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I love fresh cocktails and with it becoming slightly difficult during this pandemic to rock up to a cocktail bar to enjoy one and with my skills of creating my very own at home not being up to scratch it is hard to know where to buy a fresh pre made cocktail to enjoy at home. However thankfully Lizeek Ltd has come to the rescue with her fabulous freshly made signature cocktails which can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.

I was gifted her signature cocktails on a courtesy basis to enjoy at home.

Lizeek Ltd

Since 2019 CEO & founder Ariyike runs a catering service selling a range of products from homemade sandwiches to afternoon tea boxes and her newest edition fresh mixed seasonal summery and festive drinks.

Her cocktails and mocktails are unique and will guarantee to leave your taste buds craving for more!

Cocktail time at home made easy

Thanks to Lizeek I can now whilst at home enjoy a cocktail with ease at home without the need of a shaker as all her cocktails have been premade. Just shake the bottle, open, pour and sip!

I got to try all her present cocktails of Santa’s Not So Little Helper, Passion In A Cup, Blue Lagoon, Summer In A Cup, Jungle Juice and Rumming It Up.

As it’s Christmas I started off with Santa’s Not So Little Helper which is a dazzling delight, red, and seeping with gold. This luxurious festive drink really did get my sleigh bells ringing as it was punchy and tangy from the flavours of the cranberry, triple sec and a raspberry which had all been beautifully infused together with added Reindeer secret gold sparkle. Let’s jingle all the way.

Jungle Juice so green just like the jungle is exotic, sweet with a tangy apple taste. Parakeets, parrots and other birds will be squawking with jealously.

Passion In A Cup made me think of summer holidays from it’s vibrant yellow orange colour and opening it up hit by passion fruit. Passionate.

Blue Lagoon cocktail made me think of clear tropical waters and the Blue Lagoon in Malta with it’s vibrant clear sparkly blue liquid. Blissfully sweet with undertones of blue curacao.

Summer In a Cup is holiday in a cup. Full of banana, and a hit of triple sec, you will feel like you are away on a beach.

Rumming It is a Jamaican delight full of rum with a mix of fruit and grenadine.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I love cocktails and have tried lots during lockdown at home with most being tasty and kept for ages but fresh is the best and Lizeek cocktails proved that. Coming bottled and freshly made (recommended to drink within five days) Lizeek cocktails did not disappoint. As they are super fresh they are far more tastier and punchy in flavour than any pre bottled cocktails which can be kept for months.

Each and everyone of Lizeek cocktails looked amazing, smelt wonderful and tasted exceptional. My favourite was Santa’s Not So Little Helper which was sweet, tangy, red and golden. A real festive delight which got me singing jingling and singing Jingle Bells!

As well as selling cocktail’s she also runs a catering service and can provide Hampers, Sandwich Platters, Afternoon Tea, and Afternoon Tea Boxes. So if you are looking to host a get together, or host a mini party on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve with family and friends then check out her edible delights.

I would definitely purchase her cocktails. I highly recommend for when you fancy a cocktail at home or are having a mini get together with friends or family as her cocktails will get yours guests talking. Plus her Santa’s Not So Little Helper will be the perfect merry way to celebrate Christmas.

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Thanks to Lizeek for the punchy and very tasty cocktails. All views are my own honest opinion.

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