Stormtrooper beer not in a galaxy far far away

I’ve been waiting for you, Stormtrooper beer! to keep my faith alive during lockdown feeling like I am in living in a new world full of danger and uncertainty Stormtrooper beer came to the rescue. Thankfully I did not have to wait light years as Vocation Brewery is based on Earth within Hebden Bridge, not far far away.

I was gifted a few PR samples of their Stormtrooper beer on a courtesy basis to enjoy within my home which were all out of this world.

Stormtrooper beer

Stormtrooper beer is brewed within an award-winning Vocation Brewery in Hebden Bridge.

They brew imperial ales to imperious lagers, all of which are exclusively produced by an elite garrison of hop shock troops, stationed at Vocation Brewery. Vocation Brewery is one of the UK’s leading craft breweries, who produce beers which is focussed on American hops and fruity tropical flavours.

All the Stormtrooper beers come with the iconic design of Stormtroopers armour which was designed by Shepperton Design Studio’s Andrew Ainsworth.

Beer not far far away

Did you know that beer is one of the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drinks in the world? Beer is brewed generally from hops such as cereal grains, malted barley, wheat or maize. All of which are then distributed in bottles or cans or on draught for pubs and bars.

Stormtrooper Beer

Having tried many beers in my life I was excited by Stormtrooper beers. The cans and bottles come labelled with images of Stormtroopers making this beer perfect for all us geeks and fans of Star Wars.


I was gifted three iconic cans from Stormtrooper beers each which have a design of a stormtrooper upon.

The Sourceror Ltd and award-winning Vocation Brewery, Original Stormtrooper Beer are officially licensed from Shepperton Design Studios. Products developed under the licence are based on the actual moulds produced by Andrew Ainsworth, using vacuum forming technology, to make the iconic helmets and costumes back in 1976.

Cracking open the cans of beer I sat back and watched the classic movie Star Wars taking my mind far far away.

Stormtrooper Beer

S.N.I.P.A. is a India Pale ale (ABV: 4.4%) which once poured produces a pale golden yellow drink, It is made from US West Coast hops of Citra Cryo, Citra BBC and Simcoe which produced a full boded, refreshing fruity beer, with aromas of many sweet citrussy fruits.

Stormtrooper Beer

Lightspeed Pilsner (ABV: 5%) once poured produced a lovely golden beer. It is made from US hops of Cascade, Centennial, Chinook. A very refreshing lager with a subtle maltiness to it followed by a gentle bitterness, with hits of citrus.

Stormtrooper Beer

Galactic Pale Ale (ABV: 4.8%) once poured gives a pale golden crisp looking beer. It is made from US Magnum, Citra BBC and Simcoe. It is a light tasting beer with a slight bitterness and subtle flavours of mango and citrussy fruit.

They also sell a darker side beer being Shadow Stout which has an image of Darth Vader on it. I never got to try this one but read that it is dark, robust, rich and an aromatic stout with vanilla and coffee notes.

Stormtrooper Beer

Apart from the cans I also was gifted some of their beer which have been bottled and came with an iconic glass to pour within. Makes for a perfect gift.

The Force is Strong With These Beers

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Stormtrooper beer is all made within the UK but from hops from the US which produces fresh, tasting and fruity beers. In fact their beer are some of the best beers I have ever had. I love how their beer comes in cans or bottles and each having a different design of Stormtroopers. All gave a lovely golden flow of beer along with great fruity malty taste.

Stormtrooper Beer

Their beer is perfect enjoyed at home, even better when sipping and watching a Star Wars movie but with it being nearly Christmas Stormtrooper beer is the perfect present for those geeks in your life who loves Star Wars and beer.

Stormtrooper Beer

Vocation Brewery
Hebden Bridge

Beer made from US hops

Beer Packs and Gifts
Official Merchandise

Thank you to Stormtrooper beer for the refreshing fruity beer which is out of this world. All views are my own honest opinion.


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