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I love freshly made pizza and being able to choose my own toppings when dining at a restaurant but as much as I love dining at a restaurant I do love enjoying pizza at home also. Thanks to Dough & Glory I was gifted a box of their dough to sample at home by giving me the opportunity to recreate at home pizza with toppings I love. All I had to do with each dough ball was defrost, stretch, spread with tomato sauce, sprinkle with mozzarella, top with my favourite toppings and whack in the oven or cook in a frying pan. Within 8 minutes I had a great tasting authentic Italian thin crust pizza.

Dough & Glory

Ben Scarles and Joe Tyler brings an expansive background in the food and services industry and wanted to bring authentic pizza to our homes nationwide which can easily be remade at home with a little stretching and creativity.

Within Millennium Foods, the family run company which started over 20 years ago from an office at home, has grown it’s reputation for quality, service and innovation.

Ben and Joe are all about producing top quality dough which can be enjoyed at home. Their pizza kits consist of at home dough, and top quality toppings of tomato sauce and mozzarella to make that perfect Margherita.

No kneading required, meaning you have more time to chill on your own or sharing an evening with friends, just stretch it out, toss on some toppings, stick it in the oven or throw in a frying pan and savour the authentic taste of success.

Kitchen Oven

Pizza Oven

Frying Pan

Simply enjoy pizza by Dough & Glory at home, be it for a fun online pizza party, cooking with children, or a movie night in with your friends. Let your creativity grow.

Pizza fun at home

We all love a pizza which is savoury dish which originated from Italy. A pizza usually is made from dough which is flattened into a round circle and spread with tomato sauce and topped with cheese, and a variety of other ingredients such as anchovies, mushrooms, onions, meat, etc. It is then baked at a high temperature within a traditional wood-fired oven or at home within a conventional oven.

Upon receiving my box through the post I was impressed how my pizza kit from Dough & Glory was still frozen, thanks to the dry ice packaging which came wrapped around it.

The pizza kit includes four ingredients of 4 specially formulated frozen dough balls (1450g), 2 packets of diced mozzarella, 2 tubs of classic tomato sauce and 2 packets of semolina.

Before I could start using the dough to create my desired pizza the dough has to be defrosted. Either leave the dough balls at room temperature for around four hours, to defrost or pop them in the fridge overnight and remove at least two hours before you need them. To test if they are ready, gently press the dough. If there’s a little spring back then they are ready to use.

Now it was onto making my desired pizza of which I decided to produce a Prosciutto & Pineapple, Prosciutto & Rocket, Sausage & Kale, Red Pepper, Chilli, Rocket & Fresh Mozzarella.

The pizza can be cooked either in a frying pan or oven but as I was using toppings I used the oven to cook mine. Cranking the oven up to 240°C it was time for me to build my pizzas. Firstly I dusted my kitchen work surface with the semolina and plain flour of equal quantities then placed my dough onto it, stretching from the middle, pushing outwards with my fingers. Then flipping over the dough I repeated and produced a rim for a crust edge. Then moving my dough onto a pizza tray it was onto adding my toppings but firstly spread the tomato sauce which came within the pack and sprinkle over the mozzarella. Now on with my toppings taking a classic Margherita into something more glorious. Then placing in the preheated oven after around 8 minutes I had perfectly cooked pizzas.

Pizza making at home

These are the pizzas I made at home which all were glorious.

Prosciutto & Rocket
140g mozzarella cheese, freshly grated
1 tbsp olive oil
8 slices of prosciutto
Small handful of rocket

Delicious, the prosciutto gave it that saltiness and the rocket pepperness.

Prosciutto & Pineapple
140g mozzarella cheese, finely grated
6 slices of prosciutto
Handful of small chunks of fresh pineapple

The fresh pineapple gave it that extra sweetness and the prosciutto saltiness.

Sausage & Kale
130g mozzarella cheese, finely grated
120g pork sausage, skin removed, then rolled into 12 small balls
Small handful of kale, stems removed, torn in pieces
2 tsp olive oil

The sausage was succulent and meaty and the kale gave it that extra crunch.

Red Pepper, Chilli, Rocket & Fresh Mozzarella
Half packet of grated mozzarella
One fresh mozzarella sliced
One red pepper sliced thinly
One red chilli thinly sliced
Handful of rocket

The heat of the chilli, crunch of pepper and peppery flavour from the rocket made this pizza a delight. However I won’t use fresh mozzarella next time as made it a bit too wet.

All in all each pizza was delicious but mainly that was because of the glorious tasting authentic dough which tasted like a traditional Italian crust.

My personal favourite though Prosciutto & Pineapple which started making me think of future holidays to Italy so I just had to dress up, sit back and relax whilst munching on this glorious pizza. Fantastico!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

This pizza dough kit is a great kit providing all the ingredients you require for a simple Margherita pizza but obviously you can get creative and add toppings to it or recreate your favourite pizza you might normally order when at a restaurant.

I loved how that the pizza did not need any kneading whatsoever just stretching and topping with your favourite ingredients. Whatever pizza you decide to make you will end up with a glorious tasting pizza.

Glory & Dough brings the taste of Italy to your home.

Dough & Glory order yours

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Thanks to Dough & Glory for the easiest and most tastiest pizza dough. All views are my own honest opinion.

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