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Covid 19 has put a halt to many hospitality industries but sadly the biggest hit by the pandemic are those who host supperclubs as supperclubs are an intimate way to meet new people and discover new food. They are usually held within the chefs house or in a privately hired venue. However with social distancing in place and rules of no more than six and no mixing of households this has become very difficult.

Aidan of Eleven98 produces a variety of dishes from using food foraged within which he brings to his tables. With the pandemic putting a halt to him hosting his usual dining experiences he wanted to bring a creative and socialise way to enjoy food within your own kitchen so he decided to make and sell online his own special home grown Hackney herb oils all of which come with a recipe suggestion leaflet in which food can be paired with the oils. As well as his oils he is also selling online for home delivery his unique signature truffles which he is famous for at his supperclubs.

I was kindly gifted a box courtesy of Aidan of his oils, salts and infamous truffles to try at home.


Aidan Brooks chef of Eleven98 hosts self funded immersive social fine dining experiences throughout the year.  It is a way for him to showcase the incredible produce which is either foraged, grown or sourced within the London Borough of Hackney.

He loves hosting dining experiences within London showing people that you can easily cook local and with foraged produce.  He loves to showcase the incredible food which can be foraged, grown and which can be sourced locally within his home town Hackney.


A little story from Aidan

“My mum has always been a militant recycler. As a kid, on many an occasion I’d find myself with one arm submerged in egg shells and other culinary gloop, after being ordered to dig whatever plastic container I’d tossed in there out of the food waste bin and into the appropriate recycling box. I guess lessons like that stick with you, and they’re probably the reason why I’ve grown into a similarly ardent recycler as an adult. Sustainability and environmental mindfulness have become something that’s incredibly important to me, and they play a big part in the way I live my life. So when I started planning to set up my own business, I knew that ethos would undoubtedly be reflected in the way I’d go about things.”

Throughout the year he holds a variety of pop up dining experiences and even private events where gives a personalised dining experience. Aidan can offer various menu sizes, from a signature six course tasting menu, a simpler four or five course dinner or an extravagant nine course degustation.

Presently whilst he can not host any dining experiences, he is selling his infamous truffled dark chocolate truffles online as well as his Hackney grown herb oils and salts. All of which are created using organically cultivated or foraged food from the London Borough of Hackney.

All are available for purchase from his online shop for mail order or collect from his place in Shoreditch.

Sprinkle here, sprinkle there

Upon receiving the box of oils I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of oils and salts within the box. All the three oils came in a brown box tied with string and stored in cute little brown bottles with a cork and each clearly labelled. The three salts came in little tubs. Plus a handy tip guide on what to use the oils and salts with came provided. The truffles in a little brown box.


Elevate your food or drink

A suggested leaflet came provided on how to pair the oils if you are stuck for any ideas.

Eleven98 Sorrel Oil & Tomato Vine Salt

Sorrel Oil – Provided citrus notes which worked beautifully within a salad.

Eleven98 Basil Oil & Tomato Vine Salt

Basil Oil – This oil worked beautifully over a simple tomato bruschetta which I used tomatoes, mozzarella and basil within. The oil gave it that extra intense flavour of basil and the tomato salt that extra kick.

Eleven98 Basil Oil & Tomato Vine Salt

Tomato Vine Salt – Worked beautifully on the tomatoes within my salad and bruschetta bringing out the flavours of the tomato, a real punch.

Sage Salt – Made from wild sage which he foraged within Hackney gave my roasted butternut squash that extra herby flavour.

Chive Salt – Aidan recommends using this chive salt with any onion, shallot or leek dish. Not yet tried.

Celery Leaf Oil – I used this oil to drizzle into my bloody Mary which gave it a hit of celery taking it to the next level.

All the oils and salts are made from cultivated and foraged herbs from within Hackney giving it that wow factor. I loved drizzling this over the oils and sprinkling the salts over my dishes. The colour and smell along with the unique tastes elevated the simplest of meals.

Truffles – Slightly squashed in transit these truffles still were just as fresh as the ones I tasted back when I attended his suppeclub many many months back. They are balls of delight. Think bitter cocoa, white chocolate a porcini. As they are balls covered with cocoa, filled with a creamy ganache and infused with premium white truffle oil. It is so unique, however be warned it has a strong taste of mushroom so if you are not a lover of truffle mushrooms then you might not enjoy it.


All of the oils and salts were a real delight which really did elevate all the food I drizzled and sprinkled them on. Plus the truffles were a real dessert treat or should I say savoury treat with a difference.

So if you are seeking oils or salts with a difference which aren’t manufactory processed or come from foreign countries then Aidan’s home grown oils are a must as they really have the wow factor.

Eleven98 order yours now

Aidan Brooks
Chef and hose of fine dining experiences within Hackney

Email aidan@eleven98hackney.com
Telephone: +44 7538 046 604 

Eleven98 Gift Vouchers £66.00
Eleven98 Hand Sanitiser 50ml £6.00
Eleven98 Herb Oils & Salts Gift Box £25.00
Eleven98 Herb Oils Gift Box £15.00
Eleven98 Herb Salts Gift Box £10.00
Eleven98 Truffled truffles £6.00

Thank you Aidan of Eleven98 for the delicious oils, salts and truffles which really did get my tastebuds dancing. All views are my own honest opinion.

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