Fromage a Vous cheese of love

Do you love discovering different types of cheeses? Yes, then how would you like to be surprised with a variety of cheeses per month by Homage to Fromage which is delivered directly to your home.

Courtesy of Fromage a Vous (originally Homage to Fromage) I had the pleasure of enjoying one of their cheese boxes and discovered some new tasting cheeses, crispbreads by Peter’s Yard and chilli jam.

Fromage a Vous

Fromage a Vous are a small family run business set up in Tooting, London. They are passionate about fine cheese and they wanted to present to people the love of their favourite cheeses which they admire and love.

Currently they do not have a website but check out their Instagram and orders can be made via emailing them at

Taste of cheese

Did you know that there are over a thousand types of cheese which exist over the world? Cheese is a dairy product which is made from milk and produced in a wide range of textures, flavours depending on the origin of milk, diet of animal, where it is pasteurised, and process. All cheeses comprise of proteins and fat, and usually come from cows, goat, buffalo or sheep. Some cheeses have aromatic moulds on the rind, the outer layer, or throughout. Cheese can be enjoyed cold or even hot.

As there is a wide choice of cheese out there to choose from it can be a bit of a dilemma from which one to choose when scouring the supermarket shelfs, deli or market stalls. Homage to Fromage takes away this dilemma by providing boxes full of deluxe fine cheeses which you can discover and taste at home.

Homage 2 Fromage Cheese

All of Fromage a Vous cheeses come neatly packaged within a brown cardboard box which is beautifully tied with string and a tag. Upon opening I was excited to discover what cheeses I will be eating, crispbreads and chutney.

Homage 2 Fromage Cheese

The cheeses within the box were some Camembert Fermier, Oolomityco, and Ubriaco Classico.

Homage 2 Fromage Cheese

Camembert Fermier – Normandy, France

Homage 2 Fromage Cheese

This is a brie farmhouse cheese. This cheese is made within the last remaining farm in the village of Camembert. It is encased in white rind and has a rich buttery flavour. Fromage a Vous recommend in baking with their chilli jam which worked beautifully along with some walnuts. I cut horizontally and spread the jam and some chopped walnuts within then placed back in the Camembert box and spread some more ham and nuts on top before popping into a preheated over at 180c for 10 minutes. Dipping some crusty bread within the Camembert it oozed with the melted cheese and the chilli jam gave it that extra heat.

Homage 2 Fromage Cheese

Dolomitco – Italy

Homage 2 Fromage Cheese

This is a cheese which is made from milk from pasteurised cows. It is a light veined blue cheese reigned with Dolomitco red beer. It is a firm, and creamy cheese with a slight double malt beer taste. Now I don’t usually like blue cheese but I must admit I did like this one as it was not as strong in taste to others I have had in the past.

Ubriaco Classico – Italy

Homage 2 Fromage Cheese

This cheese is made from semi hard pasteurised cows milk which is then refined in Raboso red wine. This is a hard type of cheese and has aromas of wild blackberries and cherry. The taste is little like cheddar cheese and has a gentle taste of tangy fruit.

Homage 2 Fromage Cheese

I enjoyed Original Sourdough and Spelt & Fig Sourdough which Peter’s Yard makes along with the cheeses.

Plus I paired along with the cheese some light beer by Friendship Adventure as beer always works so well with cheese.

Which cheese took your fancy?


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Fromage a Vous was a cheese delight. I was highly impressed by the packaging and the selection of cheeses within.

All the cheeses I got and tried were a delight. Even though I have had Camembert before I was still excited by it as I have never had it with chilli jam before so it gave it a unique twist, and the other cheeses were all so delicious and different.

Homage 2 Fromage

I highly recommend ordering a box of cheeses from Homage to Fromage if you are like me and never can decided which cheese to buy when out buying cheese. Also great as a gift for a cheese lover in your life.

Fromage a Vous order your cheese now

Fromage a Vous

Regular box £35
Includes 3 cheeses weight approx. 600g

Large box £45
Includes 5 cheeses weight approx. 1k

Both boxes includes a selection of crispbreads by Peter’s Yard and a small jar of chutney.

Presently Fromage a Vous has a Cheemas box available to pre-order in time for Christmas.

It contains a selection of cheeses from home and abroad to help you celebrate the festive season.

Brie De Meaux – Íle De France, France
A soft, velvety texture with a tender bloomy rind. An absolute classic cheese, the taste is complex, rounded and soothing.

Keen’s Cheddar – Somerset, England
Farmhouse-made and full-flavoured, with a nutty fruit tang and a rich vigorous taste.

Ubriaco di Prosecco – Veneto, Italy
This cow’s milk cheese has fresh and floral notes which combine perfectly with the delicate flavour and are enhanced by hints of citrus fruit and green apple.

Blu ’61 – Treviso, Italy
Topped with cranberries, the excitement of this blue cheese really comes from the union of the spicy moulds and the Raboso Passito wine with its hints of Marasca Cherries in which it has been macerated.

Etoile de Gatine – Poitou-Charentes, France
Shaped like a perfect star, this goat’s cheese has a thin, natural rind and a lovely fudgy consistency. Mild and clean with a lactic tang.

As well as a variety of cheeses from La Fromagerie UK and Drunk Cheese the box also includes a selection of crispbreads from Peter’s Yard and a small jar of Winter Spiced Plum & Apple chutney from Kimmys Chutney Co.

Thank you to Fromage a Vous for the lovely tasting cheese. All views are my own honest opinion.

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