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Do you remember that special feeling of excitement and joy, when you used to pop into an old fashioned sweetshop as a child grabbing a paper bag and filling it with your classic favourite sweets from jars? Yes, but have you ever enjoyed your old classic sweets in sparkling liquid form?

DROP produce drinks which are based on the taste of your old fashioned favourites which were extremely popular back in the 60’s & 70’s. In the form of liquid pop which will tantalise your taste buds you will be able to relive the taste of the sweets you once knew and loved but with a difference. They don’t just look amazing in colour, but smell sweet and taste delicious, exactly like the sweets we all knew and loved.

Courtesy of Retro Drinks Distribution I was gifted some bottles of DROP drinks to try out at home to take me back to fond childhood moments but with a twist.


Founded in 2020 DROP gives you the taste of those classic old fashioned sweets you once knew and loved in the form of a drink.

So many of us remember that special feeling of excitement and joy, that came when we grabbed a paper bag and filled with sweets from an old fashioned sweetshop. DROP though wanted to bring back these classics from Pear Drops, Lemon Sherbet, Cola Cubes, and Cherry Drops in a different way so they have produced them in the form of a sparkling drink, resulting in a unmistakable taste.

Taste of old fashioned sweets we knew and loved

There are still some old fashioned sweetshops around to this day which still sell the old classic hard boiled sweets from the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s within jars but I have always wondered what would some of these be like in liquid form instead? Thanks to DROP drinks I know now as they sell these four classics Pear Drops, Lemon Sherbet, Cherry Drops and Cola Cubes in liquid form.

All their sparkling sodas come within clear glass bottles so you can see the colourful liquid within, just like how you would see the explosion of colour when you used to look at the many jars in an old fashioned sweet shop.

All of DROP drinks don’t use artificial flavours, colours or sweetners. They are all made from carbonated water, natural flavouring, and has sugar added.

Popping open this golden sparkling drop of Pear Drop I was instantly hit by a pleasant smell of pears. Fizzing away this awesome drink gave the taste of sweet pears, exactly like the pear drops I used to know and loved.

Lemon Sherbet is bright yellow, smells of lemons and really does get your tastebuds buzzing with the fizziness and sharpness of the lemons.

The Cherry Drop is a sparkling red pop which once opening you are hit by the smell of cherries and tastes exactly like cherry drops.

Reddish in colour the Cola Cubes drink is sweeter than your usual cola drink but ever so delicious.

All can be enjoyed on it’s own like a normal bottle of fizz or alternatively they can be mixed within your favourite alcoholic spirit. Check out all recipes via clicking here.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

All of DROP drinks were wonderful and really did make me think back to my childhood years sucking on these classic candies and so much more. However the beauty about DROP drinks is that you won’t break your teeth on them as these come in liquid form.

Plus the beauty about DROP drinks is that you can enjoy either straight as a sparkling pop or use as a mixer.

So if you used to love these classics, and love fizzy pop then I highly recommend DROP drinks for the taste of the olden sweet days.

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Thanks to Retro Drinks Distribution for the delicious DROP drinks. All views are my own honest opinion.

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