Tweakd nutritious food doesn’t have to be boring!

After a long workout we all don’t feel like cooking but neither do we want to eat anything unhealthy like a takeaway. Thankfully though Tweakd Meals have come up with a solution as they make a range of quick, tasty, and healthy meals which can be enjoyed within under 10 minutes.

Tweakd is a new unique approach to home delivered meals, who provide healthy, delicious frozen meals all which have been tailored, focusing on your goals, to help boost your peak performance be it on the field or in the office. Just pop the frozen meal into a microwave and within no time you will have a hot tasty meal in hand.

Courtesy of Tweakd I was gifted one of their healthy meals to enjoy at home.


Omar Meziane and Mike Naylor founders of Tweakd have worked with many performance chefs at the highest level in sport to bring great tasty food to our doors. They both partnered together bringing together their expertise in Sports Science and Nutrition together. To them it is really important that food not only brings great taste but is nutritious and helps with our performance throughout the day.

They started their journey working with the world’s best athletes, pop stars and entrepreneurs but they think everyone deserves the benefits of Tweakd nutrition. Omar Meziane a classically trained chef spent much of his adult life cooking for football, rugby, and cricket teams, as well as national sports teams. Omar is recognised for cooking for people who are all about fitness, which he can be seen on TV.

“We know that on average people eat around 1,100 meals a year. As a chef, I recognise that every meal is special – not only in enjoyment – but it presents an opportunity to change and improve your body. 

What we want to achieve here is to make performance food that is genuinely delicious and exciting, as well as accessible through convenience, price and education. 

I have worked for years with some incredible nutritionists, like Naylor, who have helped me understand the role food science plays in performance. It’s all about understanding goals and then proving the right nutritional benefits to support them. Everyone deserves the chance to have this available to them.”

Says Omar Meziane

Tweakd aims to bring performance nutrition to all with a tasty and practical solution. Whether you have specific goals you are trying to achieve, have limited time available to cook, or just want to experience some of Omar’s unbelievable food.

Having worked with many performance chefs at the highest level in sport, it is incredible the impact tasty food with a purpose can have on performance and enjoyment. The demand to eat with a more deliberate performance focus is spreading way beyond sport. Our experience with many poker players and entrepreneurs has allowed us to gain a greater understanding to create a selection of incredibly tasty meals, tweaked for multiple health and performance goals.”

Says Mike Naylor

Tweakd brings meals that has precisely the right balance of macro and micro nutrients to support the goals of all. Prices start from £9.99 per meal for three days a week, reducing to £9.49 at the four day mark and for five days costs £8.99.

Nutritious food doesn’t have to be boring!

Scrolling through Tweakd website their is a range of meals and menus to choose from but all are tailored made to our needs and are simple to cook as all come frozen and just needs popping in the microwave for a fast, delicious, healthy tasty meal after a workout or a long days work. Freezing their meals helps lock in the freshness and nutrients.

Select the food you like, get them tailored and meet your goals to help with recovery, endurance, muscles or immune system.

I opted for their Sri Lankan Curry which looked impressive even before I heated up. Popping into the microwave after 10 minutes I had a tasty meal in hand.

The Sri Lankan Chicken Curry came with coconut rice, chargrilled tenderstem broccoli and toasted seeds. The dish is designed to help with endurance, immune system, muscles and recovery.


I loved how the colour still retained after cooking. The broccoli was a bright green and sauce a lovely brown. The whole meal in all was delicious from the tender broccoli, creamy rice, and succulent chicken which was steeped in a creamy buttery sauce.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Tweakd sell a great range of meals to help in a number of different ways be it for your muscles or your immune system. All come delivered frozen and can be cooked from frozen so it helps save waste. Just pop it into the freezer and heat up when required. I also love how the food can be tailored to suit your health needs. Even though Tweakd make and sell an amazing range of healthy food which can be cooked within minutes saving time and providing a nutritious meals they are quite expensive but then you have to consider the research behind each meal, time and packaging. Also, it’s pre-prepared so no prep required unlike other popular health box suppliers. Just pop the meal into a microwave, enter required cooking time and eat.

So if you are looking for fresh, healthy, tasty, quick meals then Tweakd is the perfect choice.

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Tweakd nutritious meals don’t need to be boring

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Thanks to Tweakd for the nutritious meal. All views are my own honest opinion.

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