Restaurant Kits recreate iconic restaurant dishes at home

Are you like me and missing dining out at a restaurant? Yes? then check out Restaurant Kits who sell a range of home kits which have been produced by top quality restaurants within London. Make your home a private restaurant experience for the night. All you have to do is dress your table, follow the easy cooking instructions, cook and serve.

Courtesy of My London and Restaurant Kits I was kindly gifted a range of meals to cook and enjoy at home.

Restaurant Kits

Founded 2020 by Mac & Wild owners Restaurant Kits was born to help support restaurants during lockdown. They deliver extraordinarily delicious, cook at home meal kits which are put together by the UK’s most loved independent restaurants. 

Restaurant Kits provides a collection of kits produced by chefs from a selection of independent restaurants.  

Bringing the restaurant experience to your home

The pandemic has put a close on many restaurants opening their doors for diners. Missing dining out enjoying high quality food within London’s top independent restaurants, Restaurant Kits has come to the rescue.

Every month they have a different selection of restaurant kits to choose from, keeping in season and in keeping everything fresh.

I have tried several of their Restaurant Kits all of which have been wonderfully delicious and so easy to recreate.


For the night I turned my home into a restaurant for two, me and my husband, in which we enjoyed a special night tucking into an Indian by Kricket.

Restaurant kit

The Butter Chicken Curry came all neatly packaged along with clear simple cooking instructions.

The Butter Chicken Curry for 4 costs £38. It came with

  • Tandoori chicken with marinade x 560g
  • Makhani sauce x 1kg
  • Dal x 400g
  • Rice x 300g
  • Julienned ginger x 10g
  • Fenugreek powder x 1 tsp
  • Black pepper papad x 4
  • Mango chutney x 40g
  • Ghee x 20g
  • Pot of whole spices x 30g

Prep and cooking time in total took an hour but so worth it.

Firstly it was on with boiling the rice with ghee and a mix of spices. Then followed on by cooking the chicken in the oven before mixing it in with the makhani sauce which you simmer on the stove. Whilst the chicken and sauce is marinating together on a low simmer time to warm up the dal in a pan and fry the black pepper papad in a hot dry frying pan.

Everything was so simply to cook. After an hour I had a delicious meal. Creamy fresh tasting Tandoori free range chicken which was steeped in a rich buttery makhani sauce, and garnished with fenugreek and ginger. Along with tasty sides of burnt garlic tarka dal, fhee pilau rice, black pepper papads & mango chutney. There was so much and with all the ingredients being high end it all tasted so much better than a take away.

I loved it all but I particularly enjoyed the chicken as the sauce was creamy with decent size lumps of taste chicken. Plus I loved the rice as it was cooked with ghee and a mix of spices it really gave it that extra taste of spice.

Flesh at Home

Not a fan of sandwiches I thought I would try out Flesh & Buns baos.

Upon arriving all was packaged well with the buns and the chicken in air seal tight bags along with a tub of BBQ Mayo and garnish.

Flesh & Buns with chicken for 2 costs £27.50. It came with

  • 6 x buns
  • 300g x chicken thigh (Halal)
  • 50g fresh red chilli
  • 80g X BBQ mayo
  • 6 x shisho leaves
  • JFC flour

Prep and cooking time in total took around 30 minutes.

Firstly it was on with frying the chicken within a pan. Then steaming the buns. Once the buns were soft inside was time to remove and fill with shiso leaves, fresh chilli and the BBQ sauce.

Packed and loaded with flavour it was time for me to get my mouth around it and wow what an explosion of flavour. The bao buns were soft and the filling of the chicken and BBQ sauce was a real hit of flavour.

I loved the fresh steamed bayo buns so much that I will definitely be looking at buying again as they are so easy to steam plus they can be purchased with other fillings such as pork or duck which I believe will be as equally tasty.

Mac & Wild

Plus a few months back courtesy of Mac & Wild I was sent a Venimoo burger kit from themselves which can also be purchased via the Restaurant Kit. Click here to read my full blog on Mac & Wild Venimoo kit and click here to read about the fun time I and others from my community enjoyed at their actual restaurant over a year back.

Mac and Wild

Venimoo burger kit for 4 costs £32.00. It came with

  • 4 x Beef Patties
  • 4 x Venison Patties
  • 4 x Brioche Buns
  • Pickles
  • Lettuce
  • Burger cheese
  • Onions
  • Bearnaise sauce
  • Red Jon Sauce

Prep and cooking time in total took just around 40 minutes.

Slicing, dicing and cooking was made easy with this DIY kit. A fry of the onion, toasting of the buns, cooking of the patties and a dollop of the sauce and adding the vegetables I soon had a Venimoo burger. You can also steam the whole burger afterwards but I skipped that part as I was not confident enough to do it but apparently it makes the burger much more tastier and moist.

Mac & Wild Venimoo burger

The burger was moolicious. It was meaty thanks to the venison patty and beef patty and the vegetables and condiments gave it that extra crunch and saucy taste.

This is a very different kind of burger. If you love burgers, venison and beef then I highly recommend giving this burger a try as it is like nothing else and you certainly can’t buy this burger from any fast food joint.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

All the restaurant kits which I enjoyed at home were all so easy to cook, put together and provided quality tasting meals.

Even though these DIY kits might be a little more expensive than your average take away the quality and amount makes the extra pounds worth paying. Plus you will be in the know of what exactly has been used to make your meal, it will be super fresh and hot. So forget picking up the phone making a take away order get on the web and order one of Restaurant Kits quality home cook kits.

Simply iconic restaurant dishes re-created by you at home order yours now!

Restaurant Kits


Enjoy restaurant quality dishes at homes

Simply choose from a range of top quality restaurants and get delivered a fresh home food package to cook at home.

Dishes change monthly giving a fresh and exciting experience with each kit.

Click here to check out their full menu and best sellers.

Thank you to My London and Restaurant Kits for the home kits. All views are my own honest opinion.

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