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As a lover of chocolates, candy and desserts when I discovered about Brigadeiro Gourmet box and read all about brigadeiros which are a traditional Brazilian dessert, I just had to try them. What are brigadeiros though? well they are balls which are made from Swiss Coca, condensed milk and double cream. They were first created back in the 1940s and vary in flavours from milk chocolate to dark, milk and white. They are a very popular confection which is enjoyed throughout Brazil, especially during festive events.

Thanks to Brigadeiro Gourmet I was gifted a luxury box perfect for Valentines or a gift which came with a selection of brigadeiros and a bunch of fresh cut flowers.

Brigadeiro Gourmet UK

Katia Hickmann the founder of Brigadeiro Gourmet UK back in December 2019 brought to the UK her delicacies of home made delights of brownies, cakes, cookies and brigadeiros. All of which have been created by Roberta Medina and lovingly made by Katia Hickmann, Catarina Marques Vieira and Lucas Nogueira, their aim is to spread the joy and delights of brigadeiros.

Savor Brigadeiro Gourmet produce true Brazilian brigadeiros, which are made with the finest ingredients giving a delicious gourmet experience. With 14 different flavours Bitter with Pistachio, Black, Casadinho, Churros, Coconut, Italian Straw, Dried Milk, Lemon, Nuts, Oreo, Ovaltine, Peanut, Traditional and White.

Bridadeiro Gourmet also sell Brownies with or without nuts, New York style handmade Cookies either Classics, Double Chocolate or Red Velvet and cakes suiting everyone’s tastes from a Naked Cake, Traditional Cake, Volcano Cake and WOW cake. You can choose the size, the flavour of the dough (butter, chocolate or carrot) and your favourite topping and filling which will be brigadeiro.

My first taste of brigadeiros

Never hearing about brigadeiros before I was delighted in receiving them. Upon receiving a Valentines gift box I was highly impressed by the display, the luxury hard box and look.

The flowers consisted of tulips, carnations …… and 16 brigadeiros which I have instantly fell in love and hooked as I could not stop eating them. They taste a little like truffles with a fudge like texture. The flavours I enjoyed were Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Coconut and Dried Milk Brigadeiro. My personal favourite was coconut, crunchy and creamy. If you are not looking to eat straight away they can be stored at room temperature, in a cool and dry spot, for up to 3 days or placed in the fridge for up to a week.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you are looking for a unique gift, not your average chocolates or way of gifting flowers then I highly recommend Brigadeiro Gourmet Valentine box and Brigadeiro as the presentation is beautiful. The flowers were fresh, a great mix and displayed beautifully and the Brigadeiros were beautiful and cute in how letters made from royal icing was placed on top of the balls of sweet delight. I wish though that the box came with a lid so once the flowers have wilted the box can still be used as a cute storage box.

I highly recommend their Valentine boxes as well as their Brigadeiros and I am sure their brownies, cakes and cookies will also be as equally as tasty.

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Thanks to Brigadeiro Gourmet for the most indulgent brigadeiros and beautiful looking flowers. All views are my own honest opinion.

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