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Have you a wacky business idea which is rolling around in your head? yes then how about facing Lord Apprentice to see if he thinks you are worthy of hiring or firing!

Just like the popular television show The Apprentice BUCKBUCK GAMES gives people a fun quirky alternative in to present your wacky idea be it PPE masks to protect an elephant or a finger for a nose to make selfies easier, no matter how bizarre your idea is Lord Apprentice wants to hear it! Question is will you get hired or fired? with just one spot to be the Lords Apprentice for just ONE night will you be up for the challenge? Question is will you get HIRED or FIRED?


BUCKBUCK GAMES have been designing and running unique immersive experiences since 2014. Their story writers, actors, puzzle designers, model makers and art directors all work towards one goal and that is fun.

During the pandemic they are hosting numerous games which can be played online with friends and strangers.

Big Quiz of Utter Nonsense – Described as cards against humanity meets cranium meets shooting stars. Draw and laugh your way to victory!

The Lord’s Apprentice – Take on live team tasks to appease Lord Sugarplums in the game that means business! Think The Apprentice and Dragons Den but a wacky version.

Questiny – From the creator of the hit show Knightmare Live comes an all new team adventure.

Bantzquesty – Your team mission is to get your club banger played by DJ Megabantz in the nightclub of your dreams! Can you haggle your way into the club and get your favourite tune played?

White Rabbit Hole – Trip into a whole new mystery adventure with Drink me team challenges! Think of being trapped in a land full of wacky characters solving puzzles and finding keys.

I want to be HIRED Lord Sugarplum

Taking on The Lord’s Apprentice I headed into the board room to meet Lord Sugarplum to pitch my ideas to become his new apprentice for the night but with others eager for the role there was much competition.

Competing against others in order to prove my worthiness I undertook tasks in coming up with fun wacky ideas fast. Lord Sugarplum who is not related to Alan Sugar but thinks he is much better challenges us all on the night to come up with a variety of unique ideas from a new ride for a theme park designed for sloths, entertainment for penguins to enjoy whilst on the moon, and a special pie which Superheroes might love to munch on at a party.

I and my fellow contenders before heading into the board room with Lord Sugarplum we were greeted by his Minion (apprentice) for an induction. Once we headed in and met Lord Sugarplum we was then presented with numerous tasks to come up with business ideas. Placed into teams we headed into our own private rooms to discuss ideas but with just five minutes for each task to come up with an idea and pitch the challenge was on. With each new business idea we had just one minute to pitch to Lord Sugarplum. Points are scored on teams ideas and pitch performance.

However beware though as throughout the 90 minutes with Lord Sugarplum your crafty fellow rivals might backstab you to claim credit for your brilliant ideas.

I came up with a variety of ideas for each task from

  • Theme park for sloth – a chair that slowly goes up a tree to get the sloth to the top which he then will be able to enjoy a variety of candy
  • Entertainment for penguins on Mars – pools set within craters on the moon along with Moon Fish Smoothies for penguins but they can only enjoy this experience and flown to space if they find the golden ticket in a Penguin bar
  • Pies for superheroes – pies filled with a mystery ingredient which will give a superhero a special power which they don’t have to enjoy for five minutes, little similar to a magic mushroom brownie but pie form with ultimate special effects

Lord Sugarplum loved my ideas and my team mates even tried to claim them as their own…. so I had to be strong and fight my corner!

I made it all the way to the end and competed against several others which we each had a quick fire shootout presenting Lord Sugarplum with a variety of ideas to prove to him that we had what it takes to be his new apprentice. Unfortunately I never was hired as he went for a new chocolate spread which he could run on his bald head to give him hair. I still reckon my extra long strap on finger for a nose to help with selfies was a much better idea, but hey no arguing with Lord Sugarplums decision as he is a Lord of wackiness after all.

There can be only one Lord’s Apprentice! Question is though are you up for the challenge? Have you a head full of quirky ideas? and most IMPORTANTLY are you the right employee for Lord Sugarplum?


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Quick thinking, teamwork, and pitches galore this is a fun job interview, sorry I mean to become Lord Sugarplum new apprentice. This game really was fun and quirky and yet challenging. It has a perfect combination of fun, engagement, socialising and creativity.

The strangers I hooked up with on the night were all as entertaining as Lord Sugarplum even though they were all conniving and out for the role of being Lord Sugarplums apprentice this game was hilarious.

I loved that each of Lord Sugarplums requests were all so bizarre and how throughout we were shifted around and so discussed ideas with a variety of strangers or should I say eager employees. Really fun, full of laughs and some backstabbing. A great mick take on popular television show The Apprentice.

Highly recommend 100% BOOK now and see if you have what it takes to take on others and become Lord Sugarplum new apprentice!

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Big Quiz of Utter Nonsense
The Lord’s Apprentice
White Rabbit Hole

Exclusive discount of 10% for NHS, care workers, school teachers, artists and unwaged. Extra players may be added after booking. Extra hosts available.

Thank you to BUCKBUCK GAMES for a fun interview, sorry I mean game, it was so entertaining. All views are my own honest opinion.

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