Impossible Things Detective Agency needs your help as a crime had been committed!

Once upon a night there was a crime committed but the question is who done it and why? but not all was as it seemed.

My services and my Watson’s were required by Impossible Things detective agency to solve a crime.

Impossible Things

Impossible Things presents Once Upon a Crime.

Impossible Things bring together a wonderland of creative entertainment, with exciting, innovative mix of live music, theatre, circus, film, TV, digital, immersive experiences.

They hosted a mix of events bringing together film, food and immersiveness together from Spice Up Your Brunch, When You Wish Upon a Brunch, The Greatest Brunch and Tay Tay Brunch.

Now they bring their newest wonderous adventure to our screens at home where you can enjoy an adventure of murder and mystery.

Secrets within the Fairytale Underworld

Helping Impossible Things now detective agency I and my comrades of Watsons we were taken to the streets of the darker side the Fairy tale Underworld where we questioned suspects within the comfort of our own homes.

Impossible Things Once Upon a Crime

Something has happened to Charming and it was up to us to work out what? Meeting such characters as Red, Cinders, Cheshire and so many more it was up to us to look back at footage and hear what they had to say.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Using Zoom and a combination of techniques to find clues and track down the culprit of the crime of Charming it was a fun challenge.

We was presented with a variety of evidence from video footage and images with some live action. I loved how the characters were based on fairy tale characters and the videos. In particular I loved how we had a choice at one part of when we played a game of Black Jack whether to stick or hit. It would be great to have more choice options like that. The only downside to this unique crime adventure is that one of you has to share a lot of the evidence, videos, etc via sharing their screen and if you are not that ofay in using Zoom then this can be a little daunting but also confusing at the same time. So with that in mind I think if everything could be shared via the host of Impossible Things instead that would be more useful.

My Watsons said this about the whole experience:

Once Upon A Crime is a fun way to solve a crime that makes the most of the technology we already use! The game uses a collaborative approach and the clues keep you on your toes throughout. The atmospheric mood of the game feels like you have been transported back in time with quirky and memorable characters ready to engage with your investigation. The hosts are on hand to assist and direct whenever needed.


As an avid fan of detective TV series, and love solving mysteries, I really loved getting involved in this virtual world and enjoyed actively looking for clues, with my fellow PIs. It is a really fun “whodunnit” game with lots of interaction with the cast, well performed, and loved the music and the songs. I really felt I was there! It was also entertaining, I liked that aspect too. I was very impressed with how well organised it was too. Totally immersive and totally enjoyable. I would give it 10/10.


Loved it! I knew all those years of watching Murder She Wrote would come in handy! The game is done really well & compared to other online games I have played, I most enjoyed that one nominated player shared their screen so you could work through it as a team & nobody could speed ahead! The characters were memorable and it was easy to follow. I would still recommend making notes as you go along. I felt entirely immersed in the venues and era. I was on full detective mode! I would love to see where they go with it next and other scenarios they do. Time just flies by while you try to solve the crime. Brilliant!


Meet the dark side of your much loved fairy tale characters like never have before! But the biggest question is what happened to Charming?

Impossible Things book now

Impossible Things presents Once Upon a Crime

To play Impossible Things: Once Upon a Crime all participants have to have access to a laptop with Zoom and a mobile. 2-6 people are required to play the game.

Thanks to Impossible Things for the adventure. All views are my own honest opinion.

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