher your score which if high enough will be added to the leader board, could you end up being better than other adventurers?

Think Knightmare, puzzles and danger!

Project Avatar book now

Sole Propietor Nataliya Tarkhanova
Ukraine Lviv 79000
6/7 Konuskogo str.

Book Stalker – 1 hour @ €100.00per up to 4 players you can add up to +6 players to your team for additional cost.

Book Battle – Battle mode 1 hour 30 minutes @ €400.00 up to 20 players

Thanks to Project Avatar for a fun mission like no other. All views are my own honest opinion.

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