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Have you ever watched a movie and when it comes to those eating scenes on screen you start to feel hungry? Thanks to Taste Film immersive dining experts they bring a fun interactive tasting experience to their events and lately even to our homes with their home cookery kits.

This December (18, 19 or 20 of December) to celebrate Christmas they have inspired their food courses around the classic movie Elf. Just watch the movie, pause the movie at certain points, cook, then play and feel immersed within the movie. Eat bagels whilst Buddy the Elf hops around New York City, shovel spaghetti into your mouth like he does when he’s dining with his long lost family and enjoy two nice but naughty desserts as you watch Buddy help Santa get his sleigh back into the air.

As I have been nice, not naughty I was gifted on a courtesy basis from Taste Film this immersive dining experience to bring me some festive cheer during these bleak times.

Taste Film

Taste Film popped up back in 2017 bringing us diners a new way to dine immersing us all into classic cult movies whilst eating.

Food has always played a big part in cinema and the founders of Taste Film are self-confessed foodies; and they wanted to merge the two elements together and bring these films to life with a difference.

Have you ever watched a film that made you hungry? Have you ever wished to be part of the filmic world you are seeing on screen? Been so immersed in what you are watching that you want to experience every aspect of the film?

Taste Film hosts immersive dining movie nights within restaurants with independent chefs cooking for all diners whilst we sit back and be taken on a multi-sensory, gastronomic adventure, where the boundaries of film and food merge.

Plus presently due to the pandemic Taste Film are now also giving movie and food lovers 3 course dining kits which can be enjoyed easily at home. Just follow the easy instruction booklet play movie, pause, cook, play, eat, repeat and repeat.

As Taste Film is all about immersing diners into the movie world by screening cult-classic films whilst eating courses at select times throughout the movie which has been tailored to compliment the films’ most memorable, edible moments. The courses are literal interpretations of the food shown on screen, or are inspired by the environment or mood that is evoked.

Dining along with Elf at home

Knock at the door and like Buddy the Elf I excitedly opened the door and there in front of me was a beautiful box bowed and full of goodies ready to be cooked and eaten for my immersive movie moment when I come to watch the classic 2003 movie Elf.

If you don’t know Elf the movie which stars Will Ferrell it is about a human, who was raised in North Pole by elves and Santa and he decides to travel to New York City to locate his real father.

Time to dine with Elf

Movie time! opening up the booklet I discovered for my 3 course meal I would be enjoying:

  • Bagels with Smoked Salmon on Buddy’s adventure in New York City,
  • vegetable spaghetti with turkey breasts when Buddy is enjoying his breakfast of spaghetti, and finally
  • a naughty devils chocolate fondant and a nice angelic angel cheesecake whilst Buddy is helping Santa with his sleigh and his new found family trying to believe in Santa again.

Prepping for my immersive movie journey I organised all the ingredients for each course together which was made easy by a colour coding dot on each tub. It was then time to take an immersive gastronomic journey with Buddy the Elf without the risk of travelling to the North Pole or even New York City.

Before streaming Elf on tv following the easy instructions within the booklet I preheated the oven and got all cooking equipment together.

New York Christmas Bagel with Parlour’s Famous Back Door Smoked Salmon with a Herb & Pomegranate Cream Cheese

Following the easy cooking instructions (or alternatively watch premade cooking video) my first stop was a New York Bagel to enjoy whilst Buddy the Elf hopped around New York City. Following the easy instructions I steamed my bagel (can be oven baked instead) by placing it on some foil which sat in a pan of water which I then covered with a lid. After 25 minutes at a slow steam my bagel soon was ready. Time to play Elf. After 14 minutes into the film when Buddy arrived in New York City it was time to serve up and eat my bagel which also came with salmon, caviar, pomegranate, herbs and edible flowers.

Eating my colourful delicious bagel along whilst Buddy was travelling New York streets I was immersed. The bagel was a real delight but the salmon was outstanding not too thin, not too thick and a mild smokiness to it. I also loved how it came with a variety of herbs and pomegranates which gave the dish that texture of crunchiness.

Maple Glazed Butterflied Turkey Breast with Rainbow Vegetable Spaghetti, Devils on Horseback & Cranberry Syrup

43 minutes into the movie a quick pause break it was time to cook the turkey. Same as the bagel I steamed the turkey according to instructions. Plus popped the Devils on Horseback in the preheated oven. Whilst they were cooking on a gentle heat few minutes before the meat was cooked I gently warmed through the mash (with a little added milk), rainbow vegetable spaghetti and gravy on the hob. It was now time to enjoy breakfast time with Buddy the Elf.

The turkey was succulent and delicious, the Devils on Horseback was a sweet delight but the fun element of the dish was pouring over the maple syrup and eating the spiral vegetable spaghetti in where I could recreate that classic scene of Buddy eating his breakfast.

Feather Light Angel Cake and a Hot Chocolate Devil’s Cake

1 hour and 7 minutes in it was time to cook dessert in the oven and after 15 minutes I soon had two sweet naughty and yet nice desserts. Watching as Buddy tries to get Santa’s sleigh back in the air and his family trying to get all those to believe in Santa again I enjoyed my naughty but nice treats.

The Angel cake was angelic, fluffy and tangy with the clementine sauce and the naughty Devil’s Cake came with a sweet cranberry sauce and the cake oozed with a melted centre of chocolate, pure naughtiness.

To end the night I offered Buddy and Jovie my cracker.

It was a cracking good night and even though I have seen Elf many times immersing myself along with food made it that extra special and different.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

The whole experience was a gastronomic journey of fun from start to finish. I travelled virtually to the North Pole, New York and back all whilst immersing myself on the journey with Buddy the Elf.

The booklet was clear with cooking instructions, timings when to experience each course and the food was exceptional. All the food was prepped and pre-prepared by Parlour Kensal making cooking easy and the whole concept experience by Taste Film.

I have also been to one of Taste Films immersive experiences within London in which I watched Sex in the City. There is no cooking involved as the chefs at that venue prepare plus Taste Film Jesse and Amy serve up the course at certain intervals whilst us diners sat back and immersed ourselves through the movie.

Each experience I have experienced with Taste Film has equally been as enjoyable as each. However with how the real world is at the moment I felt safe at home, cooking and watching the movie from the comfort of my couch.

As Buddy the Elf would say
“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”
and I sing loud and say
“The best way to experience a movie is cook, eat and immerse yourself this Christmas”

So if you love movies and love food and want to immerse yourself through the land of movies then check out Taste Film website for future dining immersive experience to enjoy at home or within their London locations.

Taste Film take your gastronomic journey

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Have you ever watched a film that made you hungry? Have you ever wished to be part of the filmic world you are seeing on screen? Been so immersed in what you are watching that you want to experience every aspect of the film?

A new way to watch what you eat! Immersive yourself into the land of film.

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London events how they work

Book your date and choose your 3-course dinner menu from meat and vegetarian.

Arrive at venue at stated time. Sit at table and let Taste Film immerse you whilst they serve up your three course meal during certain scenes of the movie.

Home DIY kits how they work

When booking any immersive home event just pick a date and choose your 3-course dinner menu from meat and vegetarian.

Delivery will be delivered on the day before your booking, you’ll receive everything you need for the experience. The box will contain a step by step instruction booklet, all the ingredients and partially prepared components and extras needed for your immersive film experience gastronomic adventure.

Watch the movie online via video streaming platform of your choice, or DVD if you have a copy of the movie.

Thank you to Taste Film and Parlour Kensal for the gastronomic immersive experience and delicious food. All views are my own honest opinion.

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