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Lockdown is a drag and not being able to adventure on out and pop into a bar to sip on a premium cocktail it can be quite depressing but thankfully MAP Maison has created MAP Lab their premium cocktail service so you can enjoy their cocktails at home and all of which tastes just like those you get at their bar. Simply just shake, pour and serve.

I was gifted a few bottled cocktails on a courtesy basis thanks to MAP Lab to enjoy at home.

MAP Maison brings MAP Lab

MAP Maison is a sophisticated cocktail bar within London where you can go along and enjoy a premium cocktail mixed by a mixologist or even enjoy some food from an afternoon tea or even a bottomless brunch.

MAP Lab brings their premium hand bottled cocktails to your home which have all been meticulously crafted by their expert mixologists, as each are made from top quality ingredients and the finest spirits from around the world. All their cocktails are elegant, refined and classic, with unique and modern twists keeping things interesting. Their ambition is to give a completely different experience with new cocktails to enjoy at home and explore.

Cocktails with a difference

I just love cocktails and always intrigued how a cocktail is made. All cocktails are generally made from an alcoholic mix of spirits which are then mixed with fruit juice, flavoured syrups or cream. Cocktails from the early to mid 2000s saw the rise of cocktail culture through the style of mixology which mixes traditional cocktails and other novel ingredients together.

Courtesy of MAP Lab I was gifted three of their premium unique cocktails of MAP Margarita, Perfect Poison, and Netflicks Original.

Mamma Margarita is a twist to the worlds most favourite drink a margarita. Their version is a mix of premium aged reposado tequila paired with agave and lime.

Best glass for the Margarita is a Martini glass as it gives a greater exposure to air which helps get to the spirits and open them up. The steeply sloping sides also prevent the cocktails ingredients from separating, and can easily support a toothpick on the glass with olives (if using).

For the perfect serve all I had to do to serve was firstly shake the bottle, then pour 75ml of Mamma Margarita over ice, and drink. Garnish suggestion a slice of lime.

A perfect sour drink with that hit of lime.

Perfect Poison is MAP Maison favourite cocktail which is enjoyed highly by guests at their bar in London. This spring it can now be enjoyed at home via their MAP Lab home delivery service. It is a cocktail which is a combination of passionfruit, raspberry, lime and gingerbread syrup.

Best glass for this cocktail is a highball glass as this cocktail is best served with plenty of ice and this glass has a large area for ice.

For the perfect serve shake bottle, fill glass with plenty of ice, pour 100ml of The Perfect Poison over the ice, and drink. Garnish suggestion raspberry or passion fruit.

This cocktail tasted a little similar to a Porn Star Martini but so much better thanks to the raspberry within and the hit of the gingerbread syrup giving a sweet, but yet sharp sour taste, so divine. In fact this is now my NEW FAVOURITE cocktail, I LOVE IT!

Netflicks Original 2 is a combination of gin, amaro di angostura, maraschino and orange bitters.

Best glass to serve in is the Martini glass so the spirits have movement and can release their aromas.

For the perfect serve shake bottle, then pour 75ml in a jug of ice, stir, strain and pour into Martini glass. Garnish suggestion orange peel.

A kick of gin, a warming feeling from the cinnamon and the cherry giving it that extra sweetness makes for a perfect tipple. The perfect cocktail for the evening, sitting back and watching a movie.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

These cocktails I must admit has been some of the best cocktails I have tried at home. I loved how their cocktails come in handy sized bottles, corked with a wooden top which easily comes out and pops back in and has clear instructions on the bottles, making each pour easy to recreate the perfect cocktail at home in how a mixologist would serve it. The look, smell and taste from each cocktail met all my expectations of a how a top class cocktail should be.

I highly recommend checking out MAP Lab cocktails as they are the best, especially the Perfect Poison cocktail which I am now hooked on, I just love it.

Get your perfect serve and order yours now.

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Premium cocktails to enjoy at home

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Thanks to MAP Lab for the delicious tasting cocktails which were all so spectacular. All views are my own honest opinion.

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