CERU brings to your door a Levantine feast

Levantine cuisine is the traditional cuisine of Levant. With it being so popular it can be found made in most modern states of Cyprus, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Syria and even parts of Turkey. Levantine cuisine is considered to be one of the healthiest, freshest, most delicious and ancient cuisines on the planet. Popular dishes hummus, baba ganoush, and tabbaleh. Plus Levant is known for it’s rich history of winemaking, too. Now thanks to CERU we here in Britain can now enjoy the taste of Levantine cuisine in the comfort of our homes or within their restaurant which is based in London.

Never having Levantine food before courtesy of CERU I was gifted their beef fillet kit to try at home to show me how good Levantine food is.


At CERU restaurant in London they make a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes to choose from, alongside their signature meat dishes. Most dishes are also gluten free. As well as the food they also sell quality bottles of Levantine wine and beer.

Now CERU can be enjoyed at home thanks to their lovingly crafted range of Cook at Home meal kits.

Just like the dishes they sell within their restaurant their kits use ingredients which are available throughout the Levant taking diners on a flavour packed journey of colour, aromas and taste. They only use the freshest produce sourced from London’s markets creating that Levantine experience of vibrant tasty dishes. 

Taste of Levantine at home courtesy of CERU

Not being able to travel abroad we all might be missing the more unusual cuisine that you can’t necessarily find here in Britain. Thanks to CERU they have bought to our shores and doors the taste of Levantine BUT what exactly is Levantine cuisine you might wonder? Well their dishes are Mediterranean and are made using generally more than 20 spices, including some that may be new to you, as well as a generous handful of nuts, and most important of all lemon.

All their kits are made to share and easy to cook so it does not matter how skilled you are in the kitchen as all the slicing and dicing has been done, all you need to do is pop the dishes into the oven.

Photo credit CERU – Beef Fillet Kit

Upon receiving my beef fillet kit I was taken back by how beautifully it was packaged and wrapped. It was wrapped with a specially designed 100% silk cloth which had the images of cows on it, so pretty. It can be used as a tablecloth or even double as a fashion accessory. Each kit comes with a different patterned silk cloth. Plus all the packaging is sustainable.

De-packing all and following the simple instructions I had a meal ready for sharing with my partner under half an hour. All the dishes and condiments are all well proportioned. Plus if you opt to add wine to your kit you will be happy to know it all comes from Levantines oldest winery in Northern Macedonia.

Beef Fillet Menu – Meal Kit For Two (£60)

Beef Fillet with a zhug dressing and crushed hazelnuts
Pan Fried Tenderstem Broccoli with spring onions and tahin
Spice Roasted Potatoes with turmeric and fresh coriander
Houmous Dip
Greek Pita Bread OR Seasonal Crudités (choice)
Homemade Baklava
White wine Viognier OR Red wine Vranec (optional, £15 extra)

Following the easy instructions I popped all the required dishes into the oven and whilst waiting I cracked open the Vranec red wine which was full bodied and delicious, very easy on the tongue and throat.

After less than half an hour I soon had a feast of Levantine on the table.

The fillet was tender and flavoursome and the zhug provided that extra texture and taste with it’s herby and buttery flavour. The broccoli was fresh and green with the tahin giving it that creamy hit. The potatoes were crisp and spicy, but not overly spicy. The Houmous worked beautifully with the fresh Crudités. Finally the Baklava was the perfect end to the night, exploding with honey and sweetness.

After I had a little fun with the silk cloth as also can be used as an accessory.



Rating: 5 out of 5.

Everything about the CERU kit really did impress me from their services, the way it was packaged and how the box came beautifully wrapped within a silk cloth.

The CERU beef fillet kit meal itself did not disappoint. It really did make my tastebuds dance, loaded with Mediterrrean flavour, aromatic, spicy, and zesty making me think of summer. I felt like I had been transported to the Middle East.

So if you love Mediterranean food in particular Levantine food then I highly recommend buying one of their kits be it the beef one, lamb, chicken or vegan you won’t be disappointed.

CERU order your kit or dine within their restaurant

Enjoy the taste of Levantine at home or within their restaurant in London.

Discover the taste of Levantine at home with their home kits. Each box contains the ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions for you to assemble a delicious and healthy meal in your kitchen, in under half an hour.

Lamb menu – meal kit for two
Vegan menu – meal kit for two
Beef fillet menu – meal kit for two
Chicken shish menu – meal kit for two

At their restaurant in South Kensington enjoy more than 100 dishes all of which uses locally sourced fresh ingredients from the London markets.

7–9 Bute Street
South Kensington
London, SW7 3EY

Telephone 020 3195 3001
Email southken@cerurestaurants.com

Monday to Friday – Midday to 11pm
Saturday – 11am to 11pm
Sunday – 11am to 10pm

Thanks to CERU for the tasty Levantine feast. All views are my own honest opinion.

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