The Lucky Club enjoy a Bao Bun home kit at home

Still stuck at home due to the pandemic and with government restrictions not allowing restaurants to open their doors, cooking at home is becoming a little boring cooking the same dishes, over and over, week in week out. Thanks to The Lucky Club they are now open for home delivery delivering their Bao Bun Home Kits across the UK.

Breakfast and lunchtime for me is the worst time of the day when it comes to cooking as I can’t eat the usual popular things such as cereals, eggs, and sandwiches so I tend to skip breakfast. However The Lucky Club at home now has made this dilemma of mine easier with their Boozy Bao Brunch. It comes with so many different fillings, meat, fish, tofu, vegetables, herbs and sauces.

I was gifted their Boozy Bao Brunch on a courtesy basis to try at home.

The Lucky club at home

The Lucky Club venue opened up back in 2018 within Mayfair bringing to London their signature cocktails and their Bao Buns along with entertainment and music.

At present they are closed due to the pandemic however thanks to their at home service everyone can still enjoy their Boozy Bao Brunch at home.  

Boozy Bao Brunch fun at home

The DIY Boozy Bao Brunch came nicely packed and still cold thanks to the ice packs. The Bao Box ingredients can be kept up to 4 days in the fridge.

The Lucky Club at home Boozy Bao Brunch

The Boozy Bao Box comes with:

  • 8 bao buns
  • Pork belly, Chicken, Miso Salmon and Mushroom & Tofu
  • Selection of vegetables, herbs and sauces
  • Noodle salad
  • Lucky Bloody Mary
  • Prosecco

With easy to follow cooking instructions it was easy to cook this brunch. The meat, fish and tofu just needs popping into the oven for ten minutes. With the Bao Buns they are best steamed. Just pop into your steamer for a few minutes. If you haven’t a steamer though don’t worry as you can easily make one by placing a sieve on top of a pan of boiling water, just make sure the bottom of your sieve does not touch the water. Then cover with foil or a large lid. Alternatively the Bao Buns can also be cooked in the microwave. Then on with filling the Baos with your choice of vegetables, herbs and sauces.

The Lucky Club at home Boozy Bao Brunch filled

Once cooked you can get creative and fill the way you desire or create either of Lucky Club suggested combos:

  • Chicken Katsubo Bao with sriracha mayo & lettuce
  • Pork Belly Bao with slaw & crispy shallots
  • Tofu & Mushroom Bao with Pickled Enoki
  • Miso Salmon Bao with Ponzu mayo & pickled onions

The Bao Buns once steamed came out perfectly, so white, soft, fluffy and tasty. Like little clouds. I made pork, salmon, chicken and tofu Baos and stuffed with the ingredients I liked such as chilli’s. All tasted wonderful. The pork was juicy and succulent and crispy. The chicken came out like golden fried chicken and tasted fab as it’s made with chicken thigh. The salmon, red, fishy and crisp as the skin is left on. The mushroom & tofu mix a mushroom explosion.

How would you fill a Bao Bun?

Plus as well as the bao buns I enjoyed a tasty easy noodle salad. To cook I just had to leave the noodles standing in hot water for around 10 minutes before draining and adding stock.

Mine was a Boozy Bao Brunch box but if your not a drinker you can always opt for a Bao Brunch box without the drink and if your a drinker but don’t like Baos you can simply purchase a cocktail box.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you love Bao Buns and a range of fillings then I highly recommend this Boozy Bao Box. Great size for two people even four but bear in mind just get two pieces of pork, chicken, salmon and tofu. Plus comes with a vast array of fillings from vegetables to sauces.

A very fun kit and easy to make but when restaurants are allowed to reopen these baos can be enjoyed within their venue at The Lucky Club every Saturday which I will certainly go and check out.

However in meantime I am happy to know that I can enjoy the taste of The Lucky Club bao kits safely at home and with ease.

The Lucky Club at home order yours

Enjoy the Lucky Club Bao Buns and Signature Cocktails at home

DIY Boozy Bao Box £45.00
DIY Bao Box with Virgin Marys (Non Alcoholic) £30.00
DIY Bao Box £25.00
Vegetarian Boozy Bao Box £45.00
Lucky Club Signatures £35.00
Lucky Club Classics £35.00
Choose Your Own Cocktail Box £30.00

Thanks to The Lucky Club for the delicious bao kit. All views are my own honest opinion.

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