The Vaults presents Dante’s in Furlough – I met the Devil!

At The Vaults I met the devil! Why? as I was attending Nancy’s wedding who was marrying the devil.

It is so great to see that the The Vaults are back! After such a long time being shut due to the pandemic of 2020 they have returned with an all new show called Dante’s in Furlough.

I’ve been to nearly everyone of their immersive shows such as Red PalaceCinderella, An Evening of Meat etc. all of which have been packed with adventure, thrills, laughs and amazing food.

This Winter The Vaults presents Dante’s in Furlough in where you are specially invited at a cost (if you dare) to attend the wedding of Nancy to see her get hitched with the devil. However all is not what it seems.

Are you brave enough to sign over your soul to the devil?

The Vaults presents Dante’s in Furlough

The devil is getting hitched, and given what’s going at the moment, there’s no better time to accept an invitation to the underworld.

Dante's in Furlough The Vaults Devil
Photo credit The Vaults

Dante’s in Furlough is inspired by Shel Silverstien’s epic poem Billy Markham and the Devil which was written for PlayBoy in 1977. 

“Travel solo or with your quarantined dearest, but know that in this interactive show it’s betray or be betrayed.”

You’ll travel down into the depths of hell whilst you navigate your way to the wedding of the millennium. Follow your demonic guide and prove yourself worthy of a seat at Devil’s table yourself! However you will need to lie, sin and cheat your way there.

Whichever sin is your secret you’ll have to beat the Devil at his own game to reach the wedding on time and avoid losing your soul to him for good!

I met the devil!

Donning on my devil outfit ready for the devils wedding to Nancy I headed on down to the Vaults and through the dark tunnels I adventured.

The Vaults Dante's in Furlough

Upon signing my soul over to the devil stepping into sand it was time to celebrate Nancy’s wedding to the devil but before a quick drink and chat with Nancy. She did not seem very happy that she was going to be marrying the devil which all soon became clear as we were led through the tunnels and learned why Nancy has to marry the devil all whilst we played fun fair type games to win souls to save our souls from becoming stuck down in the devils with the devil ourselves.

Whilst keeping covid safe and wearing our masks throughout us guests of the devils wedding we got to play a variety of games of hit the rat, throwing balls in a bucket, coconut shy and so much more.

Photo credit The Vaults

I did not win any as I did not get to play any games unfortunately as I was in charge of spinning the soul wheel for all so when they won a game I had to spin the wheel to gather souls for all. Since this is hell though, I lied and cheated and ended up telling the devils assistant that I got 666 souls. Well why not!

The Vaults Dante's in Furlough

After the first half of the show it was then time to sit down for dinner and this is where we met the devil and watch Nancy marry the devil, or did she?

Dante's in Furlough The Vaults Devil
Photo credit The Vaults

However the devil was not at all like I expected the devil I met on the night was a woman and covered in black feathers like a crow, but then the devil can come in many forms and tonight he/she chose to come as a lord of the darkness as a female human crow.

If you don’t want to dine you can always purchase the show ticket only in which you will be sat around the stage rather than at a table.

Sitting a little away from the stage we were presented a a feast fit for any demon or angel.

Photo credit The Vaults

We started off with fresh bread and a delicious pumpkin soup which came in a large silver dish which was topped with pumpkin seeds and packed with flavour. This was in fact so heavenly, not devillish. Healthy and fresh it was loaded with flavour and in fact one of the most delicious soups I have ever had.

For mains it was a portion of mussels along with steamed seabass with a side of fennel and salad. Everything was extremely delicious and the seabass literally melted in the mouth. The roast fennel with samphire worked beautifully with the fish, it was packed with flavour and certainly a dish I will try and recreate at home.

For dessert was a bloody pudding, a mixture of the devil’s fruits, perfectly pressed into a rouged plum tart. Served in a luxurious pastry accompanied with a dollop of cream.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I love the Vaults and the many immersive shows which they show throughout the year obviously though with the pandemic of COVID 19 hitting and effecting all hospitality throughout London and beyond they have not been able to host as many shows. In fact Dante’s in Furlough is their first immersive show for a long time.

Everything has been adapted to make this show COVID safe from audience members having to wear masks throughout, distancing put in place, number of attendees, only four actors performing the show mostly individually and the dining area spaced out between each household of diners. However I felt that the show was lacking something. I think it is because with only four actors and them playing mostly individually taking us through some rooms it did not feel as atmospheric plus I did not get to play any games. I think it would of been more fun if we could all each individually play out all the games and if all had been spread and behind a door each like a mystery of what is behind the door and gain souls that way. Plus would be great if our invitation booklet which has boxes for souls within is stamped every time we win a game to verify we gained a soul rather than lying and writing a figure in the book of how many souls we gained.

However stating that and the way the whole show is well played out by the actors who were great like per usual giving comical elements and leading us through an interesting yet naughty story of how Nancy became the devils bride to be. Plus the food was exceptional like usual.

So if you love the devil, naughtiness, games and food then I would recommend booking the dining show experience and head on down to the underworld at the Vaults.

Are you brave enough to sell your soul to attend Nancy’s wedding feast?

The Vaults book your ticket

THE VAULTS Main Entrance
Leake Street

Dante’s in Furlough – The Devil’s getting hitched
15th October  – 31st January 2021
Show running time 1 hour
Thurs – Saturdays entry times from 5.30pm – 8.30pm
Sundays entry times from 4.30pm – 7.30pm
Book your show only or dining tickets here.

COVID rules
The Vaults, and Hell itself, will comply by current recommended safety guidelines regarding Covid-19.
This production is for eight attendees at a time. Your group of 8 will travel together, with ample space to stand 2 metres away from other party members not within your bubble.
Your guide will ensure you have an opportunity to keep sufficiently distant from other audience members and performers. If you booked prior to the Tier 2 announcement, you can still keep your booking but maintaining social distancing from people not within your household. 
Face coverings are mandatory. 

Thanks to The Vaults for a entertaining night and an exceptional meal which was to die for. All views are my own honest opinion.

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