Hawkes cider apple of my eye

Hawkes cider is the apple of my eye as their ciders are truly the best.

Cider is an alcoholic beverage which is made from fermented juice from apples. The addition of sugar or extra fruit before a second fermentation increases the ethanol content of the resulting beverage. In UK law, cider must contain at least 35% apple juice (fresh or from concentrate).

Cider is drank around the world but did you know that the UK has the world’s highest per capita consumption, as well as the largest cider producing companies?

Courtesy of Hawkes I was gifted their new Limited Edition Winter Spice Cider along with some of their other produced ciders and a Beanie Hat.


Simon Chief Hawker of Hawkes cider brings to London the first of it’s kind, pushing the boundaries of modern cider in a unique and challenging environment.

Their newly installed barrel aging facility and the ability to bottle and bag their ciders on site, allowing them to push new and exciting styles year round.

Roberto, is the lead Chief Cider Maker, who leads and produces Hawkes full range of craft ciders on-site from washing the apples, sorting, grinding, pressing, settling, racking, fermentation, filtration, then bottled, boxed or kegged, packed and delivered.

Their cider is the apple to my eye

Receiving Hawkes cider I was excited to taste their newest Limited Edition festive cider Winter Spice which came within a 3 litre box. Plus I received a few of their other ciders that came within cans.

Hawkes apple to my eye

Before tasting the lovely ciders it was on with my lovely comfy Hawkes specially designed ribbed beanie hat which is made out of 100% organic cotton and beautifully embroidered with their logo. Perfect for the colder nights keeping my head warm.

Hawkes Limited Edition Winter Spice Cider ABV 4% comes in a plastic bag which holds 3 litres of cider within a lovely box to hold the bag and make it easy to dispense.

It has a lovely cloudy golden colour to it, upon smelling I am hit with aromas of apples and cloves. The taste is a wonder of spice with a kick of cinnamon and cloves.

A lovely sweet cider made with Braeburn and Gala apples resulting in a lovely smooth drinking cider. Perfect enjoyed cold or hot as a mulled cider.

As for the cider in the cans I got to enjoy Dead & Berried, Urban Orchard, and Designated Cider.

The Dead & Berried ABV 4% cider is a medium dry cider.

Pouring out it resulted in a lovely red ale. It gave a lovely froth and aroma of fruit. It tasted smooth packed and fruity. A little like blackcurrant.

This cider is made from strawberry, raspberry and blueberry. Smooth bodied with a textured palate and a natural delicate sweetness.

The Urban Orchard ABV 4.5% is a craft back medium dry cider.

A golden cider which is smooth textured cider and results in a crisp, dry and refreshing drink.

This cider is made from country apples.

Designated Cider ABV 0.5% is alcohol free.

Golden in colour this cider is packed with apple flavour a little like a flat appletiser in taste but very smooth and refreshing.

The cider starts it’s epic journey as a juice. It is then fermented to produce a crisp and juicy cider.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

All of the Hawkes ciders I tasted all were so good. Tasty and refreshing but I must admit their winter limited edition Winter Spice Cider really stood out. The taste is so festive packed with apple, spice, cloves and cinnamon. It is so good in fact I and my husband got through the two boxes we were gifted in a few days so we went ahead and bought some more. Their Winter Spice Cider is the apple to our eyes.

I highly recommend if you love cider as you won’t be disappointed.

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Thanks to Hawkes for the lovely cider. All views are my own honest opinion.

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