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Happiness in life is to love and be loved and what way to show the person who you love with an Eternity Rose Heart Box by Chapter Love.

Roses are the symbol for love so this Christmas, Valentines Day or any day show the one you love them by presenting them with a love box by Chapter Love. Be it a token of love or even a proposal your partner will be blown away with Chapter Love’s beautifully displayed roses, which keeps for up to 5 years.

Courtesy of Chapter Love I was lovingly gifted a large Eternity Heart Box full of roses to brighten up my home.

Chapter Love

Chapter Love wanted to bring to the world a gift like no other for romantics so they came up with roses in a box which can be kept for up to 5 years.

The team at Chapter Love are truly passionate about finding that perfect present to gift your loved ones. Each of their products have been lovingly made using the highest quality material and prettiest perfect roses.

Roses are renowned for their beauty and is the world wide symbol for love but fresh roses usually only last for about 7 days but with Chapter Love they can last up to 5 years! Plus there is no need to cut the stems and thorns off, no need to put in water or a vase and no need to add flower food as they are all beautifully fixed in place in their beautiful display boxes making them perfect for a table display for many years to come.

Eternity roses are real roses which are beautifully presented in diamond-cut heart-shaped boxes.

The Video Love Boxes contain real roses which come in a beautiful box, which has a draw to keep those treasured moments and has a screen to record a romantic message. Just upload your favourite short clips to the box. Plus the Video Love Box also comes complete with luxurious scented soap roses to up the romance.

All of Chapter Love roses are grown in garden factories, that have been preserved through a drying process. The colour of the roses are then taken out and then re-coloured with natural dyes. The process preserves the roses and they can last for up to 3 to 5 years, if kept in good conditions. The roses are also scented with elegant rose oil as the roses lose their scent during the preservation process. No thorns, no need to put in water or a vase and no need to add flower food! Plus there is no pollen.

Romance in a box

Looking through Chapter Love Eternity Box selection they sell different sizes from small (12 roses) to big (24 roses). The heart boxes come in a range of colours from Snow White, Pretty in Pink & Ebony. The roses also come in red or pink. Even though pink is my favourite colour I opted for red as red is tradition after all when you are buying roses for someone you love. Plus I chose an Ebony box to bring out the colour of the red more.

Upon receiving I was highly impressed as the roses come in a very sturdy heart box. Taking the lid off I was immediately hit by the smell of roses. The roses are all beautifully packed within the heart, striking with the display of the big red roses. What makes these roses even more special though is that they can be kept for up to 5 years and no need to rearrange in a vase as they stay within the box which can be beautifully used to display on your dining table or anywhere in your house. A very romantic gift and a great talking point.  Plus when the roses have passed their time the box provides a lovely storage box.

They also sell their roses in Video Love Boxes which come with roses and an area to keep treasures plus a video screen to record your very own romantic message.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I highly recommend Chapter Love as their gifts are ever so romantic and so unique. The heart boxes are so pretty and can easily be displayed open showing the flowers or even closed and placed literally anywhere within your house making it pretty and every time you look at it you’ll be able to remember back when your loved one presented you with them. Plus a real talking point when your friends or family pop over.

When displaying just be sure to keep away from damp areas, direct sunlight and heat sources as to keep the roses looking as beautiful as ever! I think it would be great if Chapter Love in the future sell a plastic heart lid so if you wanted to protect the roses from dust but still wanted to be able to see them this would be a great idea.

Chapter Love rose boxes are perfect if you are looking for that unique gift for someone you love in your life. Perfect as a Valentines gift, for a proposal or just a gift in general to say to someone you love that you love them.

So forget the traditional bunch of roses say “I love you” or “will you marry me” with Chapter Love unique boxes.

Chapter Love order yours

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Roses that can be kept for up to 5 years.

Video Love Boxes start from £89.99 which come with preserved roses, scented rose soaps and a video upload area to record a personal message for your loved one.

Eternity Rose Heart Boxes start from £104.99 they come with beautiful preserved roses.

Plus they sell Pop Up Cards which start from £9.99 an elegant romantic card to present to your loved one.

Who would you gift an Eternity Rose Heart Box to?

Thanks to Chapter Love for the most loveliest romantic gift of all time. All views are my own honest opinion.

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