BUCKBUCK down the white rabbits hole I go Curiouser and Curiouser!

Jump down the rabbit hole with BUCKBUCK and become curiouser and curiouser as you come face to face with mad characters on your adventures.

Lately though I really do feel that I have fallen down into a real rabbit hole and wonder how am I ever going to find a way out of this hole. As one of the biggest lessons we learn from life is that we are never the same person we were yesterday as we face new challenges, constantly changing our outlook.

However thanks to BUCKBUCK they opened up my mind for the night as I went virtually down to a rabbit hole and came face to face with peculiar characters making me think I’m mad, no their mad, no in fact we are all mad!


BUCKBUCK have been designing and running unique immersive experiences since 2014. Their story writers, actors, puzzle designers, model makers and art directors all work towards one goal and that is fun.

During the pandemic they are hosting numerous games which can be played online with friends and strangers.

Big Quiz of Utter Nonsense – Described as cards against humanity meets cranium meets shooting stars. Draw and laugh your way to victory!
The Lord’s Apprentice – Take on live team tasks to appease Lord Sugarplums in the game that means business! Think The Apprentice and Dragons Den but a wacky version.
Questiny – From the creator of the hit show Knightmare Live comes an all new team adventure.
Bantzquesty – Your team mission is to get your club banger played by DJ Megabantz in the nightclub of your dreams! Can you haggle your way into the club and get your favourite tune played?
White Rabbit Hole – Trip into a whole new mystery adventure with Drink me team challenges! Think of being trapped in a land full of wacky characters solving puzzles and finding keys.

Begin at the beginning

Begin at the beginning and go on till the end and go on till you come to the end, then stop! and that’s exactly what I did.

Following the white rabbit down a virtual hole I was faced with madness and peculiar characters along the way as I tried to help the white rabbit solve a riddle of mystery and help save Wonderland.

BuckBuck White Rabbit

Spinning through a topsy turvy world there was much madness and mystery but who will you face and will you and your fellow travellers be able to solve the puzzling riddle for the white rabbit to save him and all of the virtual Wonderland?

With my tipple ready in hand I drank and played loosing my head I ventured deep into the rabbits hole and met curious characters and had to think quick to impress each to unlock a secret word from them to help with the white rabbits riddle!

The Queen of Hearts loves food so she asked if our face was made out of food and what would we use for our eyes, nose and mouth?

The Mad Hatter likes a sing song around his table but what type of song do you think would impress him much?

With so many characters along the way only those who answer with the most madness of answers will be told the secret word, but will you share with your fellow travellers?

Will you be able to piece together the riddle and find the truth, the hole truth, and nothing but the truth?!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

White Rabbit’s Hole is a very interactive, immersive adventure packed with fun and bizarreness.

Reinvented virtually as of the COVID pandemic you can now take a journey down The White Rabbit Hole to Wonderland and meet others safely in groups from within your own home.

Taking an adventure down the white rabbit hole I started to think am I mad or are we just actually all mad! As along my virtual journey I met a host of curious characters which provided hilarity and comedy. However what makes Wonderland magical is the wackniess and challenges you are faced with.

Make sure to have your bottle of drink in hand as you take a journey of utter nonsense and meet mad characters who simply insist on taking a drink!

To take on your own 90 minute mad adventure with other travellers down the rabbit hole costs £35 per device OR gather together a minimum of 20 friends (over separate devices) and take your own private party down the hole of mystery and madness.

However I must point out even though this game was super madly fun and I’d recommend but it just was not the same as their wacky immersive adventure which they normally host in venues in and across London & Brighton. There is no gold to hunt for, no puzzles to put together, no gambling, just purely challenges to impress those living in Wonderland to get a secret word from them to crack the White Rabbits riddle. Read about my time when I adventured physically into the land of Wonderland via clicking here.

Tumble into the madness of Wonderland and discover a world full of mad nonsense! 

BUCKBUCK adventure down the rabbit hole

Quirky and fun interactive gaming entertainers

Book your zoom game with refreshing experiences run by live interactive performers trained in video conferencing, making online connection a lot more fun.

Book via Design my Night or call BUCKBUCK direct to to arrange a private gaming session on 0203 4885 474.

Big Quiz of Utter Nonsense
The Lord’s Apprentice
White Rabbit Hole

Exclusive discount of 10% for NHS, care workers, school teachers, artists and unwaged. Extra players may be added after booking. Extra hosts available.

Thank you to BUCKBUCK GAMES for taking me on down the rabbit hole a world of mad people. All views are my own honest opinion.

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