Cocoa Boom UK explosion of chocolate

Chocolate is the sweet food of love which only provides a hit of chocolate deliciousness but the beauty about a chocolate bomb is watching it melt and seeing what is inside. Chocolate bombs can mainly be found on dessert menus at Indian restaurants as the chocolate bomb originally came from India.

Thanks to Cocoa Boom chocolate bombs can now be enjoyed at home. I was gifted some to enjoy within the comfort of my own home, perfect sweet treat surprise for dinner celebrations with friends and family.

Cocoa Boom

Cocoa Boom created back in November 2021 sells a variety of different flavoured chocolate bombs which comes in the traditional shape of a ball, plus their unique Cocoa Booms of roses and hearts.

Cococa Boom is all about providing a luxury fun experience to enjoy at home as a sweet treat after dinner or as a comforting hot chocolate.

Explosion of chocolate

Upon receiving my Cocoa Booms I was impressed by the packaging as each was wrapped well in bubble wrap. None were broke and all looked so pretty. I particularly loved the look of the roses and hearts as so different to the usual ball.

The roses and hearts are designed to pop into a bowl and pour hot milk over to enjoy as a sweet treat after dinner and their balls for a hot chocolate with a difference.

I enjoyed a variety of flavours of milk chocolate, white choc & cinnamon, salted caramel, orange, mint and rose chai. All I had to do was warm up 200ml milk and pour over the bombs and watch the magic happen. The chocolate was thick, melted beautifully and each like a deluxe hot chocolate of hot melted chocolate, milk and with that added flavour be it mint, orange, etc.

For the roses and hearts I placed in a bowl, poured the milk over and enjoyed as a warm chocately dessert. For the balls I enjoyed as a hot chocolate treat. My favourite flavour was the mint flavoured rose as it was chocolatey and minty.

Watch as it melts.

Plus I loved the ball bombs as of the surprise of the mini marshmallows making it a deluxe hot chocolate.

Which appeals to you?


Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you are looking for that something a little different for your upcoming dinner party or as a dessert or a different kind of hot chocolate then Cocoa Boom bombs are a must.

Plus the Cocoa Boom heart shaped bombs are perfect for Valentines. If you want any for Valentines be sure to order before 10pm on Tuesday 9 February to secure your order to receive in time for Valentines.

Highly recommend if you are looking for that something a little different.

Cocoa Boom order yours

Cocoa Booms chocolate bombs (balls, roses and hearts)

The Cocoa Boom – Original milk choc bomb
White Choc & Cinnamon – Snowy white choc bomb with a hint of cinnamon
Salted Caramel – Golden salted caramel
Terrys X Cocoa Boom – Cocoa Boom infused with Terrys Chocolate Orange
Aero Mint Cocoa Boom – Cocoa Mint Cocoa Boom
Rose Chai Cocoa Boom – Chai with aromatic edible rose petals

Once Cocoa Boom £3.50
Three Cocoa Booms £10
Signature box of four £12
Selection box of six £18
Mini chocolate spoon 50p
FREE Delivery on orders over £30

To make an order DM Cocoa Boom directly via Instagram @cocoaboom

Thanks to Cocoa Boom for the luxury bombs. All views are my own honest opinion.

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