HOME-X ROAST brings to our tables the perfect roast for a lazy Sunday

Winter might of gone but a roast on a Sunday is always a must but with the days being sunnier we all want more time to spend outside rather than slaving away over a stove. Thanks to HOME-X newest home delivery food range ROAST now Sundays have become easier. With no slicing, dicing and prepping needed all you have to do is just the meat be it the beef or chicken (depending what you choose), potatoes, yorkies, vegetable side dishes in the oven and in no time you will have the perfect roast on your table. As everything is prepared for you, saving you more time to do what you like during the day / evening, just unpeel back the boxes, cook, and serve.

Courtesy of HOME-X ROAST I had the pleasure of enjoying the perfect roast beef along with an array of side dishes and yorkies.


HOME-X is founded by Chef Nico of Six by Nico restaurants. He now brings this service home delivered with drink and restaurant quality food.

The team of HOME-X mission is simple to deliver quality food, drink and lifestyle experiences which can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. 

Why? as with so many lockdowns and restrictions of us getting out and about to dine at restaurants they wanted to bring a restaurant dining experience which can be easily enjoyed at home!

Delivered direct to your door, HOME-X is more than just a box of drink and food. Quality chefs will make fresh ready-to-plate dishes, with all menus curated to bring a dining experience like no other to enjoy at home along with a variety of wines so you can host your very own tasting experience every month. 

Home by Nico Restaurant Experience
Chateau-X Quality Beef
24 Carrot Vegan Cuisine
The Cheese Club Cheese
Seed to Stem Wine Club

Now new to HOME-X ROAST providing the perfect Sunday Roast thanks to Joe Lazzerini.

Joe has worked in many high-class and Michelin star restaurants over the U.K., not only did his skills as a chef grow but so did his appreciation of home, hence his return to Glasgow. He is excited to bring the same values and experience to ROAST bringing to your homes an unforgettable home dining experience, which is truly British.

Plus coming soon to HOME-X, E.Eatery and Joos.

Sundays are for being lazy

Having tasted many of HOME-X boxes before from their Chateau-X to their Cheese Club I was excited to receive their latest food box providing the ultimate Sunday roast.

Sent via delivery service the next day I received the box which all was well packed and everything was kept nicely chilled thanks to the ice packs and foil within the box.

ROAST is created by The Loveable Rogue, Joe Lazzerini who brings the perfect roast to our Sunday tables, saving time and leaving you satisfied.

I was gifted courtesy of ROAST the beef box, but if you don’t like beef you can opt for the chicken. The roast was a real delight, saving time and packed full of delicious vegetable sides, roast potatoes, a Yorkie pre-made mix and a nice cut of Sirloin beef.

  • Caramelised Cauliflower and Apple Veloute with Curry Oil and Fresh Apple
  • Speyside Beef with Red Wine Gravy
  • Cauliflower Cheese with a Cheddar Cheese & Herb Crumb
  • Roast Potatoes with Beef Fat, Garlic, & Rosemary
  • Honey Glazed Root Vegetables Chantenay Carrots & Tenderstem Broccoli
  • Vegetable Écrase with Celeriac, Carrot, Chives, & Carrot Crumb
  • Yorkshire Puddings Pear & Vanilla Custard Trifle with Almond Crumb


Rating: 4 out of 5.

It was so easy to cook the whole of this roast box, just pop in the oven, with the exception of some dishes needing to be warmed gently on the hob but literally within under 30 minutes I had the most tastiest, easiest and stress free roast on my table.

The whole meal is portioned for 2 with a great size portion of beef resulting in around 3 decent slices of beef each. Even thought the beef was a nice decent size though and looked amazing unfortunately as it has been soaked in brine I felt it was a little too salty, so bear that in mind. I loved all the sides but particularly I loved the Vegetable Écrase which was a mash of mixed vegetables and the rosemary potatoes. I also loved how the yorkies were not pre-done instead get provided a pre-made mix so can make the yorkies fresh from scratch, just pour in preheated muffin tins with a little oil. The only thing that I felt was missing was a bottle of wine which would of been nice to of had included in the box as all of the other HOME-X boxes have wine provided.

So if you love roasts but hate the time and effort it takes to prep and cook a ROAST then HOME-X kit is the perfect solution. Enjoy a lazy Sunday, enjoy more family time, and eat well.

HOME-X ROAST order yours

HOME-X bring restaurant quality drink & food to your home.

ROAST takes away all the hard work of slicing, dicing and prepping making a British roast that much easier.

Roast Chicken £55 delivery included
Roast Beef £65 delivery included

For all FAQs click here.

Thanks to HOME-X for the deluxe home experiences all the drink and food was top quality. All views are my own honest opinion.

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