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Do you love crisps but are health conscious about the amount of salt, oil and fat within each pack you eat? Then check out RE 100% fruit & vegetable crisps.

It is hard to resist I must admit opening a bag of crisps but being more health conscious lately watching my intake of fat, salt, sugar and oil I had to cut down on my regular pack of crisps. However luckily I did not have to cut out my crisps just a different kind. RE 100% provide crisps that are healthy and using fruit and vegetables.

Thanks to my friends of @dip_and_sip I was kindly gifted a few PR samples of RE 100% crisps along with some non alcoholic Clausthaler beers to enjoy along with the crisps as snacks and beers are always a great combo.

RE 100% Air Dried Crisps

Back in 2019 Robert & Ed became co-founders of RE 100% to kick start a new crisp RE-volution.

RE 100% are a healthy crisp snack which are 100% full of goodness. All the crisps are natural, air dried, and made from fruit and vegetables, nothing else.

Their vegetable and fruit are air dried via a air drying process. It took them many attempts and research to perfect the perfect air dried crisp but after many tries and fails they soon had it down to perfection resulting in each crisp being vivid with natural colours, packed with nutrients and having that great crunch.

Ditching greasy snacks

All of RE 100% crisps come beautifully stored within air tight sealed packets keeping them fresh and crisp.

RE 100 Crisps

Upon opening each packet they each smelt amazing and looked very colourful and I was in the safe knowledge knowing that they are healthier than normal crisps as they are all made from 100% fruit or vegetables with no added nonsense.

RE 100 Crisps Carrots

The Carrot crisps are bright orange and super healthy as well as tasty. They had the perfect crunch and tasted as you would expect of carrot but with a much denser flavour. So if you love carrots you’ll love these.

The Apple crisps are beige in colour and tangy and sweet and had a nice crunch to them. Warning they are very moorish, once you bite you won’t be able to stop.

RE 100 Crisps Apples

The Beetroot crisps are deep purple and has a great crunch. Slightly earthy and bitter in taste but sweet as well. Very different but tasty.

RE 100 Crisps Beetroot

The Peach crisps are pale yellow in colour and gives a nice floral yet sweet taste. A summery fruity crisp.

RE 100 Crisps Peaches

Plus these crisps I enjoyed along with my Clausthaler non acholic beers which worked beautifully.

RE 100 Crisps Clausthaler

Discover more about these crisps from the crunch and taste as well as the Clausthaler beers I paired them with by watching my video from below.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

All these crisps are 100% healthy as they are all made from fresh peeled vegetables or fruit which is just simply air dried and packed. A packet costs from £1.40 and even though steeper than a normal packet of crisps it was good to know that what I was eating healthy as they don’t contain any added sugar, salt or artificial nasties. I will certainly be looking at buying these air dried crisps in the future as they all did taste amazing and had a great crunch.

RE 100% order yours

RE 100%


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Thank you to Dip and Sip and RE 100% for the amazing tasting healthy veg and fruit crisps. All views are my own honest opinion.

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