Clausthaler non alcoholic beer perfect for dry January

Clausthaler is a long running German brewer who have been making non alcoholic beer since 1979. Did you know that that beer is one of the oldest and most widely consumed drinks in the world after water and tea? However the call for non alcoholic beer has risen over the past few years especially in places such as Spain and Germany, where beer lovers have always preferred non alcoholic beers over sugary or caffeinated drinks when they are not drinking.

I was kindly gifted a few PR samples courtesy of @dip_and_sip and Clausthaler.


Back in 1972 the German brand Clausthaler began developing a non alcoholic beer. As a specialty non alcoholic brewery, they decided to take a different approach by removing the alcohol from their beers and produce an ultra low-alcohol beer from the off.

This is done by controlling the fermentation where brewers stop the fermentation early before the yeast has had it’s fill of all the sugars.

There are in fact benefits to drinking non alcoholic beer as it is said that it can help:

  • reduce the risk of heart disease
  • make you feel good as it can boost your dopamine levels
  • rehydrates you quicker as alcohol-free beers are isotonic, which means your body absorbs them quickly
  • with sleep as the hops can act as a sedative
  • improve bone growth as beer has a rich source of silicon a chemical that strengthens your bones
  • reduces inflammation and risk of upper respiratory tract infections
  • provide numerous vitamins and mineral

However while some non alcoholic beers can be bad for you in some situations, non alcoholic beer is good for you, not just as an alternative to alcoholic drinks but as a health drink in its own right.

Enjoying a beer during dry January

Upon receiving my beer I was impressed by the colour of the beer within the bottles making me want to drink them straight away but we all know it is not good to drink on an empty stomach so I paired it with some RE 100% crisps. RE 100% crisps are made from a variety of fruit and vegetables and are healthier than other crisps as they have no added sugar. These crisps worked beautifully giving a nice crunch and did not effect the taste of the beers at all. In fact after each sip of the beers it cleaned my palette making the crisps taste fresh and tasty without taking away the taste of the dried vegetable or fruit crisp.

RE 100 Crisps Clausthaler

Starting with the Clausthaler Original non alcoholic beer I popped it open and poured into a pint glass which it produced a lovely amber ale and a thick white head. This dry hopped beer to me tasted very similar to a Heineken and had a lovely nice clean finish. This beer is simply made from water, hops, yeast and barley malt.


Next I tried the Clausthaler Unfiltered. This is their latest pioneering invention which they use a craft beer technique of dry hopping, where a special kind of savoury hops are added to the brew after fermentation. Pouring into a glass it gave a nice golden colour and good head. The beer is crisp with a slight maltiness and bitter taste but very tasty.

Clausthaler Original

The Clausthaler Lemon is a mix of 40% Clausthaler Classic and 60% lemonade resulting in a tasty shandy rather than a beer. I love the yellow golden colour of this beer and it has a nice fizz as well as a great head, very frothy. As for taste it is zesty and refreshing, making it perfect for summer days.

Clausthaler Lemon

The Clausthaler Grapefruit a mix of 50% Clausthaler Classic and 50% grapefruit drink resulting in yet another great tasty shandy. I love the pink orange colour of the beer and it had a nice fizz to it. Tangy and refreshing.

Clausthaler Grapefruit

After the enjoying the beers and shandys I cleaned the pint glasses easily and effectively with my new easy installed Eco Tap which helps prevent water splashing and saves on usage of water. Check out my full blog on this amazing tap via reading my full block just click here.

To see the froth which these beers and shandy produced and to discover more about the RE 100% crisps and Eco Tap watch my video below or head over to my YouTube channel.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

All in all as a beer lover even though these had no alcohol it was hard to tell. Each and everyone had a lovely clean and refreshing taste. In particular I loved the fruity lemon and grapefruit beers as they were like no other beer I have ever tasted. Each were zesty and refreshing. I will certainly be looking in buying these beers in the future.

I highly recommend.

Clausthaler order now

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Darmstädter Landstr. 185
60598 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Tel: 49 (0) 69 / 60 65 – 0

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Thank you to Dip and Sip as well as Clausthaler for the lovely tasting refreshing non alcoholic beers. All views are my own honest opinion.

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