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It’s that time of year to feast and party with family and friends to celebrate Christmas time. However with things being different this year due to the pandemic of COIVD 19 preventing us all meeting up and having a jolly good time HOME-X E Eatery have come up with a solution of a festive party experience which can be enjoyed at home whilst playing a quiz by Bongo’s Bingo and your friends, family or even work colleagues on-line together.

Courtesy of HOME-X the other week I enjoyed five of his unique dining experience which all was delicious. I was gifted on a courtesy basis their latest newest experience of their festive party pack by E Eatery which I ate and became merry whilst sipping on a bottle of wine and playing a quiz hosted by the boys of Bongo’s Bingo within the comfort of my own home.

HOME-X new E Eatery Festive Party Menu

HOME-X is founded by Chef Nico of Six by Nico restaurants. He now brings his quality restaurant style food to your homes which can be easily prepped, cooked and served at home within under 30 minutes.

The team of HOME-X mission is simple to deliver quality food, drink and lifestyle experiences which can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. 

Why? as with so many lockdowns and restrictions at present manging to get out and about to dine within actual restaurants this year Nico wanted to bring a restaurant dining experience which can be easily enjoyed at home without hassle!

Delivered direct to your door, HOME-X is more than just a box of drink and food. Quality chefs will make fresh ready-to-plate dishes, which all menus are curated to bring a dining experience like no other to enjoy at home along with a variety of wines so you can host your very own tasting experience every month. 

Home by Nico Restaurant Experience
Chateau-X Quality Beef
24 Carrot Vegan Cuisine
The Cheese Club Cheese
Seed to Stem Wine Club
E.Eatery Christmas Festive Feast NEW
Joos Cold Pressed COMING SOON
Roast Sunday Sunday Roast COMING SOON

New to his range he brings his festive experience boxes by E.Eatery.

Plus over two special nights you can enjoy a feast with added fun with a great filled quiz hosted live online via the boys of Bongo’s Bingo.

On Friday 11 & 18 December at 7pm the boys of Bongo’s Bingo will be hosting a special charity quiz online giving all festive fun with friends, family, colleagues and other diners all whilst you enjoy your meat or vegetarian festive feast whilst quizzing and raising fund for Trussell Trust.

Bongo’s Bingo is certainly ‘Not Your Usual Christmas Party’ as it is a fun safe virtual get-together. It’s your chance to connect with family, friends and colleagues, all whilst donating money you would normally spend on a big party night out to help families unable to afford the basics. To get involved yourself head over to the Trussell Trust website and download your party packs https://bit.ly/TrussellTrustxHOME-X. Who are Trussell Trust? They are UK’s largest foodbank provider.

Also E Eatery are selling larger festive feasts boxes to enjoy at home on Christmas Day taking the hard work away so you can enjoy the festive day with your loved one. Check them out here.

Let’s eat, play and party

Thanks to HOME-X I enjoyed a night in with other diners whilst I enjoyed a festive 4 course E Eatery festive feast and played a fun filled quiz of pure fun and naughtiness hosted by the boys of Bongos’ Bingo.

Upon receiving my festive feast of turkey for 1 by E Eatery I was excited to get tasting and partying with the boys of Bongo’s Bingo. All the dishes were beautifully packaged keeping everything in tact and cold. It also enclosed a very easy and precise instructions on how to cook the dishes which required warming up. Just peel back the packaging, remove food from the box, place on a baking tray or in a pan, heat up, serve then party time. There is also a festive vegetarian menu available if you are not a meat eater. The whole box is for 1 and costs just £40.00.

On the day after 4pm I was forwarded an email link so I was ready to log in to join all for a quiz night by Bongo’s Bingo at 7pm. So just before it was party time to put my thinking cap on I poured myself a glass of wine and got cooking my festive feast.

To start I enjoyed a Celeriac & Apple Veloute soup which came provided with a hazelnut and apple dressing.  All I had to do was warm the soup in a pan until piping hot before drizzling over the hazelnut dressing and apple dressing. The celeriac soup has a earthiness to it with the apple dressing giving it a hit of sweetness and the hazelnut dressing a nutty hit. It really was refreshing and tasty.

Next was the Chicken Liver Parfait which it was advised to get out of the fridge 40 minutes before to get to room temperature. Served with Arran oatcakes and plum & fig chutney this was a nice savoury snack before mains. The parfait was smooth and full of flavour with the chutney giving it that extra sweetness.

Now for mains Turkey, there is nothing more festive than turkey after all. It comes in an airtight bag which you pop into boiling water for 15 minutes to cook and then you can take out of the bag and pop under grill after to crisp if desired. The instructions though this time around confused me a little as the sausages and stuffing also came in the airtight bag but it says in the booklet about cooking the Sausages and Stuffing in the oven along with the Carrots and Hasselback Potatoes. Anyway as I was unsure I just left the sausages and stuffing within the turkey and placed in the simmering water. After I crisped up the turkey, sausages and stuffing under the grill. The turkey was delicious which had a lovely sage & onion stuffing and crisping under the grill really did add that extra wow factor to the bacon and turkey. However I was not keen on the sausages I think it was because of how it was cooked plus they had no bacon wrapped around them even though the booklet shows sausages with bacon around them. Also the gravy was clear not brown and did not thicken up when I heated up. The carrots and potatoes were a treat though colourful, soft and full of flavour.

Now time for dessert always the best moment for me as I have a sweet tooth and boy the Christmas Spiced Sticky Toffee Pudding did not disappoint. After warming up in the oven and heating the toffee sauce in a pan I soon had a lovely gooey sticky toffee pudding in front of me. It was sweet and caramelly. Eggnog crème angiaise is also provided but I did not use it as I don’t like eggnog but it smelt and looked fresh so sure it would have been nice if you love eggnog.

To accompany the meal throughout I had a nice bottle of Barinas Sauvignon (White). This is a well balanced acidity wine, with a lemon flavour to it and to me even slightly hints of pear. Clean and refreshing.

It was then time to log in and have some fun with the boys and other satisfied and full diners a quiz with Bongo’s Bingo full of general knowledge and naughtiness. Even though on the night there was quite a lot of technical issues of their Wi-Fi connection which kept on crashing they provided several hours of pure entertainment. My favourite moments were the song rounds, the images of very naughty trees for instance one giving another tree a blow job, and a virtual race like no other full of unusual animals. Plus throughout there were a few competitions with prizes to be won. One was the best photo to be sent in of our feast and can win a karaoke machine and who ever sends in their best dance wins a £500 voucher to spend on HOME-X experiences. I got lucky and won the karaoke machine with my photos of my turkey feast. So yeah I can party and sing every night, let’s party on!

It was fun despite the technical issues but this was streamed via Twitch a channel I haven’t used before but was easy to connect with others to type each other messages but I think I would of preferred for this to have been streamed on Zoom so we can see each other whilst having a jolly good time.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

All in all E Eatery festive party experiences was a fun one certainly lifted my Friday night and all in the comfort and safety of my own home.

The festive food provided by Nico HOME-X E Eatery was a real treat and all easy to prepare, cook and serve. The food was exceptional and just the right portion size as well for 1.

The quiz despite technical issues the boys of Bongo’s Bingo really did provide a night full of pure entertainment of general knowledge to pure naughtiness especially slutty Suzie who was so entertaining and I must add hot!

However we must not forget these fun events have been organised to help raise funds for The Trussel Trust so if you can get a group of people together download the party pack, order your festive meat / vegetarian feast and make a night of it together whilst connecting online in the comfort of your own homes, feasting and partying.

Plus with this years festivities not being what we had hoped for you can still celebrate each others company even if it is virtually with their ultimate festive experience which can be enjoyed on Christmas Day. E Eatery sells also an even bigger festive feast to be enjoyed over Christmas for either two or four people with a few more added festive courses added. Check them out here. Just connect with your loved ones over Zoom and enjoy a festive dinner together virtually.

I Highly recommend for a festive feast made easy! Don’t slave over the stove this Christmas.

E Eatery book yours

HOME-X E Eatery brings festive delights to your door.

No slicing, dicing and preparing as the festive feast has all been made by hand by top quality chefs. Just unpeel the boxes, follow any cooking instructions and serve.

Christmas Party Feast For 1 with Bongo’s Bingo
Christmas Day Feast For 2
Christmas Day Feast For

Other HOME-X experiences are as follows

Home by Nico Restaurant Experience
Chateau-X Quality Beef
24 Carrot Vegan Cuisine
The Cheese Club Cheese
Seed to Stem Wine Club
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Roast Sunday Sunday Roast

Thanks to HOME-X and Bongo’s Bingo for a night of festive feasting and fun. All views are my own honest opinion.

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