JimJams chocolate spread and Griddle mix makes for the perfect pancake

It’s Shrove Tuesday or as many of us call it PANCAKE DAY. So out comes my pancake pan ready to cook some pancakes. There are so many recipes out on the web and in cook books on how to make pancakes but if you are looking for the perfect chocolate chip pancake Griddle pre made pancake mix is the solution. Plus for that extra indulgent add more chocolate on your pancakes with JimJams plant based, gluten free and low in sugar chocolate spreads.

Courtesy of Griddle, JimJams and Sunny PR I was gifted a few samples to make my 2021 pancake day that extra chocately and special.

JimJams and Griddle


Kellie and Kevin wanted an alternative healthier treat for their children and so it became their mission to create a chocolate spread that tasted fantastic yet contained a lot less sugar than leading brands (83% less sugar to be precise!) and so JimJams was born.

Click here to discover recipes that can be made from their chocolate spread and click here to watch videos of them and their children Evie & Jack making delicious treats.


Griddle sell delicious, wholegrain bakery products from pancake mixes to waffles perfect for breakfast or as a sweet treat anytime of the day.

Griddle produce gluten free, plant based and low in sugar as they are producers of healthy takes on classic favourites.

A very chocolatey pancake day

Shrove Tuesday / Pancake day comes round once a year, but pancakes can actually be enjoyed all year round but what is a pancake?

Pancakes can be enjoyed either as a savoury dish or a sweet treat. The batter to make pancakes are mainly made using flour, milk and eggs then fried in oiled or buttered frying pan or hot griddle. Pancake shapes and structure varies though worldwide.

Griddle and JimJams can make your pancake day that extra special. Griddle for their pre made delicious tasting gluten free pancake mix and JimJams for their ultimate plant based chocolate spreads. Each of which are low in sugar and low in calories.  

Pancakes made easy with Griddle mix 

Griddle Pancake mix makes pancakes that extra special. Why as not only do they taste amazing their mix is lower in sugar and vegan friendly.

I used Griddle Choc Chip Mix which is made from using a mix of flours from organic wholemeal wheat flour, barley flour, and organic rye flour plus with a mix of chocolate chips.

To make the pancakes all that is required to be added to the mix is 110ml milk and an egg or for a vegan version 150ml water or plant based milk. Mix all together then spoon some of the mix on a medium preheated greased frying pan and cook until bubbles start to appear then flip. Each pancake is just 83 calories.

To make the pancake that extra special you can top with either fruit, nuts, maple syrup or chocolate. I decided to spread mine with more lashings of chocolate of JimJams award winning chocolate spreads.

Chocolate spread by JimJams

JimJams is so good that they even have won The Great Taste Award and I can see why as they are smooth, creamy and chocately.

On my Griddle mix pancakes I enjoyed their Orange spread and Milk Chocolate spread on my pancakes which spread well. Each were as delicious but the Orange one gave my pancakes that extra fruitness.

All their spreads are 100% plant based which means they are kinder on your teeth, gluten free and contain 83% less sugar than the leading chocolate spread brand. The perfect way to satisfy those chocolate cravings, guilt-free! As a teaspoon of JimJams is only 0.5g of sugar. Where other leading chocolate spreads contain 3.2h sugar per teaspoon.

Plus JimJams also sell Chocolate Dippers. Read my blog on these chocately delights by clicking here.

 Each pancake with JimJams spread is only 111 calories, what’s not to love!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Griddle pre made pancake mix and JimJams chocolate spreads were each as delicious. I loved how the Griddle mix is made from a variety of flours and how the chocolate spread is very low in sugar, making me feel guilt free.

So if you are looking for a guilt free treat of pancakes and chocolate then you will love this combo and to think that each pancake topped with JimJams spread is only 111 calories.

Highly recommend.  

Griddle and JimJams order yours


More than just a chocolate spread!

Choose from either

  1. Milk Chocolate Spread 
  2. Hazelnut Chocolate Spread  
  3. Vegan Dark Chocolate Orange Spread  
  4. Vegan Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Spread  

JimJams are on special offer during February 2021 for just £2.00 (normally £2.60). Currently available at Sainsburys, Morrisons, Waitrose, Asda & Ocado and coming soon to Tesco.  


Pancake mixes. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and get messy! Vegan friendly and utterly delicious.

Choose from either

  1. Fresh Pancake
  2. Baking mixes
  3. Waffles

Thank you to Griddle, JimJams and Sunny PR for the delicious treat. All views are my own honest opinion.

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