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A kitchen knife is a chefs best friend no matter how skilled or not your are, helping to slice and dice meat, seafood and vegetables that much easier. However did you know that using the correct type of knife be it a chefs knife, cleaver or perhaps a bread knife makes food preparation easier? Even though the knives can cut any ingredient certain ones though notably work better for certain produce.

Courtesy of KOI Artisan I was gifted a chefs knife and a bread knife along with a knife guard to try at home to show me that not only does a certain type of knife makes prepping easier but also a sharp knife is as equally as important.

KOI Artisan

Established in 2016 within Wiltshire, this family run company brings a range of Japanese blades which are high in quality and stylish. KOI Artisan sources all their materials in the blade from suppliers in Japan, from there they export to China where the handles are assembled and the boxes are constructed. Each knife is handmade ensuring the highest quality and workmanship resulting the perfect blade. All their knives are recommended by many great chefs known worldwide for their excellence.

KOI Artisan knives are designed for amateurs and professional alike. Offering high end quality kitchen knives which are at affordable prices allowing everyone the opportunity to excel in the kitchen.

Slicing and dicing made easier

Knives have been around for 2.5 million years. They were originally made of wood, bone, and stone, which helped caveman hunt as well as slice and dice. Over the centuries, improvements have been made and knives are now made from materials such as bronze, ceramic, copper, iron, steel and titanium. Most modern knives those these days are made from steel and come in various styles and patterns.

KOI Artisan produce a large range of high quality forged knives which are all handmade and beautifully designed with a variety knife styles and patterns. Also their blades are made from high quality carbon steel.

I was gifted two different knives a chefs knife and a bread knife as well as a knife guard. Each knife is made from carbon stainless steel and comes beautifully presented in a black box with a red inside.

A chefs knife is a general do it all knife. It is ideal for chopping, slicing and dicing fresh ingredients such as vegetables, fruit, herbs, meat and fish. With herbs you can easily rock the knife back and forth thanks to its curved edge, which will prevent herbs being bruised or crushed.

KOI Artisan chef knife is 8 inches in size. The blade is extremely sharp, high in quality, and has a high carbon content stainless steel, giving the blade additional strength and sharpness. Due to the carbon it makes this knife corrosion resistant. The blade also has a damascus pattern laser etched on the blade making it stunningly beautiful. The handle is made from Pakka wood allowing for a solid grip and comfort.

Tips how to use a chefs knife:

  • For precise control just grip the blade with the thumb and the index finger grasping the blade just to the front of the finger guard and the middle finger placed just opposite, on the handle side of the finger guard below the bolster.
  • For fine slicing, raise the handle up and down making sure the tip remains in contact with the cutting board and push the ingredient under the blade.

The bread knife has a serrated edge which allows the knife to neatly slice through crusty and soft bread with ease without crushing it.

KOI Artisan bread knife is 8 inches in size, has a serrated razor-sharp blade, made from carbon content stainless steel, has a laser etched pattern and has a Pakka wood handle.

Tips for using a bread knife:

  • Curl your fingers like a claw around the knife and simply draw the knife smoothly back and forth through the bread.

Each knife looked stunning and made slicing and dicing that much easier. I especially loved the lightness of the knife making the chef knife easier to rock back and forth when chopping herbs.

Apart from knives KOI Artisan also sell other kitchen accessories such as this knife guard. The guard is a great handy accessory to have as it helps prevent cutting your fingers especially when you are trying to cut thinner slices. Did you know that you are more likely to cut yourself if using a blunt knife? as blunt knives can easily slip whilst trying to cut, wherefore sharp knifes will easily slice straight through resulting in less accidents.

KOI Artisan knife guard is made from stainless steel and the shield has a pointed tip meaning it will stay steady when you cut anything. Plus this guard has flexible rings allowing anyone to be able to use as you can customize the protection to match your fingers, no matter how big or small they are.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I was highly impressed with the chefs knife and bread knife by KOI Artisan it certainly does making slicing and dicing that much easier. It has also showed me that sharp knives are a must as well as a knife guard which helps prevent slicing fingers when trying to thinly slice vegetables, fruit etc.

So if you are looking for beautiful affordable knifes or even a knife guard check out KOI Artisan website and discover their entire range.

Chefs say a sharp knife is a chefs best friend and I agree.

KOI Artisan order yours

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Thank you to KOI Artisan for the beautiful knives. All views are my own honest opinion.

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