Ninja Power Nutri Blender start your year off healthy

January is that time of year when most of us start to think about eating healthier or even going vegan for the month. Thanks to Ninja products they can get you eating better with their Health Grills, Air Fryers Smoothie Power Nutri Blenders.

On a courtesy basis I was given a Power Nutri Blender from Ninja to show me how easy it is to make your own smoothies, frozen yoghurts and marinades at home.


Ninja sell inspiring kitchen appliances making it easy to produce quick and easy to prepare delicious, healthy food and drinks at home.

Following decades of success in the USA, Ninja is now recognised globally with offices situated across the world and are part of JS Global, the world’s third largest small household appliances focused company.

Ninja produces a range of powerful blenders, food processors and cooking appliances, each with a variety of multiple functions and automatic programs making cooking easy. Each product is engineered in-house and designed for speed, power, ease with incredible results.

Smoothies made easy

If like me you want to cut down on fizzy drinks and start to drink healthier smoothies that are a great thirst quencher as it is packed with fruit or vegetables providing you with vitamins and meeting your one of your five a day.

A smoothie is generally a drink which is made from pureed raw fruit and/or vegetables with either added water, fruit juice, milk, yoghurt or a plant based liquid. Smoothies may also have added sugar, sweeteners, ice, chocolate, or nutritional supplements within.

However the healthfulness of a smoothie depends on its ingredients and their proportions as I have heard that not all smoothies on the market are good for you as some contain a large quantity of added sugar and can be high in calories. Consuming too much added sugar can increase your risk of chronic ailments like heart disease, diabetes, and liver disease. Plus most have added nasties.

The beauty about using a Ninja Power Nutri Blender at home is that I will know exactly what is in my smoothie from sugars to other nasties that shop bought smoothies might consist of.

More than just smoothies

Upon receiving my Ninja Power Nutri Blender I was impressed by the size of the blender, the simple clear buttons and recipe booklet.

I discovered that not only with the Power Nutri Blender you can make delicious tasting smoothies but also frozen yoghurts, marinades and much more.

This Ninja Foodi Power Nutri Blender CB100UK apart from being able to make smoothies it is also ideal for making light and silky spreads, marinades and frozen yoghurts as this blender is a revolutionary 2-in-1 blender. Has 4 Auto-iQ programs and a Smart Torque motor making it easy to power through the thickest of ingredients – no stalling, no stirring, no shaking. Comes with a Nutri Cup and Nutri Bowl with a powder paddle. The built in power paddle means that no scraping is needed when making smoothies. Plus once you have blended your smoothie you can take it out with you just add the spouted lid to the flask.

To make smoothies it is best to use the Power Nutri Bowl with built in Power Paddle which makes making smoothies easier. It produces thick and spoonable smoothies thanks to its twist Power Paddle. Why? as whilst it is blending to get all the ingredients blitzed the power paddle pushes all the ingredients down towards the blade so everything gets blitzed.

I decided to make from the recipe booklet not just smoothies but also milkshakes, marinades and a frozen yoghurt from their recipe booklet.

Using the Power Nutri Bowl (400ml) for thicker textures

With the Power Nutri Bowl I made a Tropical Smoothie Bowl, Raspberry Frozen Yoghurt, and Peanut Butter.

The Power Nutri Bowl is great to make smoothie bowls, frozen yoghurts, and nut butters.

  • firstly add the liquid you are using up to the liquid fill line,
  • add frozen fruit or acai if using to to the max fill line,
  • optional amplify your base by adding yoghurt, protein powder, or nut butter, and
  • finally screw on the blade and onto the Ninja motor base and press MIX and twist the Powder Paddle anti clockwise continuously while processing.

To make any smoothie you firstly need to add the liquid, followed on by the fruit or vegetables, then just blitz by pressing the mix button and twisting the Power Paddle anti-clockwise continuously whilst processing. Once done you can top your smoothies with your added favourites such as granola or berries.

Starting off with smoothies for drinking I must admit being my first time in making my very own and I was very impressed with the blender. It was easy to use plus it blended all the fruits perfectly. No lumps at all, just a beautiful thick, yet smooth smoothie within a few minutes.

Tropical Smoothie Bowl

  • Coconut milk
  • Frozen pineapple chunks
  • Frozen mango chunks
  • Sweetener of your choice, as desired

Firstly pour the coconut milk into the Nutri Bowl, fill to liquid line then add the frozen fruit and sweetener (if using) up to the max fill line. Then on with the blade and popping onto the motor base pressing mix button and twisting the powder paddle anti clockwise continuously within under a minute soon had a finished tropical bowl smoothie. Pour into bowl and decorate with your favourite toppings of your choice be it granola, coconut flakes, or fresh fruits.

This Tropical Smoothie was a delicious breakfast bowl of fruitiness and better than having a yoghurt as fresh, healthier and packed with vitamins.

Raspberry Frozen Yoghurt

  • 150g frozen raspberries (I used frozen mixed berries)
  • 100ml vanilla Greek yoghurt (I used plain yoghurt)
  • Sweetener of your choice, as desired

Place all ingredients in the Nutri bowl in the order listed, place on blade and fix onto motor base. Press mix and twist the power paddle anti clockwise continuously while it is mixing and soon I had a frozen fruity yoghurt.

This frozen yoghurt to me was a little like a sorbet but more healthy as no sugar, extra fruity and extremely fresh. Pure fruity deliciousness.

Classic Peanut Butter

  • 200g roasted peanuts
  • 1 tbsp rapeseed oil
  • salt to taste

Placing all the ingredients into the Nutri Bowl in that order with a press of the mix button and turning the power paddle anti clockwise within under a minute I had a well chopped and mixed peanut butter.

This peanut butter was thick, no lumps, nutty, and tasty. Bin those jars of peanut butter and make your own as it is so easy.

With my peanut butter I decided to use on my chicken. Mixing my freshly mixed peanut butter I mixed in some thinly sliced chilli’s, crushed garlic, lime zest, and juice of a lime and spread on my pan fried cooked chicken breast then placed under the grill to crisp up. Worked beautifully giving the chicken a hit of heat from the chills, followed by the crunch of the peanuts, and zestiness from the lime. Try it yourself.

Using the Power Nutri Cup (700ml) for drinks and dressings

Using the Power Nutri Cup I produced a variety of milkshakes, drinks and marinades.

The Power Nutri Cup is great to make drinks and dressings.

  • firstly add fresh fruits and/or vegetables to the flask,
  • followed on by any leafy greens and/or herbs (if using),
  • then your chosen liquid (milk, yoghurt, coconut milk, or juice),
  • next add dry and/or sticky ingredients (seeds, powders or nut butters),
  • then finally top with ice or frozen ingredients.

With the Power Nutri Cup I made a Banana Milkshake, Ginger Orange Extract, Mint Sauce, and a Tandoori Marinade.

Banana Milkshake

  • 300g banana with skins on peeled and halved
  • 200ml semi skimmed milk
  • 2 scoops vanilla ice cream

Place all ingredients into the cup in the order listed then install the blade then place onto the Ninja motor base. Press blend. Then remove cup and pour into a glass or pop on the spouted lid to take with you on your travels.

I was very impressed with the milkshake as this Ninja blender blitzed all the ingredients up perfectly. There was no lumps at all plus there was no need to get a spoon to scrape the ingredients further on down towards the blade unlike other blenders. With just a quick blitz I soon had a delicious fresh creamy banana milkshake.

Ginger Orange Extract

  • 120ml orange juice
  • 2.5cm piece ginger, peeled cut in quarters
  • 1 orange, peeled, pips & pith removed, cut in quarters
  • 80g raspberries
  • 60g frozen pineapple chunks
  • 60g frozen mango chunks

Placing all the ingredients in a cup in the order listed with a quick blitz using the crush button I soon had a fresh breakfast juice with a difference.

Packed with fruit this drink was sharp and tangy and the ginger gave it that added kick of heat. A perfect start to the day.

Mint Sauce

  • 30g mint leaves, stripped off stem
  • 2 tbsp white wine vinegar
  • 1 tbsp caster sugar
  • 2 tbsp boiling water

Placing all the mint leaves into the cup, then the blade, with a quick press of the pulse button to roughly chop the mint. Then add the remainder of the ingredients, with a quick pulse to mix the mint sauce was ready.

It produced a lovely fresh mint sauce which was so easy to make. So bin those ready made jars of mint and make your own.

Tandoori Marinade

  • 1 tsp ground coriander
  • 1 tsp ground cumin
  • 1 tsp ground turmeric
  • 1 tsp cayenne pepper
  • 1 tbsp garam masala
  • 1 tbsp paprika
  • 250ml Greek yoghurt
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • 4 garlics cloves
  • 30g root ginger, peeled
  • 1 red chilli, seed removes
  • 1 tsp salt

Placing all the ingredients into the cup with a press of the blend button under a minute it produced a perfect non lumpy tandoori marinade to coat your chicken with.

The marinade was golden orange, smooth, spicy and hot (but not too hot). It worked beautifully with the chicken. I marinated my chicken for 6 hours before popping into the oven to cook.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I love to cook and usually smoothies I buy ready made ones and marinades I chop everything by hand but using this Ninja blender it has shown me how easy it is to actually make your own smoothies, marinades and so much more. With the Power Nutri Bowl and Powder Nutri Cup it made everything easy, with a twist here, press there, each cut and mixed up all the ingredients beautifully.

What I found most wonderful though with this blender is that with the blade being quite near the bottom and raised blades as well it chopped everything with ease and produced great smooth smoothies, marinades, and so much more. Unlike other blenders no scraping of ingredients was required to get the blades to chop everything up. I think this is down to the Hybrid Edge blades which are made from stainless meaning it can handle the toughest of ingredients plus due to the high duty motor.

Hands down this blender is the best blender I have ever used and owned. The Ninja Foodi Power Nutri Blender costs £99.99 and I highly recommend it.

If you are more into soups though than smoothies then check out Ninja Foodi Blender & Soup Maker costs £149.99 which chops and cooks the soup, plus smoothies can also be done in that blender.

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Thanks to Ninja for the amazing blender. All views are my own honest opinion.

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