Wulff Den Deli makes slicing and dicing easy

During lockdown and with many restaurants closed I have been cooking more often at home, but who knew knives make a big difference to when it comes to slicing and dicing in the kitchen as I discovered.

I have many knives at home and to be fair they are your usual cheap run of the mill knives and most are over a decade old so they are quite blunt but I never thought that having decent sharp knives would really make a difference and how wrong was I.

I was gifted on a courtesy basis thanks to Wulff Den Deli a set of their Bleddyn knife range to show me that professional knives are very important to have and use. Each made slicing and dicing that much easier from cutting meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and cheese.

Wulff Den Deli

Founded 2019 Wulff Den Deli forge quality, stylish knives making preparing food that much easier.

Knives are the essential tools in the kitchen and their mission is to unlock peoples confidence using high quality properly sharpened knives.

They sell an exquisite selection of high end Japanese knives but what makes their knives that extra special is that each blade is immaculately sharpened by hand to perfection within their forge.

Along with their beautiful knife collections, Wulff Den Forge also offers a professional sharpening service to all. They can sharpen and restore just about any blade. 

Knives of quality, superior craftsmanship, style and performance.

Slicing and dicing

Since being at home during this pandemic I have cooked a lot more and even learnt a lot about knives, thanks to programmes such as Forged in Fire.

Did you know that knives are one of the earliest tools used by humanity, from as far as 2.5 million years ago. They were originally made of wood, bone, and stone, over the centuries, improvements were made and knives started to be made from bronze, ceramic, copper, iron, steel and titanium. Most modern knives these days are made from steel and come in various styles and patterns which vary by maker and country of origin. Knives were used for a variety of purposes such as hunting and for combat but more commonly for using in the kitchen.

Wulff Den Deli produce a large range of quality forged knives each which are unique and beautifully designed with a variety of styles and patterns.

As a fan of Forged in Fire I know how difficult it is to get a good quality knife and a pattern as so many issues can occur from firing it up, quenching the blade, twisting and so much more.

So if you are looking for the perfect knife with no faults, beautiful pattern, great handle and sharp then Wulff Den Deli knows how to do knives as they are first class in everyway.

Wulff Den Deli Bleddyn knives
Photo credit: Wulff Den Deli

I was gifted a set of their Bleddyn Range of Japanese knives which are custom sharpened in their workshop. They are made with Damascus VG10 super steel, core wrapped in 67 layers of AUS410 stainless steel, giving it that beautiful fish bone pattern and has a XL G10 blue handle which is fixed with pins and epoxy.

Each knife has a better use for different produce and here is why:

  • CHEF knife – a general do it all knife. Great for chopping, slicing and dicing fresh ingredients such as vegetables, fruit and meat. Plus great for cutting fresh herbs as you rock the knife easily back and forth resulting in less bruising.
  • SANTOKU knife – great to use with sticky food as the blades prevent the produce sticking to the blade due to it’s design which mitigates this. Also this knife is good for slicing, dicing and chopping, but slightly better for when wanting thinner slices. Plus great for Julien, slicing whole cabbage, and cauliflower.  
  • BONING knife – excellent to remove meat such as chicken from bones giving a cleaner cut. Flexibility and the tapered end makes it easy to get a cleaner cut of meat compared to other knifes resulting in a better presentation too.
  • FRUIT knife – this small knife makes peeling fruits and vegetables that much easier.

Bleddyn full set costs £215.00, for a limited time they can be purchased for £189.00.

It really has shown me that knives are so important when it comes to slicing and dicing in the kitchen and this range of Bleddyn knives surely was the perfect solution. Each knife made each slice and dice that much easier with just one swipe down the produce was cut.

I must admit though before I did use the knives I was a bit worried I would cut myself but thankfully I did not and with it’s sharp edge it made cutting so much easier. With my old knives I could never achieve a straight through cut and can in fact be more dangerous to use for that reason. So using sharp knives and the right knife for the right produce can help save time, injuries and also give a decent cut.

A sharp knife is a chefs best friend and Bleddyn knives are my new best friend.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Wulff Den Deli knives made preparing meals that much easier from the weight, to the sharpness making slicing, dicing and chopping that much easier and a pleasure.

So if you are looking for a sexy, sharp and weighty knife then I highly recommend Wulff Den Deli knives as they are high quality and corrosion resistance meaning that these knives can last a lifetime as long as you treat them right.

What makes Wulff Deli Den knives a cut above the rest is the design, weight and sharpness of their blades.

Head on over to their website to check out their full range of knife sets.

Wulff Den Deli order yours

Wulff Den Deli Ltd 
20-22 Wenlock Road

Email: info@wulffdendeli.com
Telephone: +44 776040 3939
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Check out the full range of knives by Wulff Den Deli Ltd click here*.

Thank you to Wulff Den Deli for the amazing knifes. All views are my own honest opinion.

*Affiliate – I will get a small commission personally from Wulff Den Deli from any purchase made

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