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Magic is real at Wizard Exploratorium. Growing up watching magicians on television and attending many live shows I have always been fascinated by magic and the science behind it. All magicians perform magic in different ways from special magical wording through to a wand. I have always wanted a wand of my own but not the usual black and white ones but one like Harry Potter so when I heard about Wizard Exploratorium magical wand making class within Soho I just had to discover more.

Wands date back from the 1200s. A wand is traditionally thin and light weight rod that is held within one hand, and was traditionally made out of wood. Back in the day a wand was used to summon and control angels and genies, but as years went by wands later were used by witches, wizards and magicians.

Thanks to Wizard Exploratorium I was invited on a complimentary basis to create my own special magically designed wand within their workshop. Plus throughout December they are holding Gingerbread decorating workshop in which I also got involved and made my own house of gingerbread.

Wizard Exploratorium

Wizard Exploratorium is part The Cauldron Co. They are both venues which host events theatrical immersive events and sell magical products. They are all about blending science and technology together. 

They are about bringing fantasy to life with science, technology, and design giving believers a magical experience.

The Cauldron is a wizard themed pub & restaurant which holds immersive magical cocktail classes combining theatre and magic together using magical wands. 

Wizard Exploratorium holds magical wand making classes as well as seasonable events such as Gingerbread making throughout the year. Plus they sell sweets and homemade ice creams of an unusual nature that showcase fun and delicious science. Just tap on a sweet dispense with a magic wand and dispense candies, or try one of their deconstructed ice cream sandwitch.

Superheroes Bar COMING SOON will bring classic comic books to life through a technology led immersive drinks experience. 

All of their venues they are not associated or affiliated with any specific fantasy books, movies, tv shows, and video games they strive to bring an immersive experience inspired by creators and designers of The Magic of Things.

The Magic of Things is responsible for the creation, design, and implementation of The Cauldron’s® retail products and immersive hospitality experiences around the world. 

Magic is real!

Stepping into Wizard Exploratorium for my wand making experience once I checked in at the reception I was faced with a choice of which type of wand would I like to make. I had a choice of either to create a wand to create dark, light or earth magic. I opted for earth magic as I loved the pinkiness and blue of the wand. It was then up some long winding stairs to the attic of where the magic happens.

Set up at my station which is all Covid safe as screens have been put up to protect each of us from other parties and the tutors magic just in case the magic goes a stray.

After a brief intro and presented with a box of our chosen wand power we had a variety of wands and handles to choose from. I opted for a very curly wand as it looked a little like a unicorn and they are very mystical and magical creatures after all. For my handle I opted for one wrapped in gold material.

It was then onto choosing my core for my wand and there was a choice of dragon, unicorn and phoenix. I opted for unicorn as afterall my wand part looked like a unicorns horn.

It was then on to adding a scent to turn my wooden wand into my desired wood. There was a selection of yew, elder and oak. I chose oak.

After final checks making sure my wand was secure within the magical core it was time to measure and weigh it. My wand ended up being 15cm in length and weighed 74g.

It was then onto the magic getting ahead of everyone I thought the magical words of Sooty would of worked but alas they did not.

The wizardy tutor though soon taught me the magical words to get mine and others wands working, the lights flickered, it all went dark and our wands lit up. The power of magic was with us. Now we had the power to touch things within our station which we could turn lights on and off and even open drawers which popped open magically no hands needed just the touch of my wand.

Plus you can buy wand boxes as a gift for yourself or loved one so they can get creative at home and get to paint their own magical wand in the comfort of home.

Gingerbread House Decorating

After wand making I was booked in for a session to make a Gingerbread house. Heading into a new room I was given a bag of sweets, piping bag of icing and a gingerbread house to decorate.

The gingerbread houses are slightly different to our UK versions as this one is an American design and are actually made from Graham crackers and stuck with glue, so can’t be eaten.

When it came to me decorating my house it unfortunately collapsed due to not enough glue on the house and the icing was too thick, so being heavy handed trying to squirt icing onto my house it all collapsed.

However my husbands did not collapse but his was held with more glue than mine and he spread the icing on with his fingers. He then proceeded and stuck a variety of gummy bears and smarties etc onto his gingerbread house.

Throughout our decorating session we were given an alcoholic drink (Non alcoholic drinks available) of either a Mulled Wine or Unicorn Hot Chocolate to enjoy through our 45 minute session.

The Unicorn Hot Chocolate is a favourite with both kids and adults, the base is milk chocolate with a pinch of chili and topped with their vanilla & peppermint whipped cream.  For adults the drink can be served with alcohol from a boozy choice of either Baileys or Kahlua. It was delicious. Plus keeping within current government guidelines we were also given a pumpkin soup.

Once my husband had finished decorating his house I then placed it on the plate surrounding his house with dolphins and orcas as to represent that if we don’t try to help protect the world from climate change etc we might all end up living out in the sea as there won’t be land. Hopefully with my earth wand I will be able to help stop climate change and prevent this situation from potentially happening.

Sessions run until January 1 and are for adults and kids alike!


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The whole experience was a fun one and I highly recommend if you have children who are into magic or the likes of Harry Potter or the Blue Fairy.

I loved how you could choose your only type of magic, wand, core and smell for your wand. It was especially a powerful magical moment when it came to learning the special magical word to make our wands work, which I’m not going to reveal. It’s not Abrar Cadabra.

The only thing I would have liked to have seen more of would have been for a few magical spells to make something else happen within the room and maybe a few objects dotted around the room which we could interact with our wands. Plus a magical changing coloured potion to drink throughout the experience would be a good twist to enjoy. and maybe some smoke effects to wow the kids.

However this wand making session is extremely fun especially if you have children who are into magic.

I am certainly very proud of my carefully crafted magical wand. Now how can I perform magic and rid Covid away for good and fix the earth.

Plus the Gingerbread pop up event was fun even though mine did collapse. Also last month I learned and carved my first pumpkin within Wizard Exploration which was great. Check out their website for future events.

Wizard Exploratorium book your session

Wizard Exploratorium
26 Greek Street

Wand Making £34.99 per ticket (includes 1 completed magic wand per maker per experience). NOTE: If under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Covid safety measures are in place.

Gingerbread making £18.00 (Non-Alcoholic Drink) £22.00 (Mulled Wine of Unicorn Hot Chocolate)

Discover more.

Thank you to Wizard Exploration for a magical experience I loved it. All views are my own honest opinion.

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