A look back at December 2020

December was another hard month for businesses with yet more strict lockdowns for many hospitality sectors and areas around the UK due to a new strain of Covid-19 so outings into London and Kent had to take a back burner. So this month I focussed again on helping promote for a variety of businesses who produce frozen ready made meals which can be enjoyed at home to candles to make your house smell fresh and clean. All the opportunities I was given was kindly gifted to me on a courtesy basis.

Stormtrooper Beer

Stormtrooper beer is a beer for geeks and beyond. All their beer is brewed within an award-winning Vocation Brewery in Hebden Bridge. Stormtrooper beer brew their imperial ales and lagers all by an elite garrison of hop shock troops, stationed at the brewery. Using American hops and fruity tropical flavours Stormtroopers hit earth and our tastebuds.

All of Stormtrooper ales and lagers come with the iconic design of Stormtroopers which was designed by Shepperton Design Studio’s Andrew Ainsworth.

Hyper taste.

Stormtrooper Beer

“ I love how their beer comes in cans or bottles and each having a different design of Stormtroopers.”
December 2020

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Eleven98 chef Aidan Brooks loves bringing immersive social fine dining experiences together showcasing his incredible produce which is either foraged, grown or sourced within the London Borough of Hackney.

Throughout the year he hosts dining experiences within London showing people that you can easily cook from foraged produce and locally sourced produce.

This month he has prepared a variety of salts and oils using foraged plants to give your dishes that wow factor.

Eleven98 Sorrel Oil & Tomato Vine Salt

“All of the oils and salts were a real delight which really did elevate all the food I drizzled and sprinkled them on. ”
December 2020

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HOME-X founded by Chef Nico brings his service of home delivered with drink and restaurant quality food. The team of HOME-X mission is simple to deliver quality food, drink and lifestyle experiences which can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. 

Delivered direct to your door, HOME-X is more than just a box of drink and food. Quality chefs will make fresh ready-to-plate dishes, which all menus are curated to bring a dining experience like no other to enjoy at home along with a variety of wines so you can host your very own tasting experience every month. Choose from either Home by Nico, Chateau-X Quality, 24 Carrot, The Cheese Club, Seed to Stem, E.Eatery, Joos and Roast Sunday

Thanks to HOME-X your kitchen will become your new favourite changing restaurant.

“All the HOME-X experience boxes were a delight and provided restaurant style food which was quick and easy to prepare and eat at home all whilst discovering new cuisines, cheese and wine.”
December 2020

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Bongo Bingo with HOME-X E.Eatery

HOME-X founded by Chef Nico brings his service of home delivered with drink and restaurant quality food. The team of HOME-X mission is simple to deliver quality food, drink and lifestyle experiences which can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. 

For a few special dates over December HOME-X E.Eatery joined forces with Bongo’s Bingo for a charity special quiz online giving us fans of HOME-X some festive fun with friends, family, colleagues and other diners all whilst we enjoyed a quiz and eating a feast. All money raised went towards Trussell Trust.

Home X E Eatery festive time

“All in all E Eatery festive party experiences was a fun one certainly lifted my Friday night and all in the comfort and safety of my own home.”
December 2020

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Wizard Exploratorium

Wizard Exploratorium is part The Cauldron Co. who both host theatrical immersive events. They love to blend science and technology together. 

Step into the land of fantasy and learn how to make a magical wand and with some magical words you’ll soon be creating magic of your own.

Question is will you become the next Harry Potter?

Wizard Exploratorium

“The whole experience was a fun one and I highly recommend if you have children who are into magic or the likes of Harry Potter or the Blue Fairy.”
December 2020

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Just when you thought mixers couldn’t get any better, SNOBS comes along with their natural clean refreshing flavoured soda waters!

Snobs is a British premium soda water. All their sodas use only natural sweeteners, colourings and natural flavours.
Virtually 0 calories, 0 sugar, 0 sweeteners or anything artificial.


“SNOBS are great tasting British sodas and refreshing however for me personally they were a little to subtle in flavour and not as fizzy as I would like”
December 2020

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Save money and water with an Eco-Flow tap adaptor. See the difference with the Eco-Flow saves water, money and prevent splashes.

Made from a high quality Italian design this tap adapter can easily be fitted on any kitchen tap with the ease via easy instructions and handy adaptors. No plumbers or tools required.

The Eco-Flow tap adapter regulates water flow whilst maintaining effective performance.

Washing up made easy. Good bye to wet worktops!

Eco Flow

“I have had many gadgets in my time for the kitchen but none have never really impressed me that much until now as the Eco-Flow tap adapter is the most impressive invention ever! and I mean ever!”
December 2020

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BUCKBUCK White Rabbit

BUCKBUCK have been designing and running unique immersive experiences since 2014. Their story writers, actors, puzzle designers, model makers and art directors all work towards one goal and that is fun.

During the pandemic they are hosting numerous games which can be played online with friends and strangers.

This month I jumped down the White Rabbit Hole and took on an adventure with the white rabbit and meeting a host of wacky characters whilst solving puzzles and riddles.

BuckBuck White Rabbit

“Taking an adventure down the white rabbit hole I started to think am I mad or are we just actually all mad! As along my virtual journey I met a host of curious characters which provided hilarity and comedy.”
December 2020

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Empress Ale

Empress Ale is brewed in an award-winning brewery in London by chefs and restaurateurs Empress Ale has been designed to be enjoyed on any occasion, leaving you craving for more after every sip. They use the finest natural ingredients, which are sourced locally where possible.

Now Empress Ale can be enjoyed with a variety of snacks thanks to very British Great British Gastro Pub Snack Box which is now available.

Empress Ale Gastro Pub Snack Box

“Empress Ale Gastro Pub Snack Box is a real treat for anytime of the day, plus perfect for Santa for Christmas Eve to keep his belly full on his long journey of delivering Christmas presents, but who knows he might even leave you his box?”
December 2020

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The Vaults – Dante’s in Furlough

The Vaults host an array of immersive shows and this winter they bring the devil himself to the Vaults as it seems as we are living in hell at present.

Within Dante’s in Furlough the devil is getting hitched, and within us living in hell at present, there’s no better time to accept an invitation to the underworld and sell our souls.

You’ll travel down into the depths of hell whilst you navigate your way to the wedding of the millennium. Follow your demonic guide and prove yourself worthy of a seat at Devil’s table yourself! However you will need to lie, sin and cheat your way there.

Whichever sin is your secret you’ll have to beat the Devil at his own game to reach the wedding on time and avoid losing your soul to him for good!

The Vaults Dante's in Furlough

“However stating that and the way the whole show is well played out by the actors who were great like per usual giving comical elements and leading us through an interesting yet naughty story of how Nancy became the devils bride to be. Plus the food was exceptional like usual.”
December 2020

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Anni Edwards Candles

Anni Edwards produce candles inspired the smells of classic cocktails.

Located in Surrey Hills Anni Edwards produce luxury hand-poured mixologist cocktail candles.

Presently she sells six different cocktail candles. Each candle is made from 100% natural wax, premium fragrance oil and a cotton wick (that is free of lead, tin and zinc) for a clean, even burn and scent throw. All of which are served up in a reusable stainless steel cocktail shaker.

Anni Edwards candles

“Anni Edwards candles are perfect to bring the smell of the Caribbean or smells of Christmas into your home with her great selection of classic cocktails which we enjoy whilst away or over this festive period.”
December 2020

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Lizeek Ltd

Lizeek Ltd is run by Lizzie whom sells a range of products from homemade sandwiches to afternoon tea boxes and her newest edition fresh mixed seasonal summery and festive drinks.

Plus she sells cocktails and mocktails which are all unique and will guarantee to leave your taste buds craving for more!

Lizeek Ltd fresh cocktail

“My favourite was Santa’s Not So Little Helper which was sweet, tangy, red and golden. A real festive delight which got me singing jingling and singing Jingle Bells!”
December 2020

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The Happy Hamper

Kayleigh founder of The Happy Hamper loves food, loves to cook and in particular loves to bring a smile to all with her sweet delights from brownies to afternoon teas.

As a small family owned business based in Pinner, North West London she and her family pride themselves in using only the freshest, finest and highest quality ingredients within all their homemade bakes. All can be delivered directly to your door in the freshest way be it for a birthday celebration, anniversary, date night etc. they can help.

Happy Hamper brownies

“All looked amazing, being intact and tasted super yummy bringing a smile to my face.”
December 2020

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Taste Film – Elf

Taste Film hosts immersive dining movie nights within restaurants with independent chefs cooking for all diners whilst we sit back and be taken on a multi-sensory, gastronomic adventure, where the boundaries of film and food merge.

Presently due to the pandemic Taste Film are now also giving movie and food lovers 3 course dining kits which can be enjoyed easily at home. Just follow the easy instruction booklet play movie, pause, cook, play, eat, repeat and repeat.

Various dates during December I and other diners took a gastronomic immersive journey with Buddy the Elf whilst eating delicious food provided by Taste Film and Parlour Kensal.


“The booklet was clear with cooking instructions, timings when to experience each course and the food was exceptional.”
December 2020

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The Bottle Club

The Bottle Club is a premium wine, spirits, beers and minerals supplier who offer the finest beverages in the United Kingdom.

They sell hundreds of drinks which all come in a range of all bottles in all shapes and sizes and packed with taste to get your tastebuds tingling. So whether you’re on the search for a trusted classic or on the lookout for something new The Bottle Club are there to help.

The Bottle Club pride themselves on service and are there to help. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a gin lover or a cheeky glass of bubbly or perhaps a decent wine for your next dinner party, then you are in save hands.

“I would highly recommend buying any of their drinks as there is a perfect drinkie to suit anyone with The Bottle Club.”
December 2020

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The Drunken Jockeys

The Drunken Jockeys are run by three best friends and they are suppliers of gorgeous vintage bars and props which can be rented for your next event or celebration.  ​They offer eight original bar experiences, as well as an outstanding cocktail service and a great range of extras. ​They believe in professionalism, flexibility, an eye for detail and have a passion for delivering their clients vision with an innovative flair.

With celebrations and events not happening at present The Drunken Jockeys are selling freshly made cocktails in a jar which can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home to enjoy with family and friends. Just add ice to the jar, shake, garnish and add a straw and hey presto you’ll have a cocktail in a jar.

The Drunken Jockeys cocktails are pure deliciousness in a jar.

“This December I sipped on not one, not two but five different cocktails, a Plastic Pornstar, Dark & Stormy, Espresso Martini, Fireside and a Sloe Berry Sour courtesy of Drunken Jockeys.”
December 2020

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Shot in the Dark

Shot in the Dark Christmas version is their new festive edition bringing a game loaded with hundreds of eccentric questions.

The questions are not your usual standard quiz type questions most answers relies on logical thinking or speculated guesses so it is a fun game for those whom might not be great at answering your usual general knowledge type questions as this game gives everyone a chance in winning.

“Having a jolly good time I enjoyed a pre Christmas game of their festive edition with some friends over zoom.”
December 2020

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