Secret Theatre – Redemption Room who should face their fear

This year global immersive theatre project Secret Theatre is back with a fresh new concept as they are going digital.

With theatres and gatherings not allowed to open, theatres have had to adapt. This year Secret Theatre an award winning global immersive performance company brings to our screens via zoom their newest production Redemption Room.

Lights off, speakers up it was time to learn about disgraced celebrities and was up to us to determine whether they should be punished or not, or was it?

Secret Theatre

Set up by founder Richard Crawford in New York back in 2009 he brings immersive performances together. A site-specific immersive theatre and live film company they create productions where the audience can explore and interact.

Travelled the world bringing unique, immersive shows such as Edward Scissorhands, Romeo & Juliet, and Fight Club to the masses they now bring their first online, immersive theatrical experience Redemption Room, to our homes!

Night of redemption

Redemption Room is Secret Theatre’s premier online, immersive cinematic experience which can be streamed and enjoyed from anywhere in the world. Part horror, part thriller, this virtual spectacular connects audiences from around the world to be judge and jury of the outcome of six celebrity contestants from the USA, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and the UK. The premise is that these six disgraced celebrities from around the world compete and seek redemption for their societal crimes. Their fate lies within our hands, with their punishment resulting in them facing their own fears.

Their are lots of twists and even a sinister turn as an evil entity lurks within the dark. 

Judge and executioner, how far will you go? Sound familiar?

Led through the show by a host we learnt about how each celebrity has disgraced themselves and seeking redemption.

  • Harry Beevor from London – He hunted and killed endangered animals. Harry is seeking redemption for hunting the animals and he has a fear of being hunted himself and forced to play Russian Roulette.
  • Addison Blanc from New York – She won 3 gold medals at the London Olympics, but was later it was discovered that she took steroids and so was stripped of her medals. After initially denying the claims, and throwing various members of her team under the bus, she later came clean on Oprah. Her greatest fear is clowns.
  • Sukhjinder Leonne from Singapore – She is a model and caused outrage at Milan fashion week by being caught photographed at an after-party snorting a line of cocaine wearing a real fur coat. Subsequently, all the fashion brands have dropped her. Her fear is needles.
  • Marlon Williams from Australia – One of Australia’s best-known comedians. He was was forced off the comedy circuit when one of his jokes landed him in hot water. Marlon is scared of spiders and is a diagnosed with Arachnophobia.
  • Aziz Khan from Mumbai – A renowned DJ who was recently forced to step away from the public eye after a string of women created a viral post about his aggressive and misogynistic behaviour. His fear is ghosts and the paranormal.
  • Wendy Zor from Hong Kong – A YouTube host and influencer has landed herself in hot water and lost many followers when she posted a photoshopped picture of her dancing on the graves of Donald Trump and his family. She has a massive fear of Ouija Boards.

Each contestant can be questioned before the show via speaking to them via email so you can gather more information about them and why they done what they done.

Plus every night one poor audience member will also be put through the mills as they are judged by for their disgraceful actions.

Secret Theatre - Redemption Room

Question is do they deserve to be punished by getting them to face their fears as punishment?


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Think Black Mirror, thriller, horror, and court room. This show was fun watching six disgraced celebrities trying to wiggle their way out from their wrong doings.

It was fun being part of the audience and being a judge along with everyone else as we watched live as the celebrities beg for their redemption for their so called crimes from hunting, sexual harassment, consumption of illicit drugs, and other behaviours that warrant punishment.

It was fun to hear what the celebrities had to say being funny at time and scary most of the time. However most of the show, apart from the host is pre-recorded. You can still immerse yourself with the celebrities up for redemption but via email. I would of personally preferred to be able to question them online, face to face. Also the show is quite horrific as in the way the celebrities are dealt with.

However saying that the host and the scenes by the celebrities along with the sinister ghost made for a great night in.

Secret Theatre Redemption Room - Fear

Great for a night with a difference, turn off your lights, light candles, and settle in for a thrilling online extravaganza.

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Secret Theatre – Redemption Room

Part horror, part thriller, part court room become judge and jury of six disgraced contestants.

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Running from 25 February till end of March

Thank you to Secret Theatre for the exciting but yet intense experience. All views are my own honest opinion.

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